Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj recalling how Sandhya called him whe he was at PCO. Sooraj hears Bhabho saying Lalima reached and asked Sandhya to call Sooraj home soon. He was glad hearing that and told Sandhya that he is on the way. He then calls police station from PCO. FB ends. Sooraj tells Sandhya that I know what you are thinking, I know you will not ask me, I will tell you everything. He says Sandhya…. I lied to you, not once, but 100 times. I gave Mohit’s murder news at police station. Sandhya gets shocked and cries.

She asks about fire in telephone exchange. He says yes, I have done all that. I will answer every question and tell the truth, not because you are police officer, but because you are my wife and have right to know truth, I m tired of lying, I can’t bear more,

I will tell you everything, but not here, at my shop, come. He takes her, leaving the tiffin at the temple.

Emily cries seeing Mohit’s pic and says there was nothing left in our relation, the truth is you gave me beautiful gift of my life, Pari, I felt Pari killed Mohit, but after knowing the truth, its clear you were not bad for Pari, I was grief for your death. She cries.

Satya asks the man to recall how did that man look who fired the telephone exchange. The man says I did not see his face, that guy collided and went. Satya says just recall, this is important. Satya thinks that guy is related to the culprit, this case can go to CBI if not solved on time. The man says that guy was tall and healthy, he worn kurta pyjama, he was covered by shawl, his left hand had a torch, I have seen the fire and nothing else. Satya thinks torch was in left hand, so it means person working by left hand, who is such in Rathi family.

Sandhya thinks of Sooraj’s words and goes to the shop with him. Sooraj asks Chotu to leave, and shuts the shop. He asks Sandhya to sit. He asks will she have water… she signs no. he says when Satyadev interrogated me in police station, I have seen in your eyes that you read my eyes and knew I was lying, what to do, its Diya and Baati. He ties her and she sits shocked. He says I know you will be worried, but I m helpless. He ties her hands. She cries and does not defend. He ties her legs and says we know each other well, we know when we are lying, time makes person do what he does not want, if possible, forgive me. He takes her phone and leaves from the shop, being teary eyed. He locks the shutter and sits crying.

Lokesh starts packing the bags and asks Lalima to go away for few days. He asks her to hide this truth, they don’t have any option. He thinks of Sandhya. He thinks he can get punished, but not let Lalima involved in this matter. She says fine, I will go and not let this truth come infront of Sandhya, but if I run away, everyone will question you in morning. He says yes, I have thought everything and makes excuse that you went to village. He keeps money in her purse and takes her. They come out of Rathi house. Sooraj goes home.

Satya calls Sandhya and says what happened to her, why is she not answering my call. He calls again and wonders if she is in any problem, as she always took his call.

Bhabho asks Sooraj about Sandhya. Satya lifts the shutter of the shop and sees Sandhya. Family gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In the earlier sectors of DABH there were some interesting incidents like the detection of the fake swamiji the apprehension of the terrorist RK etc that befell when Sandya was an ordinary woman.After she became a police officer there were such ludicrous burlesque such as the hijack drama kidney drama chutney drama and incomprehensible and irrational Karjana drama. Now we can add with this list this whodunit drama thus resulting in listlessness and impatience of the viewers.

    1. garjana drama sirr 🙂 and plss translation of your comment plss 🙂

      1. Dear Richa, I don’t know Hindi. If you want a complete translation of my comments you shall better copy and paste it in Google Translate web page. You’ll be able to obtain a translation. I have sent a copy of this message to Deepika Singh on face book so that she may consult about this with her producer and director.

    2. Sir she meant ‘translation in easy English; as we usually do in Shakespeare’s poetry to understand it fully’ ??

  2. i am having an intution that sandy willlllreally go into trauma and a lil more drrrragingg

  3. hai jeyam sir….i deactivated my fb account .. i was spending tooooo much of time in fb n i scared that it wud spoil my studies thats y i deactivated..

  4. spoilerss r fyn butttttttt i didntget hw will sandy free him but i think loolima and lookesh hava big part inthe murderrr

  5. Diya aur baati hum no meaning, because of this story line. Please end this track shortly. Its not fare

  6. First part very nice but this second part (After 6 years leap) very irritating and no meaning today till

  7. Shocking Episode as well as its now clear that Sooraj is taking blame of Lalima’s crime.
    Hope all problems will be solved soon and Diya & Baati will be happy as earlier.

