Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 11th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani telling Raghu that she gave all her property and money in charity. Everyone are shocked. Shivani says, I don’t need anything. I am also like you now. We are equal. Do we have any difference between us? She cries. Raghu is surprised. Bella is in tears. Baburaam is shocked and faints. Aunty asks Mahima about Jazz. Mahima says, he went to have drink with his friends. Aunty says, he have to do something. She says, you should be thankful that atleast you have home to live. Mahima says, we have to do something. Aunty says, we will take revenge from Shivani. Just see what I will do. I will make her life hell. Baburaam shouts money…..babyji’s money. He asks, Shivani. Tell me the truth, don’t you have the property. Shivani says no. Baburaam

is shocked. He asks about haveli? Shivani signs no shocking him. Baburaam is shocked to know that Shivani gave everything in charity. He asks the Lord, why you have ruined me.

Baburaam tells her that he spent much money on her and asks her, what about his dreams? Bella asks him not to talk with babyji like that as she sacrificed her everything for her love for Raghu. Maya says, everything is ruined. Gini says, love is important. Money is nothing infront of love. Vivek scolds Gini. Lata says, it is about Raghu’s happiness. Bella says, it is really about Raghu’s happiness. babyji is very nice girl. She loves Raghu very much. She will keep Raghu happy. Why don’t you understand, the girl who have left her everything so that she can be with Raghu. Why don’t you see her love. She tells Raghu that somewhere you also loves her. You are not understanding her. Baburaam says, she don’t have money. There is no need to understand her. Raghu asks him to stop it. Baburaam says, my dreams have shattered. He says, Sumitra is good than Shivani. She may atleast get 5-10 lakhs with her. Shivani cries badly and leaves from the room.

She cries miserably and recalls Baburaam’s words. Sumitra tells Shivani that they liked her money and not her. She says, these people have gone against you now. You might be feeling bad. I can understand. She says, I didn’t know that Raghu will come back in my life. She says, if I was on your place then I would not have stopped here even for a min. You are like a burden on them. If you really love Raghu then you should leave the house and Raghu. Shivani takes her bag and starts going. Raghu comes and stops Shivani.

He asks, what are you doing? Shivani says, I am leaving this house. Raghu says, you won’t go anywhere. You will live here. Lata comes and asks her to stay tonight and leave afterwards. Raghu tells Sumitra that he will fulfill his promise, but he has also promised Maliksaa to protect Shivani. He says, I can’t leave her alone. Sumitra signs in agreement. Raghu asks her to give the bag. Maya tells Vivek, what will happen to their dream house. She says, we have pampered her and got shattered. Babuji was right. Sumitra is better than babyji.

Shivani is still crying. Raghu comes and asks her to come inside the house. He asks her to sleep else she will catch the cold. Shivani asks, can I ask you something? Raghu says yes. Shivani says, you takes care of me very much, this caring isn’t love? Raghu says, how to make you understand? I am the land and you are the sky. Shivani says, if you see it from far then they are one. She says, it is called as Shitij. Raghu says, it is just imagination. Shivani says, this is my love. You said that there is a wall between us, I have broken that wall. Why there is a difference between us. Raghu says, you are my Malkin even now. I am your servant.

Bella tells Sumitra that Raghu married Shivani and have just promised you. You are coming between babyji and my brother.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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