Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th July 2013 Written Update

Sandy is dressing up. Suraj comes in having bath. He tells that it is not that easy to become IPs & one shd have good thinking & also compares the test in the form of Ambulance. He adds that these knowledge never comes from reading books & it depends on one’s character & while speaking combs his hair wrongly. Sandy laughs at him & shows him & makes him sit & combs his hair. Chotu enters & stares at them. SurYa have an eyelock. Chotu smiles. Sandy tells that he is good in either way. Suraj tells that he was afraid when they denied allowing her. What wd they answer bhabo. Sandy tells that it was his help which made ambulance leave the place or else she wd have failed in that.
Chotu bechara scratches his head. He enters & asks sandy

whether she can comb his hair too. Suraj gets back his comb & tells that he will get his hair rough again while playing. Chotu makes excuse telling that he has nothing to do now. Suraj asks him to read. Chotu tells that he has already studied. Asks him why can’t he tell straightaway that he doesn’t want sandy to… Suraj shuts him up. Chotu leaves but stops & asks what if he doesn’t go… Suraj asks him to go. Chotu tells sandy that suraj has a surprise for her & leaves..

Suraj gives the box to sandy telling that chotu has become naughty these days & Sandy replies that some one else is getting naughtier … Sandy opens the box & asks him when he made the cake. Suraj replies tha he made the last night & also he had full faith that she would win. Surya feed each other the cake.

Meena thinks that she must take one photo with the baby girl if she wants to participate in the competition. She wonders how to do.. Sandy helps emily & bhabo gives some medicine to babasa for his stomach ache.. Babasa asks ems to give some water. Ems gives that. Babasa finds some keys on the floor. Bhabo tells that it is dhaisa’s keys. Bhabo plays with kanha. Meena feels jealous as SanLy work together making puri.. She decides to make some kaand. Meena tells bhabo that she must nazar uthaar for these ladies for their unity. Meena mocks ems saying that sandy helped her or else she would have returned empty handed on the first day. Emily is not happy.


Meena tells ems that she is in RM only because of Sandy who helped her in the village & ask her to follow sandy to win the competition. Bhabo asks her to shut up & tells that there is no need for anyone… Everyone is equal in the house & everyone leads one after the other. Adds that She came as income tax officer & made her shut mouth. Emily remembers the scene where she taunted her for her behaviour with sandy. Bhabo praises her saying that she fought for her rights with her legal notice & made mohit shut his mouth. Adds that she came to the village to fight for her baby. Sandy listens to everything. Bhabo tells that she fights for her own. Adds that if one is lion another is tigress. Meena tells self that she said well.

Some one announce on the street about polio drops being given to babies. Meena rushes to bhabo & tells bhabo that she will take kanha & Meera to the polio drops centre. Bhabo feels happy as she has started thinking about others kids too. Asks her to take vikram along with her. Meena tells that she has informed sudha already & she is on the way. bhabo nods.


Meena leave with the two babies along with sudha. She asks her why she is spending money on her. Meena tells that she is doing all these to win the competition.
SanLy reading in their respective balcony. Suraj come sin calling out sandy’s name. Bhabo asks him what happened. Sandy asks him too. Suraj tells that DSP called him & said that there is a programme at 4 PM & asks her to take care abt this. Bhabo tells him that the programme is only at 4 pm & now it is only 2 .. Adds that he could have come after taking out jalebis & mocks saying he has made his face ugly with the flour too & helps him wash his face.. Emily asks sandy about the programme. Sandy asks her to come too. Emily smiles. Th power goes off. Bhabo is not happy.

Precap: Emily looks at the time & finds the keys of Dhaisa’s house & takes it to watch the programme. She leaves but sandy stops her from balcony & she quickly hides the keys.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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