Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir talking to his senior. Zakir says the way she is tied, she can’t break her ropes, she has one way to lift 100 kgs and reach the place to get the keys. The senior says he said yes, but I feel its tough for her, she has just one kidney. The doctor says if this task hurts her body, I will stop this task. Sandhya manages to lift the bed and stand. She gets hurt. The doctor asks them to stop the task, its putting force on her stomach, she will die. The bed falls back and she shouts.

Zakir asks the doctor to wait, he is stopping the task. He calls Pratap and says this task….. He sees the live video of Sandhya trying again and standing on her feet while holding the bed. He ends the call. Sandhya tries walking with the bed, and the 100kg weight affects her. Zakir

smiles seeing her. She frees the rope of her hand and takes a breath. She frees her other hand. She gets pain in her waist and holds it. She frees her legs from the ropes.

She tries to reach the keys and falls down. She has her one leg tied to the bed by the handcuffs and crawls to get the keys. She gets the keys in her hand. She uses the keys and opens the handcuffs from her foot.

She frees herself and cleans her police cap. She walks towards the exit. The senior tells Zakir that she has done it, you were right. Ved talks to Sooraj and Mahendra looks on. He smiles and acts good to Sooraj, and talks about Ved. He asks whats Vedansh. Sooraj says its my dream I have seen for my son. Mahendra asks what dream. Sooraj says I want to win kabaddi match, earn money and make a hotel for my son. Mahendra says good, but I don’t want to break your heart, you showed him dreams to win, you did not think about losing. Sooraj says I can’t take away the smile from my son’s face, I love him a lot, I will fulfill his dream.

He asks Mahendra is he thinking anything. Mahendra says he has said right, a man can go to any extent for his son’s happiness. Chavi says the costly dress is ordered by our home. Emily says who will order it in our house. Chavi sees the name and says Zakir. Meenakshi says why will he order it, check well. Chavi says maybe he has taken it for any loved one. Zakir comes home and greets them. Chavi thanks him for being her first online customer and gives the dress. Zakir says I really liked it, so I got it. Meenakshi asks him for whom is. Zakir says who buys costly dress for wife. Meenakshi says it means its for his GF. Zakir says yes right and smiles. He takes the dress. Meenakshi says who is his GF. Chavi looks on.

Sandhya talks to Zakir and says how can anyone get saved like this, Chander has gone, this never happened, he has sent her team after him, she hopes to catch him soon, she is discussing with him as they have to be careful. She says she has to find Chander, who is helping Chander. Bhabho comes and asks how did she get hurt. She gets worried. Sandhya says I m fine, nothing happened. She says this happens in police duty, don’t get worried. Bhabho says since Zakir came, he did not let her rest. Zakir holds his head. Bhabho says even he is looking upset.

She sends Sandhya to her room to rest and talks to Zakir. She says one day she will reach you, its not easy to hide this from her. Mahendra hides in shawl and sees the drugs Abhay gave him. He keeps it in the player’s room in their belongings,. He hides from there and leaves. Sooraj sees someone going and asks who is there. Mahendra runs.

Chavi runs to Emily and gifts her a dress. Emily says she did this for her. Chavi says its her first online sale and asks her to be part of her happiness. Emily thanks her. Chavi says open the gift and see. Emily likes the dress. Mohit looks on. Chavi says its same dress like Zakir ordered. Sooraj wakes up everyone and looks around. He gets a doubt and checks things. Everyone look on puzzled. Sooraj gets the packet of drugs and smells it. He thinks someone has keot this drugs and recalls Sandhya’s words, that drugs to increase stamina is illegal in the game. She says its a crime and disqualified the team, the dope test shows the intake, the player gets ban from the game and his career is ruined. He thinks they all can be caught and asks the members to call security or police. They hear the police coming.

The police searches the place and Sooraj hides the drugs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very dfferent and lovely serial.

  2. Nice episode

  3. nice episode DABH is always different compared to other serial.

  4. There are many intricacies and tricks maneuvered by the coach. What is his intention? Break the suspense.

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