Do Ajnabee

A girl is running to save her life. Suddenly a call comes and stops on time before it hits the girl.
A young man comes out of it

Man- hey your alright (a little worried), I am so sorry it’s my fault
Girl- (gasping and scared very badly) pl…please say…save me

She gets unconscious. The boy picks her in his arms and placing her on the backseat drives away.

Other scene…….

Monica- where the hell this swara went go find her in any case I want her before tomorrow morning or else I will kill you all.
(Tells to her mens)

Viraj- Monica don’t do this. Why are you spoiling that innocent girls life don’t do this

Monica- yeah your right we were not about to tell her about this and do this behind her back but she overheard our conversation, so we have to do this…..

Sahil- dad relax we only want her property after that we will leave her forever from this world

Viraj- Sahil stop this. Don’t do this why r u both behind her she is like my daughter. I won’t let you both spoil my daughter life. Did you hear it.

Monica- oh shut up viraj I just hate her a lot. I want her property

Sahil- sorry dad (while hitting on his head and he get unconscious)
Now how will you save your daughter from us (seeing Monica his mother)

Both laugh evilly…..

Guys vote the story if you like it and please let me know what you feel regarding my writing good or bad please alteast give some response to it. It takes a lots of efforts to write it.

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  1. It amazing dear but I want some long chapters….don’t mind please…..take care?

    1. Samiksha_29

      Thank you I will do it definitely

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