  8. Nice episode…

  9. Hmmm i think that the culprit is Bhabho…..They are streching five minutes scene into 20 mins….. i love Lalima’s role.

  10. Sandhya will bring Sooraj out of this. And Bhabho is not the murderer, could be Lalima,

  11. this is 4 sweet missing commenters
    😡 better come back to your old names or else… 👿
    well i can recognise u alll 4m ur cmmnt style kitna b change karooo i m cid i will catch u 👿

    1. What about me ? I used my two other ID’s as well ? Can you guess Miss CID ?
      And yes agreed @JAyam Sr. Comments are far superior! It helps the students of literature to understand the charecterization and plot of a drama , story or novel.??

  12. Good to see such quality comments in this column…@jeyam..

  13. Catch me then Richa

    1. onlyy 1 person soo crazzyyy with kraazzy comments 😛 lemme guesssss darth vader or that pagla orrrr nywayss cmmnt moree i will make the appropriate guess crazy crazy? ?? ? ? ? ✊ ✌️ ? ✋ ?

      1. Hahaha! Wrong guess..
        Btwn I was just kidding
        I m new here…
        CID failed!

  14. Oky 1st week -Lokesh
    2nd weej- enily
    3rd+4th week – sooraj
    Next kon???

  15. Maybe lalima or.????????

  16. Bhobo is th murder

  17. Suraj cannot be a urderer to justify the title “Diya aur Baati Hum”. If Suraj is a murderer, then the title would be Diya aur Baati Gum (sorrow) not Hum’

    Bhabho, Pari or Emily cannot be murderers, since the whole show would be considered flop. There won’t be any moral lessons to be learned from this show.

    Only choice is now Lalima/Lokesh or some money lender to Mohitor just accidental death in fighting.

    There is still a great suspens about Zakir’s absence!

    The show should end happily.

  18. Hey bhagwan jaldi se ye mohit kand khtm karo im bor
    ……>:)>:)>:)>:):,(:,(:,(\m/(~)(~):8):8):8)SANDHAYA THIS IS FOR [email protected]):[email protected]):-<3<3<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)@):-<[email protected]):-*-:@):-<[email protected]):-<3)-|)-|<:o)(g)(g)(g)

  19. I i think lalima will get caught by meenakshi n sooraj might be on the run

  20. mohit try to drag lalima near well so her dress damaged…and bhabho and sooraj know that lalima missing in her engagement so they came near well and sooraj hit mohit to save lalima…. by hitting mohit his blood is on kurta…

  21. I think its something to do with lalima and sooraj, maybe she got raped or down that line by mogit and they are all trying to cover the truth because its IZZAT KA SAWAL lol, anyways this drama sucks, when they open shutter that misserable sandhya wont be there its just a way for viewers to come back and waste their time over and over again

  22. How come no one is suspecting babasa? or vikram?

    1. I suspected babasa but none agreed to me ? About vikram he’s another useless person! Only juru ka ghulaam. He can’t do a murder ?

  23. This is really insults police and government. How can they give justice for fake arguments

  24. Hmmm…… Cid ko km mat samjho ok cid iz v clevr nywaz7 thi7 cid drama is far more btr thn this ms useless death drama 😛
    @ jeyam sis i didnt mean hindi tsanslation
    Rami cid ko gumrah mat kro

    1. Nahi mere behna! I did use my friends ID cuz I ran off al my free internet minutes and I love DABH veryyy much; so I requested them to please le’me use ther internet! ?
      Where’re other dabhians [email protected] varsha @ Anu and @ ns4 . They used to give us veryyy good cmnts about the show and DABH rockzzzz ??

  25. Sry 4 mistake itz jeeyam sir

  26. Hy rami cid ka phla swaal h ki kya sach me tum ne 2 acnt se cmnt kia?¿

  27. But sooraj’s flashback not showing sooraj kill mohit. only showing changing kurta

  28. heyyy guyss the new promoo showss sooraj going to b hanged wat u say abt it…..

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