Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 12th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu coming to Shivani. He says, I forgot to say congrats to you. He congrats her for the project’s approval. Shivani is watching the CD on the projector. Raghu looks at the projector and asks about the CD. Shivani says, I should congrats you, you have really helped me today. She asks him to take his stuff referring to CD. Raghu asks, what is this? Shivani asks him to reply. She says, I work on this CD all the night, how could you hide this CD. Raghu says, I didn’t hide the CD. Why I will do it. Shivani says, because you want to give presentation and wanted to show me down infront of others. Raghu says, it is not like that. Shivani says, you have really hurt me. You have broken my trust always. You didn’t think about Daaju’s dream.

I was thinking that I have won and was happy but I was wrong. You have won. She congrats him for making her lose. She says, it is good that I came to know about the truth else I would have trusted you once more. Raghu is hurt. Shivani asks him to leave. Gini comes to the office and asks for Raghu.

Shivani comes out of her conference hall and sees Gini. She greets her and asks her to come inside. She asks her to drink the juice. Shivani asks her about her studies. Gini says, it is good. Raghu comes and says it might be good. Shivani asks, what happened. Is everything alright? Gini looks at Raghu. Shivani asks her to tell. Gini tells her that they didn’t pay the fees and got notice from the college. Shivani asks, how much is your fees? Raghu says, it is not needed. She asks, how much is your fees? Gini says, 4800 rs. Shivani gives 5000. Gini says, I can’t take it. Raghu says, she won’t take it. Shivani asks her to keep the money else she won’t talk to her. Shivani says, I want to see you growth in studies. She asks Pradeep to drop her home. Gini leaves.

Raghu tells Shivani that you should not have given the money. Shivani says, I helped her because your family members are not like you. I would never help you. Gini tells Bella that she refused to take the money but Shivani asked her to take it. Bella says, you didn’t do any mistake. Maya comes and calls Vivek. She tells Vivek that Gini took Shivani and Raghu’s help for her fees. She says, they didn’t ask money for home expenses. And takes money from us. Vivek says, Maya is saying right.

Vivek asks, why Raghu doesn’t give money for home expenses. Bella says, we took money for her fees. Maya says, you will understand when you will bear the home expenses. Rupesh thinks, you have to bear for my expenses or Raghu bhaiyya.

Raghu brings bouquet for Shivani and asks Panna tai to give it to babyji. Shivani takes it and thanks Panna tai. Shivani says, I know you brought these flowers with honestly. She taunts Raghu. She says, I will keep it in my room. Raghu feels bad. Raghu gives a flower to Shivani. Raghu asks the servant to help Panna tai in kitchen. Govind ji comes and says I have to go for some urgent work. Raghu stops him and says I asked for this year file. Govind ji says sorry. Raghu asks, you seems tensed, what is the matter? Govind ji says nothing. Raghu asks him to sit. He asks him to share his worries. Govind ji says, my son is suffering from liver cancer and is admitted in the hospital for liver transplant. I am tensed as I have to deposit 7 lakhs rupees. I hardly collected 2 lakhs rupees. Govind ji gets emotional and wipes his tears. Raghu asks him to talk to Shivani and says I have full faith that she will help you. Govind ji says, no. Raghu insists. Raghu hopes that Shivani will help Govind ji.

Aunty asks Shivani, where are you going? Shivani tells her about Govindji’s need for money. Aunty says, you will not give this money to Govind ji.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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