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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi saying I have sent Misri to hell. She cries. Misri shouts for help. She sees many girls there, who are wounded and crying. Shilpi slaps Misri and asks her to shut up. She hurts Misri and says we won’t get affected if you shout, all you girls will do what I say, no one will come to save you. Misri says you don’t know my Tai ji, she is big police officer, when she knows about me, she won’t leave you. Shilpi says no police officer could harm us, bad phase of your life started today, you can’t even think of it, this pain won’t end ever, shout now. Misri cries. Shilpi asks the man to keep an eye on Misri, she is from police officer’s house. Misri gets her phone. Shilpi breaks it and leaves with the men.

Bhabho scolds Meenakshi and asks are you

mother or enemy, you lied and sent daughter to hell, Misri has to pay for this mistake, don’t know what will happen to her, no family member will forgive you for this mistake. Meenakshi cries and says punish me Bhabho. Vikram scolds Meenakshi and asks her to leave from this house. He drags Meenakshi outside. Meenakshi calls out Babasa. Sooraj comes and stops Vikram.

Sooraj asks Vikram did he go mad, why is he making Meenakshi leave, she did mistake, but not intentionally, she is not just your wife, but Misri’s mum too. Vikram says mother can’t be like her, she stained the word mother. Sooraj says your anger is justified, but recall Misri’s words. Vikram recalls Misri’s words. Sooraj makes Meenakshi sit. He asks Bhabho to say anything. Vikram cries. Sooraj says our daughter is stuck in big problem, we should think of Misri than counting Meenakshi’s mistake, we all have to stay united, Meenakshi is Misri’s mum, she is crying as she is worried for Misri.

He asks Meenakshi not to worry, we all will find Misri, we will help Sandhya. Meenakshi says I will do anything to help Sandhya. He asks about Shilpi. Meenakshi says I don’t remember, that woman was very clever, I remember the car number in which she took Misri. Sooraj says I will inform Sandhya. Meenakshi tells the number. Sooraj calls Sandhya and gives the car number. Meenakshi prays for Misri.

Sandhya asks Arpita to get car details fast, send all officers inside for meeting. Sandhya gives Shilpi’s sketch and says I want this woman soon, hurry up, paste this sketch at every lane and signal. She tells officers that this racket is kidnapping girls by smart plans, I want all missing complains of girls. Arpita asks them to track the car.

Misri cries and recalls Meenakshi, Vikram and everyone. She gets laddoos which Meenakshi kept for her in her bag. Arpita says I spoke to Mansi, she said Shilpi takes girls to Makrand, they keep auctions to sell the girls, Mansi said Makrand has big contacts. Sandhya says one who is supporting criminal is also a criminal, I will catch Makrand and I promise none can help him then.

Shilpi comes to the girls and gives them clothes. She gives a dupatta to Misri and praises her beauty. She says you all will know your right place today. She asks them to get ready, else she will beat them. Misri thinks whats going to happen today. All the girls cry. Misri asks them not to cry, my Tai ji is big police officer, she will come to save us, trust me. The girl asks why are you giving false hope. Misri says you don’t know my Tai ji, just pray she knows about us and she comes to save us. The girl asks will she free us. Misri says yes. A girl sees the broken phone and fixes it. Misri says its broken, nothing will happen. The lady starts the phone and gives to Misri, asking her to try once. Misri calls Sandhya.

Sandhya asks Arpita about info. Arpita says they will inform us if they find anything. Sandhya gets Misri’s call and asks where are you. Misri says please save us, they are very bad. Sandhya asks where are you. Misri says I don’t know where I m, I m locked in some dark room, they fainted me and tied cloth to my eyes when they got me here, Shilpi said we will know our price today, I m scared, save us. Sandhya thinks Mansi said about auction, maybe they are doing that. She worries.

Misri says all girls are scared, save us. Sandhya says don’t lose courage, tell them to be strong, tell me whats close to that place. Misri says there is no window here. Sandhya asks is there any sound. Misri says no, I got bad smell like chemicals when I was brought here, there was much smoke. Sandhya says tell me more, did you see anything on the way, when did you reach there. Misri says the way duration was 3.5 hours. The phone gets switched off. Sandhya calls back and says phone is not reachable, maybe network went, nothing will happen to Misri.

Shilpi makes all the girls ready in sarees. Sandhya, Arpita and everyone reach the place, and does not find anyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow! Becoming more and more interesting day by day.Hats Off DABH team.Great job.Awesome thrilling track.
    But please end this track @ the earliest.Plz don’t drag this track unnecessarily like that stupid flight hijack drama.We want this track to end soon.Even though the track is thrilling it’s better you end the track soon.Else a great track will turn to a stupid irritating boring bakwas track.Plz don’t do so.End the track soon.If possible end this track within the very next 7-10 episodes.Plzzz.It’s a humble request.

    1. lol AD do u think they are going to listen to you

      1. Dabh’s makers are very kindddd! They always listen to its viewers requests and they’ll surly listen toys as well!! Fingers crossed✌?️

      2. But the serial is ending on August 11th right? So they have to end this

    2. The serial is not ending in August it got one month extension and after that would be season 2 of DABH with new leads and some existing characters

      1. But will Sandhya(Deepika Singh) and Sooraj(Anas Rashid) be the lead role. If they dont play the part of dabh’s season 2, the film wouldnt attract viewers
        and if the productions dont keep Deepika and Anas with us, i wont support the film and even i will hate it. Hope they will see the comment. What do you think Danny and everyone?

    3. do you know anything about ss2 of dabh?
      And are you sure ”Deepika and Anas wont be part of ss2” the truth
      And i dont think so

  2. I think misri will leave something behind so sandhya n arpita could get a clue to find out where they are going

  3. Sandya will find out the culprits and save Misri. I am sorry for her who has a stupid mother. And nothing is known about Aarzoo, Ved etc.

  4. Good episode. Hope DABH will be better day by day. Come on Deepika and Anas

  5. the productions are so stupid when they decide that Deepika and Anas wont be part of season 2. they can change the others, but not the main characters
    Love Sandhya and Sooraj(Deepika Singh and Anas)

  6. Definitely without Anas and Deepika DABH is nothing. Episode was super very very interesting day by day.

  7. As the show will go off air on 11th September,I think they won’t drag the track for so long.

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