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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the terrorist running to Sooraj’s sweet shop and finding way to escape. Sandhya and Sooraj go out to Bhabho. Bhabho and everyone are happy seeing them back. Leader checks for tunnel, and says even Sooraj tried to escape from here. Sandhya asks Bhabho about kids. Bhabho says police has taken kids. Sandhya gets a call and answers. Sooraj asks what happened, whose call is it. Sandhya says don’t know, no one is talking. Leader calls Sandhya and says I told you will get us out of here. She asks what nonsense, army will reach you, follow my orders, surrender and your life will get saved. He says I will order, I will tell you something that will shut your mouth. He asks her to hear this, and she gets shocked. She gives phone to Sooraj. Sooraj gets shocked. Arpita asks

soldier and staff to check all houses. Sandhya and Sooraj go by the tunnel way and crawl to reach the shop area.

Leader welcomes them back again. He shows Kanak to them. Kanak cries. Sandhya says leave my daughter. He says I will explode the bomb by this watch, then Kanak will die, how did you do big mistake to forget daughter by saving everyone. Sandhya cries. He says I think she loves this shop and came here. Sandhya recalls Kanak sitting at shop. Leader says you cheated, but your daughter is loyal, she has turned the game round, she is cute doll. Sandhya says leave her, I will do as you say. Leader says you both are fooling me again, you can win my trust by playing this last game. She asks what game.

He shows some tablets and says this is last game, you can do this for your daughter, these bottles have death and life caught on it, you have to choose. The soldier says this shutter is not opening, its locked from inside. Arpita says yes, it means he is inside, be ready, he is dangerous. Leader asks Sandhya to hurry up, the girl is crying, I will press this button. Sandhya and Sooraj hold the same bottle. Leader says I m impressed by husband and wife’s tuning, both chose same bottle. Soldiers try to break the shutter. leader says oh, you chose the wrong bottle, this has death shut in it, after eating this pill, you both will die peacefully, you both will die together. Sandhya and Sooraj cry. Leader asks them to hurry up, army will come inside and I will press button, eat the tablets fast if you want daughter fine, I will shoot her. Sandhya says no, we are eating this. Sandhya and Sooraj eat the pills.

Sandhya says give me Kanak now. Leader laughs and gets Kanak. He gives Kanak to Sandhya. Arpita and soldiers get inside. Arpita says don’t move, else we will kill you. He asks whats this. Leader tells Sandhya that you both have eaten the pills, its not ordinary poison, its lethal body cavity bomb of much power. They all get shocked. Leader says you failed bomb of ghaat aarti, how will you fail this, you both have become human bomb, you both will blast and turn this city into graveyard, you failed my mission and I have turned you into my mission, you just have 30mins, I will die but take you alone. Arpita slaps him. Sandhya says you will kill me, but not my patriotism towards my country, you could not fail us, you will not harm anyone, Arpita take him, give him such death that every terrorist take a lesson from him.

Bomb squad checks them. Sandhya says its late, bomb got activated, it can’t be defused. The man says its late, the bomb will blast in 25mins. Commissioner says what do you mean officer, we have to save Sandhya and Sooraj by any way. Officer says sorry, its impossible to defuse it. Sandhya asks how dangerous it is. Officer says no one will be saved within 10kms, its very powerful. Sandhya says Sir, we have to meet our family.

They go out and meet family. Babasa asks what are you saying, tell this is lie. They all cry and hug Sooraj and Sandhya. Vansh says I lost my mum and dad before and don’t want to lose them. Sandhya says we are going, but family is here. Sooraj asks them not to cry. Sandhya blesses the kids and asks them to stay united. Sooraj goes to Vikram. Vikram cries and hugs him. Sandhya meets Kanak. Sooraj asks Vikram to do elder son’s duty. Vikram says I always want to live with you. Meenakshi asks Sandhya not to go, I want you to rectify my mistakes. Sandhya says I won’t be there, you have to take care of everyone being elder bahu now. Sandhya hugs Maasa and Emily. Maasa hugs Sooraj. They all cry. Sandhya hugs Arzoo and asks them to take care of everyone. She asks where is Bhabho.

Bhabho happily gets aarti from the house. She says don’t worry, I will do aarti and do your grahpravesh, all the dangers will get away. She sees everyone crying and ask what happened.

Babasa asks Bhabho to bless them, they won’t get Mukti without your blessings. Bhabho sits in temple and cries. Sandhya and Sooraj run away, and stand on a wooden log. They get in the middle of the river. They hug and get away from the city.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such a stupid episode

    1. Then why do you watch…nobody asked for your opinion!!

  2. this is really sad…dont want sooraj sandhyas death….i just cant see them dying..

