Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Sandhya to see the video. Ved falls in the poll. A snake comes there. Ved comes out of the water and stands on the water…. He walks on water and comes out of the pool. Everyone get shocked. The people say this is Mukeshwari’s Dakshak snake, how can anyone walk on water, this is miracle. The people chant Mukeshwari’s name and tell Ved that he got saved because of Mukeshwari. Sandhya and Sooraj see the video. The lady says Sandhya is very lucky, your son is Maa’s fav. Another lady says you don’t believe Devi Maa, but Devi Maa blessed your son. Sandhya gets thinking.

Maasa asks guests to talk to Ritu. She goes to her room and moves the cupboard. She goes inside the room and brings some patient outside by pulling the stretcher. She signs Dadusa

to get the men inside. Dadusra tells pest control people to sprinkle some medicine and make the bad smell away. Maasa locks door and looks at someone.

Ved tells the people that he slipped in water and was sinking, he shouted for help, then he saw the Dakshak snake, some miracle happened, a land came under my feet, and I started walking. The lady says Ved is Devi Maa’s fav son. Ved says yes, whats why I could go inside temple, where just neelvish patients can go. Meenakshi says yes, its miracle, educated people can’t understand. Ved says yes, mumma says miracle is science, but walking on water is not science, Mukeshwari Mata is very miraculous, she can do anything. Sandhya gets angry. Sooraj stops her. She thinks whats happening with my son, he will fall in this disbelief.

The lady likes the food and asks did you make this Ritu. Ritu nods. Chandni says no Emily made this, Ritu just knows talking. The lady asks where is Maasa. Chandni says she will come. The lady says there are no elders here. Maasa comes and says sorry, I had to show place to pest control guys. She worries.

Piya says Arzoo would have got suffocated by now. Arzoo comes from outside. Piya gets shocked seeing her and thinks who was in room then. Arzoo asks Babasa where is Chotu, he is not in shop. Babasa says Chotu went to his room to get bike keys. Piya worries and says it means Aryan is in room. She runs upstairs. Arzoo and Babasa worriedly go to see what happened. Piya opens the door and finds it locked. She asks Aryan to open the door. Aryan says inside bolt is damaged. Piya says we have to break this door, else Aryan will die. She asks Arzoo not to go inside, there is poisonous gas. Arzoo pushes door and gets inside. Babasa and Arzoo get inside and see him. Babasa opens windows. Piya covers herself and looks on. Arzoo says we have to take him to hospital. Arzoo and Babasa take Chotu.

Ved and Golu play snake and ladders. Ved loses. Golu says snake can’t help you in this game. Meenakshi asks Golu to lose, Ved will win, he is Devi’s son. Bhabho looks on. Golu says I m champion of this game. Meenakshi says you lose to Ved always. Bhabho asks Meenakshi not to interfere in kids’ games. She sends the kids. She asks Meenakshi not to talk like this again. Meenakshi says Ved is Devi’s son, if Devi gets angry on Golu, if Golu gets neelvish. Bhabho says Ved is just a kid, don’t make him big. Meenakshi says villagers are making him big, Ved will know he is special, he will not be a kid then….. Bhabho worries.

Sandhya recalls Ved’s words and cries. Sooraj goes to her. He says I know you worry for Ved, the truth is this is our testing time, don’t get angry on Ved, don’t scold him, its his age that if we suppress his thoughts, his thought will increase. She asks what shall I do, his senses will end, our Ved was not like this. He says yes, he will not be like this, he is a kid, don’t doubt on his senses, he will think what he is seeing. She says yes, he used to find answers in science, now he is believing this superstitions, I can’t let him sink like this, I don’t know what to do, I don’t have any answer, how did he walk on water, how did Riddhi get fine, I could not enter that door, but Ved entered there, I know some human thinking is behind this, I want to clear this superstition from Ved’s eyes, there will be some way. He says yes, we are together, don’t lose courage, we will try. She says no, we have done many tries, we will leave from here, I will not let Ved be here. He asks where will you run. She goes and packs her bag. She gets shocked seeing someone…………

Sandhya says we are leaving for Pushkar now. Her bag falls down and opens. She gets shocked seeing the clothes burnt. She still leaves with Sooraj. A tree branch falls down. Bhabho and Ved shout.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow…….but I feel little bit dragging…sandhya should prove them abt the stupid superstitions quikly….they r dragging it very much……feling so sad fr chotu…..stupid piyaaa???

  2. Interesting & different track about Superstitions. But dragging the track unnecessarily. End this track soon.Plzzz……

  3. “If we suppress his thoughts his thoughts will increase ” What does the translator means by this sentence. And Piya proved her villainy and Aarzoo proved her strength and love toward Chotu.

    1. The sentence means that ,humans especially kids do things purposely when they we’re instructed not to do so…here sooraj means that if they suppress his thoughts then he will be thinking more about those superstitions only…….such a lovely statement made by such a lovely man…….my [email protected] rashid❤❤❤

      1. Thank you Hema

  4. I think sandhya should leave n don’t look back n piya will have to leave wen bhabo comes back n so sad for chotu

  5. Too much dragging.

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