Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arzoo getting angry as she had to leave her haldi midway. Arzoo argues and asks does anyone get bride from haldi, are you saying as we are from Pakistan. Resham calms Arzoo. Arzoo says its my marriage today, and you called me here, does anyone do that…. Bhabho hears Arzoo shouting and asks Sandhya did any girl come from Pakistan from marriage. Sandhya says yes, she has come here for the rules to do formalities, as she has come from another country. Arzoo says I m sorry, my mood got spoiled as I had to come leaving haldi. The lady constable says I understand. Arzoo says you are sweet, that officer who called me was rude.

Sandhya asks Bhabho does she want to see that girl. Bhabho refuses and asks is this possible to get Pakistani bride for our guys. Sandhya

says yes, some formalities are there. Bhabho says what are you saying, we can’t imagine doing this, the girl will be totally different. Sandhya gives her and Emily’s examples, they adjusted well and its true time is needed to win trust and hearts, but love makes everything possible. Bhabho says yes, our thinking won’t match, tell me how much time more, we have to reach for Arzoo’s haldi. Sandhya says 2mins. Awasthi apologizes to Resham and asks them to go, as formalities are over. Resham says its fine. Awasthi gets some gifts and says congrats for marriage, this small gift from our department. Sandhya and Bhabho leave. Arzoo thanks Awasthi and asks him to come in her marriage, along with his staff. He says I will try.

Sandhya and Bhabho walk by Arzoo and Resham and do not see them. Constable stops Sandhya. Sandhya and Bhabho turn behind. Arzoo and Resham leave.

Rathi family is on the way. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to be careful and not make this shagun items fall. Meenakshi says I m fine, items are also okay. Sandhya asks Sooraj did he get gift for Arzoo. Sooraj says no, I thought you will get it. He says it means we did not get gift. Meenakshi says diya baati should get time off romance. Sooraj asks driver to take them to market. Sandhya says no need, gift will come, and shows amazon app. Bhabho asks how did shop came in mobile. Sandhya tells more about app. Bhabho likes it, and says its simple. Sandhya says I ordered Arzoo’s gift on amazon. Bhabho asks Sooraj for envelop to keep nek. Meenakshi says Bhabho will give big nek. Bhabho says yes, you told me to get my choice bahu, its last marriage of this generation, I will give good nek. Meenakshi tries to see. Bhabho asks will you see now. The car stops.

Bhabho sends Meenakshi and asks Sooraj to keep this envelop with items. Sandhya says I think its empty envelop, you forgot to keep money. Bhabho says I did not forget, I kept this intentionally, when I came to give you nek, and gave you empty jewelry potli, how you saved our respect by smartness. FB shows Sandhya thinking when everyone ask Sandhya to show the potli. Meenakshi says its empty potli. A lady tells Bhabho to see what the bahu does. Bhabho says that day I got to know, I chose right girl for Sooraj, you saved inlaws respect infront of Maayka, that day mistake was done unintentionally. Today same mistake will show whether Arzoo is suitable for Chotu. Sandhya says sorry, but I don’t think tests in relations are good, why to compare two people by same thing.

Bhabho says Chotu is also like Sooraj for me, I care for him, Chotu got cheated by his relations, the girl who is going to support him forever, we have to know is she suitable for Chotu or not. Sandhya says yes, but if Arzoo… Sooraj says leave it Sandhya, elders have their own way, let Bhabho do this if she wants, she is thinking for Chotu’s good.

Resham and Mahek welcome Bhabho, and say Arzoo’s friend is now fine. Bhabho sees Arzoo. Everyone get glad meeting Arzoo. Mahek thinks Rathi family will not know Arzoo’s Mushtandi truth sitting in this floral swing, just her face will be seen, its all my idea. Bhabho gives the shagun and haldi items. She applies haldi to Arzoo. Bhabho compliments Arzoo. Resham says now she is your daughter. Mahek thinks they just show face, so saying this, thanks to me who have hidden her truth. Bhabho blesses Arzoo.

Sandhya introduces herself and applies haldi. She says sorry, we could not pick you from station. Arzoo says its fine, I did not have problem reaching here. Sooraj hears her. Meenakshi applies haldi to Arzoo. Sandhya says Sooraj ji, Arzoo is very beautiful, our Chotu is really lucky, you are thinking the same right. Sooraj says I met Arzoo before.

Sooraj looks at Arzoo… Sandhya walks away. Sooraj stops Sandhya…

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s a wonderful scene to see our police being so hospitable to offer gifts to their clients.

  2. What’s this bakwas? Please end this track soon. Now it’s getting irritating like Mohit’s Murder track.
    Episode just okay. Not so good like MISSION MAHABALI episodes.

  3. Plz let the marriage Happen

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