  3. I can’t see this episode.. How can they fall so easily to terrorist trap? Die hard fan of a san and sooraj will really mentally ddisturbed if watch this episode

  4. Message of true Patriotism
    But feeling so sad as SOORAJ-SANDHYA is going to die.
    We wanted them to be alive.
    Even though climax is sad,a strong message of true patriotism is there.
    Hats Off for this great message
    Good Episode.Emotional.So sad.
    So sad Precap too

    1. u right a true mesage of patriotism is conveyed here . really will miss dabh very much

  5. Omg ???

  6. very emotional episode sandhya n sooraj will be missed

  7. very very sad………. I don’t like to die Sandhya & Sooraj.

  8. Oh no………..i m crying……????

  9. Nonsense episode….what d hell they trying to show….rip dabh…

  10. i didn’t really watch this show but by watching this episode i feel really sad.

  11. Only tears…tears…tears miss SurYa..

  12. Miss u SurYa….

  13. how kanak was left in shop? and how no body can notice this even all children. writer cant think how to end the show so he write such a stupid story at the end of the show. only four terririst. all are advanced but how they get all the equipment and make tablet bomb. dont think hanuman gali have all the equipments. if all people attack together on them how they rid on them. this shows police are so weak at different time and cant handle difficult situation, want help millitary. wow! foolish concept.
    but now this show will be end in 2 days. best serial. missing them. but if end will different then we say ” at last they lived happily ever after.”

  14. I like this serial very much due to sandya & suraj only. Now what will we see? We will not able to see the death of both. Really shocked.

  15. Death of main character is due to Sandhya and Suraj, as in real they can’t stand each other, throwing bad tantrums, due to this producer decided to kill the main character and bring season 2 with new characters. Good bye DBH

    1. I dnt think Surya will die. They get in the middle of the river and may be season 2 will be Sandhyasooraj find their children. The children find their parents too….

  16. Best ever Serial.of Star now we will stop.watching starplus..bcause Yeh hai mohbatein.,sath nibana sathiha ye rishta kya kehlata hai..all r soo boring serial.hving a drama in a drama.soo i think.suraj n sandhya hv to continue fr DIYA AUR BAATI.HUM..we will miss u Deepika singh ji urf Sandhya Sooraj n all d members of sweet family of Starplus.

    1. Love DABH, i’ll cry, i will miss dabh, deepika ji and anas so much, my cute Vansh…..
      PLs dnt kill Sandhyasooraj start season 2 with sandhyasooraj’s trip to find their children. There r some ways to save the show. Dnt end ss1 with this tragedy, death, bomb, terrorists END THISSSSS

  17. No it’s emotional seeing kanak and sandhya suraj scene plsss we don’t want suraj sandhya to die

  18. Very very sentimental episode.tears rolled in my eyes,after reading it.writer’s n director’s should have changed the climax.Anyway salute to the dabh team for giving such valuable serial to u sandhya.
    I hope dabh2 will become hit like this .whatever it maybe no one can replace anas-deepika pair.

  19. Does it mean to say terrorist are move bravery than the forces
    of Indian .
    The one funny thing it this type of series I had watch is that a terrorist even in jail hv the way to communicate with him boss until they success , but the forces will fail to figure the plan unless they will find it when is too late in fact Wht a funny concept

  20. I think the director has no sense in killing Sandya and Suraj. Sorry to say that it’s intolerable to view the tragic end.

  21. v.suresh Tamil nadu

    I don’t know hindi language but for past 5 – 6 years i am watching this continuously . i like the above two pairs very much but unfortunately the end of episode is going to tragedy, sandhya and suraj should not go to die. pl change the end as like ours.

  22. MegalaSrinivas

    I miss Diya Aur Baati Him…….I need sooraj n Sandhya live …in need of tragedy…..plz.change the climax…..Am basically Tamil,I don’t know Hindi now am speaking in Hindi only because of star plus 7-8pm n 9-10pm…Thank u star plus…..but v need Diya air baati season 2…..

  23. Suraj and Sanhdya ‘s life ending will surely bring tear in everyone eyes. At last suraj n sandhya’s love story is going to have a very heart wrenching ending. Will miss DABH1.

  24. very heart wrenching episode . i was crying seeing this episode . i too dont want sooraj sandhya to die , but what to do , the cvs has planned so . it would be nice if they bring deepika singh as khanak and she becoming a police officer and all of them seeing her mother in her .if they do so , it would be wonderful .

