Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th January 2013 Written Update

In Rathi House, Chaturi found a packet from Mohit’s bag, Chavi on opening it found a cake, asks Mohit if he went for meeting how come a cake is in his bag, Mohit says his boss gifted him (obviously as Emily is his boss ) and Bhabasa and Chavi starts fghting to get a larger share of cake

Meena enjoying chaat outside house in a roadside stall, and says that now Jethani Ji is roaming with her hubby and she is rotting at home, all because of Bhabo, and all this will soon change, and she will make her next move soon, and only hopes and prays to God that she gets son as first child to impress Bhabo.
Ankur appears on scene and seem to be searching for an address

Meena too enters the clinic and got shocked on seeing Ankur in the clinic waiting patiently.
She hid herself, and soon Ankur got a call and went inside.
Seems like he applied for job, the Vaid Rani Ji got impressed by seeing his CV and that he has worked overseas too gladly offers the job of setting up a good website for them and maintaining it properly She further stresses that the website has to be eye-catchy and attractive

Ankur got suspicious after learning about the herbal items and the promise of giving male child to customers, he goes through their product file, and says the herbal products doesn’t guarantee a male son, it is cheating and moreover these kinds of acts are unlawful

Ankur also says his first child is a female baby and he is proud of this fact, and he won’t work in such a fraud institution, and takes his CV and goes out from there.
Meena enters and tries to know from Vaid Rani Ji as to why Ankur was here

Ankur didn’t get to see Meena as she was standing beside a wall, and Meena tries to guess the reason of Ankur’s coming, says he must have come to get a male child here as he has a female baby, and Vaid Rani Ji and her assistant nods their head, says he came for that purpose only

In Rathi house, Bhabo stops Bhabasa from eating the cake when it was just before his mouth, asks Chaturi to throw the cake away, Mohit says it is a different cake (fruit cake) and so no harm in eating, but Bhabo doesn’t agree, says there are different types f animals but animals are animals only, and says there are cultural differences between us and so we shouldn’t eat the cake regardless of its make Chaturi was about to throw the cake off when Chavi took a part of it, and Bhabo asks Chavi to throw that too Bhabasa says to Chavi that they will eat halwa and asks Bhabo to make Moong ka halwa

SurYa shares a cake and feeds each other, discusses about different types of festivities, Sandhya says each festivities has its own style and own way of celebration, Suraj says but one thing is common in all the festivals and that is happiness.

Suraj stresses on the fact that like Emily’s mother gave them the cake but he can sense the same sweetness in the cake as he gets to enjoy in Bhabo’s laddoos
Sandhya smiles, says now he told something like a true Halwai and they share a light-hearted banter

Meena was selling sari in shop and saying to Vikram that even Ankur now went to the clinic to get a son of choice and says she might be uneducated but now educated people like Ankur Ji is also going to Vaid Rani Ji’s clinic and asks Vikram to stop doubting on Vaid Rani Ji’s abilities

A rally comes near the shop demanding women’s rights, someone getting paraded with black face and pallu, Meena joins the rally too but found that Vaid Rani Ji is getting paraded in that fashion by Women’s Right Committee

SurYa went to college but found no one there, college is deserted, Suraj sees rats, Sandhya too sees, and pinches Suraj in foot, says rat bit him, and they joke and share banter, but sees the presence of rats everywhere in the area

SurYa try to trace the source of all the rats and found large sacks of chana (grams) in the vicinity due to which the rats are in so huge number. Suraj wonders how come a large quantity of chana is lying in the area unused.

Precap–> A large posse of cars (about 10-12) comes and someone gets down from a car.

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