Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjari thinks she can’t kill Sandhya now, maybe Sandhya gave the info to police, she should give Sandhya to Garjana and get all info out. Shekhar tells Garjana members that they have required things ready, they will answer the govt, they have to be careful, else one small mistake can ruin their plan. They all say Jai Garjana.

Lalima talks to Sooraj. He gets thinking about Sandhya and buys bitter gourd as Sandhya liked it. She asks what is he thinking. He says nothing, give this packet to me. He starts the scooter and they leave. He says this road goes to temple, and tells about some shop at corner, he used to take Sandhya there. She says she knew Rathi sweet shop has the best sweets. He laughs. She feels he is driving well, he will get fine soon. A kite

comes over Sooraj’s face and he loses balance. Sooraj and Lalima suddenly fall down as the scooter slips. They both get hurt.

She asks is he fine, did he get hurt. He says yes, I don’t know how did this happen. She says its good we did not collide with anyone. He checks the scooter and asks her to come there. A man looks at them. Manjari and Sandhya reach the jungle. Sandhya says she needs to get cured of her wound on time. Manjari holds her hand and says no, Garjana gave us mission together, we have to go together, come. Sandhya thinks Manjari is behaving weird, what can be the reason. Manjari thinks Sandhya’s truth will come out soon, she will die. The tab falls off her bag. Sandhya sees it and sits to pick. She gets stunned seeing her and Officer Singh’s training camp pic. She thinks Manjari has known her truth, so her behavior looked different.

Sandhya and Manjari stare at each other. Sandhya runs after Manjari to take the tab. Sandhya catches Manjari and beats her. They have a fight. Manjari says cheater, I will take you to Garjana. Sandhya sees the cliff and pushes Manjari. Manjari holds the end. Sandhya says I won’t let you become between my country’s security, Garjana’s mission can’t succeed, it will fail by your death. Some people come there. Manjari hears them and shouts for help.

Sandhya tries to make Manjari’s hands slip. Manjari says you will die now. Sandhya puts some cloth in Manjari’s mouth and hides. The men hear Manjari at first and look around. They don’t hear the sound then and leave from there. Sandhya does not get Manjari, and says did she fall or run away, if she runs then mission mahabali will fail, this can’t happen.

Sooraj and Lalima come home. Meenakshi scolds Lalima. Bhabho asks Sooraj is he fine. Sooraj asks whats all this. Lalima asks Sooraj to go to room. The man says no, we have come to talk to him. Bhabho says yes, he is here. Sooraj asks whats the matter. Lalima says they have work with me, they want sweets from my shop, you go. Babasa asks Sooraj to come. Sooraj leaves. Bhabho asks Lalima about Sooraj’s scooter accident. Lalima says no, a kite flew and came on his face, but nothing happened. The man says his son was about to die.

Lalima says there was no boy, the car did not have anyone. The man says fine, car did not have my son at that time, but a mad man can’t drive. Ved cries. Lalima scolds the man and answers all the ladies too. The man asks Lalima why is she supporting a mad man. Sandhya looks for Manjari and says where did she go, if he reaches Garjana, everything will be over, I did not know about Garjana’s plan, I have to give info to Bharat. She sees Garjana members there. They take her saying commander is calling her, and drag her to Shekhar and commander. She gets tensed seeing them looking angry and staring at her.

The commander says no one can cheat Garjana. Sandhya has her gun at her back and holds it.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shaurya

    I am sure about Lalilama’s trick. She is obviously old rival of Sandhya or Sooraj.

    Todays episode, the accident incident
    is doubtful.Someone watches Sooraj.
    another doubt for this, Lalima don’t
    make sweets as her father (realy is father?).But She open sweetshop again infront of Rathi house after her father death.Is she real Lalima?

    • BC

      Your point is right. Bhaboo first watch Lalima in temple.But she is neighbour of Rathi family.(She and her brother (?) is outsider of Hanuman Gali.) Something strange??


      ya Shaurya I too have the same doubt. Lalimaz too much of kindness
      is very very dangerous to Suraj. But these Idiot Rathi Family trust this
      kind of people without having any doubt. Only Sandy can treat Suraj
      back to normal. then only this drama will have sense as it was so unique
      right from the beginning.

