Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arzoo making rotis. She sees the belan and recalls Mahek throwing so many belans and taunting her. She recalls how Resham instructed her to make rotis holding belan light. Bhabho asks Arzoo why is she working slowly, why is she scared when she knows cooking, cook fast, there are other works too. Arzaoo says fine and makes rotis fast. Bhabho goes. The belan flies and hits Chotu’s forehead. Chotu falls. Meenakshi says so this is story of belans, that’s why Arzoo got so many belans. Arzoo and Meenakshi fall down in kitchen. Chotu asks them to give hand. Arzoo holds his hand and falls over him. Bhabho asks Meenakshi what is she doing. Meenakshi holds Bhabho’s hand and gets up. Meenakshi shows Bhabho… Arzoo and Chotu’s eyelock. Bhabho worries that Chotu got hurt. Meenakshi

says I got hurt.

Bhabho teaches diya’s baati making to Arzoo. Sandhya looks on. Landline rings. Bhabho checks the call, till Sandhya teaches Ved. Bhabho gets shocked and tensed. Sandhya looks on. Bhabho says you tell me, we will do as you say. She ends call and gets shaken up. Arzoo shows baatis to Bhabho and says I will burn baatis made by me on this holi. Bhabho tells Arzoo that you have to go to your Maayka on this holi. Arzoo gets shocked. Bhabho says you have to go hyd. Arzoo says but you refused, as Resham is not at home, you said I can go after holi. Bhabho says yes, but Maasa called and said if saas and bahu celebrate holi together this year, its not auspicious, so you have to go to hyd. Arzoo asks who is this Maasa, why should I obey her. Bhabho says she is your saas’ saas, I can’t refuse to her, you have to go. Arzoo sees Sandhya.

Sandhya recalls talking to Maasa. FB shows Sandhya talking to Maasa and saying we miss you. Maasa asks does your saas trouble you, tell me, I will pull her ears. Sandhya says no, Bhabho takes care of me well, Chotu and Arzoo’s marriage happened well, we missed you a lot. Maasa says yes, everyone here was going on yatra, so I had to go along, I will meet you all soon. Sandhya says yes Maasa, all rituals happened except pagphere, you say that its very imp. Maasa says yes, send Arzoo to Maayka and finish this ritual. Sandhya says I told Bhabho, but Arzoo’s Dadi went somewhere, so Bhabho decided to send Arzoo later, she decides in our house and does not listen to me. Maasa says I m her saas, I will see how she does not send Arzoo for pagphere. Sandhya thinks now Maasa will do my work, sorry Bhabho, I had no other way. FB ends.

Arzoo gets annoyed. Sandhya thinks I know Arzoo is doubting me, she is right but I had to do this. Bhabho says Arzoo wanted to be here, but I can’t go against Maasa’s command, Arzoo got sad, and goes to her. Sandhya feels sorry to hurt Bhabho’s heart, but its for country security. She recalls how Arzoo got in army truck and Gul threatened Sandhya.

Bhabho goes to Arzoo and sees her crying. She says we have to obey elders and you will live here always, don’t get sad, when you come back, we will play holi together. Arzoo hugs Bhabho and cries. Sandhya checks few things and keeps her id, passport ready. Sooraj comes and asks are you going somewhere. Sandhya says yes, I m going Pakistan with Arzoo. He asks why all this. She says it will be good that I go and drop her. He says its not right, it seems she is not our bahu not a terrorist, I think your doubt got over your trust. She says I m doing this as its right for me and Arzoo, I m not calling Arzoo a terrorist, I m taking precautions.

She gets hurt and he cares for her. He makes her sit. He says I know we got cheated by Rajkumar, Disha and Prema, it does not mean we don’t believe relations, Lalima and Devi Narayani loved selflessly and united us, we have to see humanity and people well, you are smart enough to decide. She keeps her bag and says fine, I will drop Arzoo till Delhi, thanks for showing me right way, you said right, I should be in Pushkar and find out Gul’s plannings, its definite that his target is Pushkar. I can work better being here.

Sandhya and Arzoo reach train station. Sandhya says security checking is over, you can’t stay here till holi according to permissions. Arzoo looks at her. Sandhya asks did you understand, your stay in india will be illegal, as we took special permissions for you, you can’t be here till holi. She asks Arzoo to board the train now. She gives her bag and asks her to go carefully. Arzoo sits in the train infront of Sandhya. Sandhya leaves. Arzoo changes seat and stops seeing some army men.

Arzoo gets down the train and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. End this track sooooooon……..

  2. Dear Varsha, Please clarify the following doubt. Why does Suraj call his wife as Sandyaji? Is it due to his inferiority feelings or respect to his wife?

    1. It’s respect. Not inferiority feelings.

    2. Sandya also addresses him as suraj ji so this is only respect not any kind of inferiority complex !
      But I think there is not need to be formal with your spouse when you are in immense love and share a better understanding !

  3. In this track sandya and arzoo are truly playing the game of chor sipahi? Pls end this track soon and start vadansh hotel project soon !
    By the way where is Emily gone ?
    Massa’s entry is amazing , only she can teach bhabo a good lesson?

  4. Nice episode.

  5. I hope sandhya is rite about arzoo n y she get off the train

  6. Nice episode…. Finally Sandhya made a smart idea to send Arzoo to pak.

    So now Arzoo’s true face will come out

  7. Guys.. I have guess abt Arzoo’s change behavior…
    In previous episode when Sandhya went to pak. That time Arzoo give the information abt indian flag missing through her mobile….
    So I was thinking that.. May be that Gul mohummad has tracked Arzoo for being.. And Gul threatened Reshma will be killed if Arzoo won’t do there work…. So that wat may be Arzoo helping Gul Mohammad
    Guys its just my imagination… not any news

    1. Your guess is superb. But 50-50 chance.If so then how Arzoo fooled 12 cctv cameras.

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