Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Nishi telling Shivani that she knew she would come and was missing her. Shivani says she was missing her too. Maya says maa was worrying about you and asks, where they went? Shivani says they went to Mumbai. Gini and Maya are shocked and asks how they came back so fast. Shivani replies that they took the flight to Mumbai. Maya and Gini are amazed and surprised. Gini asks about her experience on flight. Nishi asks, do the kids are allowed? Shivani replies in a yes and says even you can go. Maya and Gini laughs, while Shivani smiles.

Raghu comes to the ATM centre to withdraw the money. He looks at the money and recalls Shivani’s list of items to purchase.

Baburaam says that Raghu splashed the water on his doings. Lata asks him,

whether he needs tea? Baburaam says everything is ruined by your son. He asks her to talk to Raghu. Gini comes and says he went to Mumbai with babyji. Baburaam asks, why he went and says did you drop her there. Gini says no and says babyji is resting upstairs. Baburaam wonders whether babyji has accepted Raghu as her husband. Lata says babyji was worried in the haveli so Raghu bring her here for a few days time.

Bella gets the mattresses for Shivani. Baburaam, Gini and Lata maa looks on. Gini asks, why she brought the mattress? Bella says, she brought the mattresses as the princess came to their house and taunts Shivani. She says Raghu went to get feather pillows for her. She asks Gini to keep it in Shivani’s room.

Raghu comes to the shop and looks for the feather pillows. He is shocked to know its price Rs.1000. He looks lost in thoughts and he didn’t have sufficient money. He then sees some toy pillow and asks for its price. He buys it at a low price.

Shivani is sitting in the room and recalls Jazz words that Shivani can’t stay in this house anymore. She thinks they have to find out about Parimal uncle. As Raghu is going to his house, on the way he meets Panna tai. She asks about Shivani. Raghu says she is fine. Raghu then asks her about Doctor saheb. Panna tai says Doctor saheb went before Ranaji’s funeral. She tells him that Jazz and Mahima threw her out of the house. Raghu asks her to stay in the haveli, to help Shivani in getting her rights. Panna tai agrees and says she will return to haveli and will inform him about them. Panna tai leaves. Sumitra sees Raghu and asks, where he was? Raghu says he went to Mumbai to drop babyji. Sumitra says, you did right. she then asks him, about his opinion about her. She says, my mom is searching for a alliance for me. And asks Raghu to talk to her parents. She hopes they get married soon. She sees Shivani in the window and gets shocked.

She asks him, babyji is in your room? Raghu tries to speak but she stops him. She gets angry and leaves disappointed. Shivani looks at Sumitra. Raghu shows the soft toy to Shivani.

Sumitra cries and recalls Raghu’s words that he will marry her after babyji leaves. She cries miserably. Her mom asks why she is crying? Sumitra tries to divert the topic but her mom insists her to say. She thinks someone might said her anything. Her mom cries and says people always blame girls and never blames the guys. She says your mom and dad will get a good guy for you and they will be surprised.

Maya is looking at the small necklace and her eyes sparkles as she wear it. Vivek comes and she hides it. Vivek says it is babyji’s jewellery. She says it is not babyji’s necklace but a copy of it. She says it is artificial.

Raghu comes home and wonders what he will tell to babyji if she asks about Sumitra. Raghu enters the room and asks, whether Bella brought the mattresses. Shivani says yes. And then asks about Sumitra. Raghu says she was just talking in general. Raghu tells her non stop that he will asks Bella to change her bedsheet daily. And says hojayega babyji. Shivani laughs. Raghu says he felt happy to see her laughing.

Raghu gives her fish soft toy. Shivani says it is very beautiful. Raghu says he will bring another teddy bear. Shivani thanks him and asks, where is her night suit? Raghu says he did forgot and says he will bring it now. Shivani asks him to get it tomorrow. Raghu smiles and continues to stare at her while the title song plays in the BG.

Gini brings Gujia and Ghee laddoos for Shivani. Shivani tells Raghu to take it out and she can’t eat citing throat problem.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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