  2. richa

    my dear spoiler loving friendss go to google & search dabh news ……..if u hav searched & eadd news then………. i know wat’s ur condition as spoilers r getting horrible 😛

    • Anu

      The blue shirt man was not bharat sir member. oo admi jho hai ghar phe ake lalima se question kata hai na both man was same……….u observe that …. 🙂

      • richa

        yeah anu i noticed dat but i wished so he was bharat team member…… but the way he looked at sooraj & lalima it looked to me like he was intentionally observing dem and he lied abt child……………

  3. Superb episode.. As usual in starting they show sandhya’s scene… Sandhya and manjari talk was nice… They nicley show manjari’s pain for her son…. Just too good…??????

  4. Suraj lalima scene was nice… Suraj remember sandhya that scene was nice… Lalima is also nice… That she help suraj for recover…. ??????Bt dnt like that lalima seat on suraj’s sctooer…????

  5. What a fight sequence between sandhya and manjari.. That was totally mind blowing… Super hit… In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss… Finally sandhya get know that manjri know her real identy with the help of that tab…. That scene was awesomeeeeeee..??????✊?????

  6. Nicely sandhya thrown manjari in that river bt unfortunately she fly…and suddenly where that manjri disappear… It’s very big mystery…???????

  7. Sandhya nicely disclose that tab….. Now Sandhya’s new mission is to find manjari… Bcoz now manjari is more important person… Hope sandhya find manjari as soon as possible…..??????

  8. Wtf yaar…. No one can stand for suraj when all people blem suraj and speak bad words against suraj even that bhaboo also can’t say any one words to that people only lalima stand for suraj when that people speak bad words to suraj.. She only rise her voice and say that suraj is very nice person he is nt mad…. Bhaboo I hate U….???✊?✊ well done lalima for stand for suraj…????? I m proud of u lalima…?????

  9. Sandhya didn’t find manjari… Hope sandhya as soon as contact bharat sir I tell everything what happened any past days…. Bt unfortunately that garjna sanghtna people come to take sandhya…??????

  10. As usual full suspense Precap.. May be that bade raja and chandu ask sandhya abt manjari and that whole money… May be they thought that manjri run with that money thus is sandhya’s plan…bcoz they nt see manjri with sandhya… So that’s why chandu and bade raja say know one can chit them… So on that part they ask sandhya abt manjari and money… Hope this happened in show….??????

  11. Sorry guys that now I m cmts less… Bcoz of most of people want to read upcoming twist post…bt I dnt like to u read upcoming episodes twist.. So actually I always read all cmts…. In past days I say that plz dnt post any upcoming episodes twist…????? So u guys accpet my request u never cmts or post on upcoming episodes twist…???? So l decided that u can plz post upcoming episodes twist then our can read that post….for that people happiness I take one more disition that I only come in this page where they post our dabh written update that I come and cmts …?????then I never come or never read anyone cmts…????then in next episode written update page I come and cmts there…. So for other (means those people who want upcoming episodes twist post)happiness I m doing this scarification… Bcoz for me my friends should stay happy… For my friends happiness I can do anything…… ???????? Sorry for my less cmts.. Bcoz I can’t see or read any upcoming episodes twist… Bcoz of that twist I interest get low??????
    So sorry for hurting those people who want twist post… So I request to all my friends that now u can free for posting upcoming episodes twist….?????? Sorry for hurting those people that they want twist post…so hope u enjoy that kind of post…. Sorry for everything… I know u hurt of my this cmts….. If possible then forgive me…. ??????????? this is my last cmt of this written update… Meet u Tomorrow episode written update…. Wating for tomorrow rocking episode… Dabh rocks… Again sorry… For hurting u…????????

    • Anu

      @varsha dont upset for this issues coz we should understand one thing this is social network we can accept all the things………. 🙂

      Dont upset nd bee commenting……

    • Romi

      @ varsha its democratic era ! You can’t stop yourself from expressing your thoughts or opinion !! Everyone has the right to come on this page and cmnt about the show r its characters !! So chill and start comnting if you have enough time for those friends who like your thoughts about the show! ?

  12. Rekha

    Nice episode..hope everything happen gud with sandhya and garjana ppl will not aware of truth of sandhya’s..sandhya’s part is awesome but timelagging of rathis drama…manjeeri ma twist is exciting..

  13. Oooooho set sandy ko kitna pain ho rha tha sandy u tc r………………..u always rooooooookstarrrrrrrr .yr manjri ne to sandy ko muskill me dal diya……bu i don’t cear Ips Sandhya sb manej kar legi i biliv that……okkkkk thAnksss ameena for updating episods ….n goood nit guys…

    • Romi

      Agreed! Even I had a doubt when lalima’s brother was talking to sheker in Jaipur ‘ s dharamshala they were talking in each other eyes ! I mean they were talking some dual meaning words !! Lalima bro said her sister is getting married to a widower and then sheker asked does his wife died but how ? And bla bla bla….,,,,,,,,
      I think they r also related to garjana !