    1. I’m VERY VERY VERY VERY AGREE with you. The producer is so stupid. We love deepika ji
      dnt worry i believe our surya wnt die. They get away from their city but it doesnt mean they will die. I think the plot of ss2 is surya is loss of memory. They tried to find who they are, find their children. I want deepika and anas to be the lead role……Hope the producer will read these comments, my mind
      I ‘ve read Niti Taylor will be the lead role – kanak in ss2. But i cnt still accept. If they recieve the complaint about their option, may be they will change their decision

      1. yes i too heard that niti taylor is the lead in season two , but i am not able to accept it too . it would be nice if deepika singh played that role

    2. Oh my gosh, Varshini, I had the same thing in my mind, it would be better to bring Deepika as Kanak, and another actor as Kanak’s men. ??

    3. That was my thought too, a few days ago I was thinking to write a ff on DABH season2 and on internet I searched some young actresses to play the main lead Kanak’s role, and I decided Niti Taylor, I never imagined that anyone else had the same thing in mind.

      1. cynthia r u planning to write a ff . if so pls write wid kanak and other family members

  25. but dabh is the best serial ever on star plus , though there have been some illogical tracks and they have a tragic ending like this i always love this show

  26. will miss brave sandhya rathi . will always miss her . pls come back as khanak in season two

  27. I feel that it is a secret, but S-S will come back in DABH 2.

    1. How do u know dear? Pls let us know, we want to know the truth. We love deepika and ans…..

  28. I am Sri Lankan. I never give coment but today epsiode made. Me to give coment. We realy miss dabh1 please deepika sis come back as khanak season two

  29. I liked this serial
    but i don’t like the death of suraj & Sandhya in that manner, i personally feel terrorism may impressed given by end of serial. I am feel bad towards directore due to that type of end.Please change the end of serial if possible, it is my humble Request & fight towards terrorist.

  30. I am from Sri Lanka too. It is not good to show that the terrorists win despite a strong police force and the Elite army force. Sandhya and Sooraj should have simply kept the pill inside the mouth without swallowing or could have easily distracted the lone terrorist and attacked him. Some stupidity.

  31. very very bad episode.writers directors should not play like this with the dabh fans very much upset on this episode .they should not kill the characters of sandhya and will distroy the beautiful concept of rathi family which i liked very much.plz do something and make s and s alive in ss2 may be with new actors

  32. The writers did it wrong, it’s disappointing , of all things they could of done …….

  33. I agree with Chrag. The end shows that terrorist can succeed in his venture of spreading terror, even though he dies in the end.
    Sandhya who could handle the Garjana, could she not handle 4 terrorists? terrible. That Kanak going into the shop is also ridiculous

  34. Pease tell me why are S-S not in DABH 2?

  35. It’s an inspirational.n motivated serial.n no one wil play better role than Sandhya ji(Deepika ji)
    soo plzz continue thz serial.wid new episode not wid new season timing doesn’t matter..u hv it at 11pm or 12pm bt wil manage wid continue my fav. serial bcz we lv sandhya n sooraj n entire cast ..soo i think.thz kinda serial.hv to continue fr long while..instead of those Sath nibana sathiya..yeh mohbattein. ye rishta kya kehlata hai..n all.stupid stuff contained serial. soo plzz continue thz serial if starplus wnt to no. one Channel.
    Sandhya ji (deepika) u r really a best one tv actress.. n plzz continue thz serial.wid d help of Rohit sir n Anas sir.. we will miss u a lot bt plzz try to continue thz show.☆♡

  36. Pratiksha Sinha

    Diya aur baati hum is the best serial in star plus. Actually not in star plus but in comparision to all other serials. Very motivational, insipiring, courageous.. Far Far better than those stupid serials sath nibhana sathiya, yeh hai mohabbatein, suhani si Ek ladki etc etc . diya aur baati hum is the Best serial ever. No serial can ever beat this serial. Sandhya is the best for the female lead role nd suraj is the best for male lead role.i love the entire rathi parivaar nd their chatacters. I love you a lot sandhya mam(deepika Singh). I love ur courageous nature, u r a fighter, an insipiring soul. The end of the serial really broke my heart. I m not able to forget the last scene. I m not able to forget anything about the serial. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please director sir, dont change the chatacters in diya aur baati hum 2. Tv pe jaldi aana chahie part 2. Jald se Jald. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please sandhya aur suraj ko hi lead role dijiye. Woh dono serial ki Jaan hain. Unke Bina achha ni lagega serial. Unhe hi rakhiye part 2 mein . I beg u. I love this serial a lot.

  37. Pratiksha Sinha

    10th september’s episode was the last episode???? U should not do like this. Aaj ka bhi Ek din bacha hai. Unke bahaduri k news bhi dikhana chahiye na . Aise khatam ni krna chahiye serial ko ???????????????????

  38. I m nt a very big fan of DABH…But this last climax episode is a great thought n making… Hats off to the director n Writer…

  39. Dabh is connected with. My real life. N it’s tragic climax made me very emotional. was routine to watch d serial without disturbing by any work

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