Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani confessing her love infront of Raghu’s family. She says, I accept you as my husband. He asks her to fill her forehead with sindoor and marry her. Make me your wife Raghu. Everyone are happy. Raghu is surprised. Sumitra comes and says, he can’t marry you. Baburaam says, sumitra. Sumitra says, he promised to marry me. Shivani is shocked. She asks, what she is saying? We are married. She is lying. Shivani says, I am your wife. You can’t promise anyone. Raghu says, Sumitra is saying the truth. Baburaam shouts at Raghu. He says, you married babyji. She is your wife. How dare you bring Sumitra to my home. Shivani cries.

Raghu tells him that when he was following the shooter, he saw Sumitra running. Flashback starts. She was about

to fall in the valley. He saves her. Sumitra asks him to leave her hand. Sumitra says, she is ending her life as she don’t want to live anymore. Raghu slaps her to stop her. Raghu says, you are very angry, come home. Sumitra says, you didn’t save me. Look at me, am I looking alive? No. I am dead. You killed me. Raghu says, what are you saying? Sumitra says, I am saying the truth. I died when you left me for Shivani. She says, people don’t allow the girl to live if her engagement gets broken. She says, I was about to marry but the groom came to know about us and he refused to marry me. My baraat left. Raghu asks for forgiveness. Sumitra asks him not to apologize.

Sumitra asks him to rectify his mistake and gives her respect back. She asks him to marry her. She asks him not to pretend to be great. She says, I will die. Raghu asks her not to take such step. Raghu says, live for me. Give me a chance to rectify my mistake. I did a big mistake. I am ready to take up the responsibility now. I will return your respect. I will marry you. Sumitra hugs him. Flashback ends.

Bella asks her, what are you saying? How can you do this with babyji. Vivek says, she is your wife infront of all of us. She did so much for you. She decorated this house since morning to confess her love. Baburaam shouts and says this will not happen in my house. I will throw Sumitra now itself. Raghu stops Baburaam. He asks, what are you doing? Sumitra will not leave. Shivani cries miserably. He says, Sumitra suffered so much because of me. Society snatched her respect. It is my destiny to return her respect. I will fulfill my promise. She will live in this house. Bella looks at him angrily.

Baburaam says, no one will support you in this madness. Lata says, I will support Raghu. She wipes Sumitra’s tears. She says, Raghu did the right decision. Lata tells Shivani that you can’t keep our son happy. You always hurt him. She says, you didn’t buy Raghu’s life. Shivani cries badly. Lata asks her to leave Raghu for everyone’s happiness.

Lata brings Shivani’s stuff and apologizes. Bella confronts Lata and asks her not to tell Shivani to leave. She says, babyji really loves Raghu. I saw in her eyes. Bella says, Shivani loves you a lot. If you let Shivani go then you will repent all your life. Raghu says, it can’t happen. She is my owner, not my wife. Sumitra smirks evilly.

Raghu apologizes to Shivani and says I can’t accept your saying. Try to understand. Maliksaa gave me your responsibility as I am his servant. I can’t break his trust. He says, 3 months have completed for our marriage and I signed on the divorce papers. Shivani is pained. He asks her to start a new life. Shivani asks, which life? This life is not worth of living without you. She holds him by his collar and cries. Raghu asks her not to cry. He says, I am with you always but not like a husband. He asks her to go back to haveli. Shivani asks, which haveli? Whose haveli…..I left everything for you. You said that I am rich and you can cover the distance between the rich and poor, that’s why I covered the distance. I gave my property and money in charity. Everyone are shocked.

Shivani tells him that we both are same and equal now. Is there any difference between us? Raghu is shocked. Baburaam faints.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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