      • Anu

        Good morning all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!have a nice day…@romi nice thinking if it happens i am very happy to see lalima in negative role i am waiting for that………….

  14. Nothing to worry with precap. Makers are just trying to create suspense for audience. Garjana must have found manjari in coma state or paralyzed. Now they are trusting Sandhya a lot because of her efficiency in the yesterday operation.

    Still no one is able to imagine Lalima and her role in future. I feel definitely she can’t be a terrorist. But there is something else.

    • Anu

      its horrible @luv dabh i dont accept this. wt the hell they r doing………..plz stop this lalima track…

      she is not negative, she is not terrorist, she is not against of rathi family who she is ??????????

      SSP u want to give answer to views …………….plz stop this nonsense

      plz s & s kho milado…………..if it is not possible …………..sooraj kho shock se bahar lavo nd S & S previous scenes dikhavo… sandhya will imagine na like this…

    • NS4

      Wat the hellllllll…….?????????
      Stop this nonsense… I can’t bear this type of nonsense..
      Stop lalima track and show something new from Rathi parivar..or…as usual.. Stupid drama like….mohit mean cheating family r doing some nonsense….

  15. Hi @ Varsha,
    I do agree with Anu.
    Keep commenting…
    N enjoy… dabh fans ‘s excitment….
    What going to happen next…
    Imaginations from Richa…
    Just be here, we have been addicted this page,

    • NS4

      True say @dharini…I also much addicted to this show and to this page…..
      Whenever I switch on my pc.. Definitely my first tab in browser will be DABH telly update

  16. Anu

    That blue shirt man was not a bharat sir member…. see the man who comes in rathi house and question abt suraj…..both man was same…(car me mari beti hai kare botla na ……)nd lalima argue with that man ……………

  17. Anu

    Sandhya will b able to complete her mission no doubt, but please kick lalima out of the show. Mission Mahabali is great but this Lalima aunty is killing everyone’s interest .If u want the show to top end lalima track.

    • NS4

      True say @Anu … really not able to watch a scene of lalima…too much over positive……not acceptable scenes…
      Way the hell of lalima ??..sitting back seat of sooraj….???

  18. NS4

    All are busy … comments from morning..
    Missing u guysss Varsha Richa Anu..LuvDABH..romi..
    I Hope..after finishing ur work..u guys will rock..with ur comments..

    • Hi NS4, waiting for today’s episode. I don’t want to see Rathi bakwaas today. Moreover I am disappointed with SBS comment about Sooraj and Lalima. ?

  19. Richa

    1 bat h gime ur Veiws guyz chandu also ties a cloth on one of his hands cud it b he also hav a chip in his hand nd is forced to work 4 garjana? And 1 thing kya manjiri k hath m nhi chip? If no den y? Nd vasha if u sead it u2 giv ur veiw nd c no1 posted spiler

    • richa

      yeah may b chandu also hav a chip fixed in his hand nd yeah he look good in positiv role and takeaway lalima with him and both live a happy life together 😛 😛 and may b lokesh join garjana

  20. Richa

    Hey!!! Kisi ne muje add sposr ni kii 🙁 😛 hmm ok atlst tl me dat in nyt story shud i show chdndu positiv? Nd gimme a funy garjana doc add

  21. Dabh

    Hai guy’s i am back me too also having doubt on lalima but if she is from garjana then all can know about sandhya face so it’s not possible surely lalima should either bharat team r chandu team


      definitely not Bharath Sir team.Bcoz If she is Bharath Sirz team she
      might not have agreed for the marriage. Moreover Bharath Sir
      had experienced the path of Sandy and Suraj ‘s Love from both of their eyes.
      So he wont ruin Sandy’s life.

  22. richa

    teraa mujh se hai pehlee ka naata koi…………….. -_- isiliyee galliyan galliyan teri galliyan mujhko bhaave galliyan teri galliyan


      Hai Richa I’m unable to understaand the above comment.Plz do
      explain in English please……………………………….

  23. Anu

    Hey guys !!!!!!!!!!!! u know current trp of our serial is 2.9…congrats dabh

    DABH always rocks

    this trp is raising only for mission mahabali not for lalima track…………..kill the lalima track

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