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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankur apologizing to Bhabho and Babasa for their house division happening because of him. Babasa says no, we are thankful to you for showing us the truth of our sons, its good to show elder’s mistakes sometimes, and we got saved from big loss. Sandhya and Ankita bring snacks. Ankur tells everyone that he wants to send all of them to resort. Bhabho says Chavi and Chotu will be left alone. Ankur says you can take them along, don’t say no, please keep my respect and go. Bhabho says how can we say no now and they agree. Ankur thanks them.

Babasa says doctor also told that Bhabho need a change and rest, but you made it possible to make her agree. Sooraj asks Ankur about Sandhya, how will she get leave from office, she will have duty in some days. Ankur says looks

like Sandhya did not tell you. Sandhya says yes, I forgot to tell you all that I took 15 days leave to spend time with family. Bhabho says you did good. Bulbul shows toy to Ankur and tea falls on him. She says sorry. Sandhya takes him to clean his clothes.

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She asks why did he book resort. Ankur says it was needed from my side, you don’t agree to me, this time don’t say no, Sooraj feels I m annoyed with him, I wanted you both to be happy, I wanted him to make him realize his mistake, I don’t have any bitterness from him, h does not know I m annoyed with you, you know the reason. Sooraj hears this and thinks what has Sandhya done.

Bulbul says she is having fun with Misri and Pari, can she stay here. Ankur says Bua is going on holiday. Sandhya says let her be here. Ankur gives her permission and asks Sandhya to take care. Bhabho and Babasa pack bags and they are excited to go. She says Sandhya did good to take leave, Sooraj and Sandhya will be happy. Babasa says yes, I will do the work, you sit and rest. She says I won’t like you to do any work. He says give me a chance to work, I got lazy.

They see the medicines and have a sweet scene. He jokes in medicines and makes her smile. Sandhya packs the bag. Sooraj comes to her. She says she has seen many changes and she dislikes as he is wearing his old clothes, and not what she gave him. He says when Bhabho made me realize my mistake, I was broken from within, and my conscience was asking me to admit my mistake, I was feeling weak and helpless. He says Bhabho told me one thing, that why does a woman has to sacrifice always, I realized my mistake and felt bad to hurt you, and decided not to wear the clothes you gifted me.

She hugs him and says we are together, you got my back home, I like you in those clothes, it will remind me that we got ahead by that bad time. Sooraj says he heard Ankur saying he is annoyed with her, what is the matter, is she hiding anything. She says siblings have some small fights and its bad to hear anyone’s talks by hiding, help me in packing. He smiles and helps her. He sees a different bag and asks hr why two bags. He says I understood, your mind has some plan to remarry. He says I like your way to surprise me.

Bulbul comes and asks shall I sleep here. Sandhya smiles and says yes, sleep with your Bua today. Babasa and Bhabho talk to Chotu and like him in new clothes gifted by Sandhya. Meenakshi gets angry and says she won’t let them go if they won’t take her.

Sooraj tries to take extra room for him and Sandhya, and Sandhya wants to avoid the same room thing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. This week never happen. Because next saturday DABH
      will not air.

    2. But what will happen once kidney secret is revealed?

  1. nice episode, i like this very much. its real diya aur baati

    1. Valentines day special program.
      After 9 pm , I think all shows will not air.

  2. bt guys valentine day program is on 15th right.then sure saturday the show will be there.i hope wt iam saying is right.and about today show superad brother ankur ne.angry with her sister phir bhi cares her a lot and love her so much.that so nice of ankur.and suraj and sandy ka scene is also superb.kya jawab thi suraj ne to sandy for nt wearing the mordern clothes.i wish kidney wala drama jaldi se finish hoga and we can c some good suraj and sandy.

  3. Valentines day programme on Sunday

  4. Everyone gone to Resorts except Vikram and Mohit family. So definitely Meenakshi will do something because her attitude never make her sit idle…. Probably somehow it will link to Kidney matter to create some drama.. 🙂

    1. She will convince Vikram and Mohit to sell the house if the power of attorney paper is not being destroyed.

  5. to drag kidney drama another “Drama” came to picture……….. i hope this Resorts drama, will clear the kidney drama.

  6. bhabhu u r so cute….u r rocked day by day…u and babasa also look like good……..bhabhu don’t forget the jewels..meena try to sell the house but sandhya won’t allow it ….wait to watch bhabhu and sooraj emotional reaction when they comes to know about the seceret……in my life i want to see baabhu atleast one time …this s my wish…i love u bhabhu………..

  7. love you sandhya…. suraj…..bhabhoo…….your actions are superb….. i think how can u act like this before cameras??????????????????/

  8. A 5 days hijack drama is told by more than 1 month.So this kidney drama will take @least 3 more months.We have 2 wait until then.

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