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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir scolding Mohit and says you are here as we caught you with a stolen bike, so don’t say we are taking revenge. Sooraj defends Zakir and says I will explain him. Zakir says no, he is not your brother here, but a criminal, Mohit did a crime, I will do the questioning. Zakir asks Mohit to give bike papers. Mohit says I don’t have, my brother has it.Sooraj says so call him and asks him to bring the papers. Mohit says yes, I will call him and he will come running. I will not leave you all, I m literate and will take a written apology from you.

Mohit calls him and he asks did you deliver the bike. Mohit says I was going but police caught me saying its stolen bike, come and tell them. The man says don’t worry, I will come with papers. Mohit says he will come

in 10mins now, you guys be ready to apologize to me. Zakir says lets see who apologizes, give me his number and address. Mohit gives them. Zakir asks his staff to find out everything about him and goes. Mohit waits there. Chavi is annoyed as her office work have increased. Pushpa calls her and asks how is she now. Chavi says I have stomach pain. Pushpa says it happens, we will go to see doctor today. Chavi says I have a meeting with client and gets tensed.

Sooraj and Sandhya are at the police station with Mohit waiting to meet that guy. Sandhya says see so much time passed, but your new brother did not come. Mohit syas he will come, he might be stuck in traffic jam. Zakir comes and asks Mohit where is that man. He says no oen came to help you, I don’t think anyone will come. Sooraj says yes, Zakir is right, call him again and ask him where is he. Mohit calls him and the number is unreachable now. Mohit gets tensed. Zakir smiles and asks what happened now, did he shut the phone, will you tell anything now, if you don’t want to say, no problem, we know how to find the truth.

He says you don’t have any option than to cooperate with us. Sandhya asks Mohit to understand and not argue. Tell Zakir what you all you know. Mohit says I don’t know anything, really, I m not involved in this, I don’t know this bike is stolen, I did not do this. He says Sooraj knows me very well, tell him I can’t do stealing, I know I lied at home, but I m not a thief. I will try him again, he will come. He can’t connect. He says maybe the network is not there, trust me, I don’t know anything, he gives me bike whenever I needed it. He says he gave me this address to me asking me to deliver the bike there. Zakir says my staff will find everything. Zakir says Mohit, I hope you are saying the truth.

Sandhya tells Sooraj that she is worried for Mohit as that man is using Mohit. Sooraj asks do you mean he is in big problem. Sandhya says yes. Sooraj gets worried and looks at Mohit. Zakir asks Lohya to find out how much time more will it take. Lodhi comes and says we found out at the address, but there is no on by that name. Mohit is shocked and says what are you saying. Lodhi says when we checked the house, we got Mohit’s clothes and documents. He brings some men with him. They speak against Mohot and recognize him.

Mohit says I also know them, so whats big thing in this, my brother Vineet used to give them money. The men say we did not see Vineet with you, he is lying. Mohit is shocked. Zakir asks do you have to say anything. Mohit says Sandhya trust me, I don’t know why are they saying this, I stayed with Vineet, he took care of my expenses. I don’t know, Sooraj please trust me. You have seen me since childhood, you know I can’t do this. Mohit says I m jobless, tell me how will I buy the bike. Zakir says yes you are right, I was also thinking this.

Zakir says how can you manage expenses being jobless, how did this happen, why did Vineet pay you. Mohit is tensed. Sooraj says I know I don’t have right to speak, but Mohit is young, he does not know how to talk, I know him since childhood, he can’t do anything wrong. Zakir says I understand your feelings, but law does not, he is a criminal in law’s eyes, but any relative. Zakir arrests Mohit and asks Lohya to put him in lockup and prepare papers against him. Mohit and Sooraj are shocked. Sandhya gets worried. Mohit sayas wait, Sooraj trust me, I did not steal. I did not do anything Sandhya Bhabhi, tell them.

He says I swear on Pari, I did not do this, I swear on Bhabho, I did not steal. Sooraj tells Sandhya did you hear he can’t swear fake. Sooraj asks Sandhya to save Mohit. Mohit and Sooraj cry. Sooraj asks Sandhya to do anything. Sandhya says I can’t help you going against law. She says I can’t stop you from getting arrested. Zakir looks at Sandhya. She says I will get you bailed out and free you. Sooraj says yes, this is right. Zakir says sorry Sandhya, his bail can’t happen. Sandhya asks why, its not non bailable crime. Zakir says court is shut for two days.

Zakir asks Lohya to take Mohit with him. Mohit asks Sooraj to help and trust him. Lohya takes Mohit to the lockup. Mohit asks Sooraj to believe him he did not do this crime. He requests Sandhya to save him. Sooraj and Sandhya stand helpless.

Sooraj tells Bhabho that Mohit is caught in bike stealing case and he is in lockup. Everyone is shocked. Zakir calls Sandhya. She says I m coming to police station now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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