Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu and Shivani in the car returning back home. Raghu tells her that his phone battery is dead. Shivani says her phone battery is low too. And says they will be reaching Parimal uncle soon. Raghu says he wanted to call his family but its ok. Shivani says you are very lucky to have home and family, but no one waits for me. Mahima praises Jazz and says you have done a good job. Jazz asks where were you? Mahima says your sister is a fool and we need to cash on her foolness and for that one of us needs to be hidden. She talks with Dadaji’s photos and says you are caged in the photo and your property is ours now. Moreover we threw Shivani out of the house. She laughs. Panna tai says how dare you throw babyji out. And says babyji is

the owner. Mahima asks her to keep her voice low and reminds her that she is a mere servant. Panna tai says she knows about it. Jazz asks her to get out of the house soon. Panna tai says she won’t stay here anymore and says lie’s age is not much and truth will come out soon. Mahima asks her to leave. Jazz and Mahima smiles while Panna tai leaves.

Maa asks Bella to call Raghu but his phone is unreachable. Maa gets tensed and wonders. She asks Vivek and Maya to enquire about Raghu. Vivek asks, did Raghu bhaiyya not returned yet?

Abhi reads in the newspaper about Daaju’s demise and thinks everything is now on Raghu’s name. He laughs.

Mahima is dressed up with heavy jewellery and says she is the queen of this place. Jazz says he is happy to see her like this. Jazz gets call from Abhi, Mahima takes the call. Abhi asks her, where they are sitting like a beggars. Mahima laughs and says they plays to win. She tells him that Dadaji named the property on their name and disowned Shivani. She asks him to laugh on their success. Abhi thinks something is amiss.

Raghu and Shivani comes to Parimal uncle house. Shivani asks him to go home. Raghu tells her that he will talk to his family through doctor uncle’s phone.

Jazz tells Mahima, what if Abhi suspects their plan. Mahima asks him, not to worry.

Vivek and Maya comes to Daaju’s haveli. Servants stops them. Mahima asks, why they have came here? Vivek tells that Raghu bhaiyya didn’t come home. Maya looks at Mahima’s jewellery and clothes. Mahima says she don’t know where he is and says he went yesterday night itself. Vivek says he wants to talk to Shivani but Mahima gets angry and calls the guards. She orders the guards to throw them out. Mahima wonders about Raghu and Shivani’s whereabouts.

Raghu and Shivani was informed by the servants that Doctor saheb didn’t returned home. Shivani says something must have happened. Shivani suspects Jazz’s hand. Raghu says he heard car voice. Shivani says we shall report to the police but Raghu says he will try to find out the truth.

Nishi tells Bella that her ball is outside. Sumitra is holding the ball. Bella says she will get it. Baburaam asks maa to prepare tea. Maa says Raghu didn’t return home. Vivek and Maya comes back and informs maa that Raghu is not there. Maya says Shivani was not there either. Maa hopes for their wellbeing.

Raghu asks Shivani to come home. Shivani says she don’t want to increase his problems and basti people will think again that they are husband and wife. She tells him that they are not husband and wife. Raghu says he didn’t think even in the dream that he can be her husband. He says she is her responsibility and he can’t leave her alone. He insists, she should come with her while the Do dil bandhe ek dori se plays in the background. Shivani and Raghu looks at each other and Shivani agrees.

Raghu and Shivani are on the way to Raghu’s home. Shivani asks him, what he will tell to his family? Raghu says don’t worry I will take care of everything. Shivani thanks him and says you are really a magician/jadugar. Raghu says I wished I was a magician then I wouldn’t have let Malik saa go.

Mahima is staring at Daaju’s photo. Jazz comes in a suit and Mahima praises him. She says you are looking handsome. Jazz says you said that we have to live like a king. He asks, shall we play polo. Mahima says we should be sad for Daaju’s demise else what people will say. She laughs. She tells Jazz that it is risky for them. And they should find a way to deal with Shivani and Raghu.

Baburaam comes with the police there and says Jazz and Mahima, where is my son. Did you killed Raghu? Both are shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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