Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Baburaam accusing Jazz and Mahima for killing Raghu. Jazz tells the Inspector that it is a mere rubbish. He says, my sister had ran away and married this man’s son. Our family prestige is ruined.

As maa and Gini are walking on the road, Sumitra asks them about Raghu. Maa says he didn’t returned yet and she is worried for her. Maa says Raghu is doing her duty and Shivani is tensed about her Dadaji’s demise. Maa asks Sumitra, whether she has forgave Raghu. Sumitra says there is no fault of Raghu and there is no need for sorry. Gini tells maa that Sumitra trusts Raghu a lot. Maa says he will talk to Raghu once he returns.

Shivani and Raghu are in the auto waiting for the traffic jam to clear their way. Raghu says they will

reach soon. Shivani looks tensed. Raghu and Shivani comes to Raghu’s home. Raghu gives the money to the auto and goes inside. Shivani enters first, Gini sees her and calls maa. Maa asks, whether you are alright. Shivani asks for the water as she is feeling hot. Raghu enters next, Maa looks at him. She asks,where have you been? You didn’t call us. She asks, how are they? Raghu says they are fine. Raghu comes to Shivani and tells maa to take care of Shivani. Maa says ok. She gives her water to drink. Bella looks at her. Inspector calls Raghu’s home and enquires about Raghu. Gini says bhaiyya is at home and gives the call to Raghu. Inspector asks, are you Raghu? Raghu says yes. Inspector gives the call to Baburaam and he is shocked to hear Raghu. Mahima tells the Inspector to let him go. Inspector let him go with a warning and says sorry to Jazz and Mahima.

Bella asks Maa, why babyji returned home. Maa asks, why you are so bitter? Bella asks, where they went? She says she didn’t understand why Raghu brought her here. Raghu says babyji was crying a lot there, so he took her here. Maya says, we will take care of her.

Jazz says, it is good that Raghu came back home else Police would have arrested us. Mahima says, Police have to think many times before arresting us citing our status. Mahima wonders what might Raghu is thinking. She wonders where is Shivani? And what is cooking in their minds?

Shivani doesn’t get sleep, she feels uncomfortable with a single mattress. Sumitra mom gets the jewellery for her. Sumitra asks her, how she has manage to get it. Her mom says she has purchased it from the savings. She says, she got a good proposal from a good family. Sumitra says she don’t want to marry. Her mom asks her whether she wants to wait for Raghu and says she don’t want to hear about Raghu anymore. Sumitra recalls the moments spent with Raghu and wonders where is Raghu?

Shivani calls aloud for Raghu. Bella, maa are shocked. Raghu comes out from the bathroom and go to Shivani. He asks, are you alright. Shivani says she couldn’t sleep and asks him to get 2-3 mattress for her. Raghu says ok, he will get it. Raghu says he will take care of her. Shivani asks, but from where you will get the money? Raghu says he have money in his account. Shivani says, I didn’t know what would have happen to me if you were not there. She asks him to get so much stuff. Raghu listens to her.

Raghu says hojayega babyji, It will be done. Shivani says she didn’t think that she has to be away from home. Jazz bhaiyya always used to say that he will take care of me but he has changed. Raghu says, everything will be fine while the song do dil bandhe ek dori se plays in the BG. Shivani looks at him, while he goes.

Raghu recalls Shivani’s list. Bella comes and says don’t ask me anything. She says I couldn’t understand your relation. Neither you are husband-wife nor your relation have broken. Raghu asks her to listen to him. Raghu says, I have to bring some stuff for Shivani and says teddy bear and feather pillow. Bella is surprised.

Gini tells Baburaam that bhaiyya took babyji to Mumbai. Baburaam asks, did he drop her there, Gini replies no, and says babyji is resting upstairs. Baburaam thinks Shivani has accepted Raghu as her husband.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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