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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj talking to Sandhya. The man kidnaps Sandhya and pushes Sooraj with a hit. He lifts Sandhya and runs away. Sooraj holds his head and takes car’s pic. The car leaves. The kids tease Ved and call his mother a villain. Ved says my mom is not villain. The boy asks him to see tv, everyone is protesting against Sandhya. Dev says my mumma is my hero and fights with the boy. The man asks Bhabho to see Ved fighting. Bhabho stops Ved and asks why are you fighting. Ved says the boy is saying wrong about Sandhya. Bhabho scolds the boy. Daisa tells Bhabho that everyone is talking about Sandhya, she misused her power.

Bhabho asks what did she do. The man says Sandhya shot an innocent girl, she accepted that Arzoo is not a terrorist. Kakisa says Sandhya did big things

till now, but Arzoo has blown off townhall fire and saved our life, Sandhya was given credit. The man says everyone is saying wrong about Sandhya and insulting her now. Ved says my mumma is not wrong. Resham comes and asks them to stop humiliating anyone, you have praised Sandhya and I have heard people asking children to become like Sandhya, you know Sandhya, you are her neighbors, she did a lot for you all, she did much for her country and duty, she did a mistake and you all changed. She hugs Ved and cries. She says your mumma is hero, its no mistake to do mistake, but hiding a mistake is a big mistake, your mumma has accepted her mistake, will anyone here accept their mistake, but they know to point out other’s mistake. Ved cries and says we love Arzoo, we will pray for her, she will be fine. Resham says yes, and hugs him. Resham looks at Bhabho.

Sooraj goes to commissioner and says Sandhya is kidnapped. Commissioner asks what and is shocked. Sooraj says someone is her enemy, I want Sandhya back soon, who is behind this. Commissioner says whoever it is, can’t be saved, I understand your worry, how did this happen. Sooraj says I was waiting outside, a man kidnapped her and pushed me on ground, I tried to catch the man, but he went away, I took pic of his car’s number. Commissioner asks did you see that man before. Sooraj says no, he has hidden his face with cloth. Commissioner says we will find Sandhya soon.

Bhabho sits alone on the stairs. Resham goes to her. She apologizes to her and says I did mistake, I could not bear Arzoo’s state and insulted Sandhya a lot, I even slapped her, but Sandhya has give good result of the bad I did, if she wanted, she could behave anyway, she proved hatred can’t win hatred, till hatred ends in heart, love seed can’t grow. Bhabho says Sandhya did her duty, but what did she get, she is tigress, she always made us proud, and today everyone is ruining her name, there is no honor of all the respect and name she earned, one mistake ruined everything. She cries.

Commissioner asks the staff to check all cars and trace Sandhya’s phone. Sooraj says I have her phone, hurry up. What will I answer at home, how will be my Sandhya? Commssioner says relax, you did good to note down the car number, we will reach Sandhya soon.

Bhabho says Pakistani girl is responsible for all this, that’s why I was scared of Pakistan’s name, I told them not to get anything from me from Pakistan, but Pakistani Arzoo came in my house and ruined the peace. Resham says its not about Pak and India, its about right and wrong, its not Arzoo’s mistake that she is Pakistani, you can’t punish entire country for few people mistake, what is this justice. Bhabho folds hands and goes.

Police tries finding Sandhya. Sooraj worries. Emily sees Om disturbed in sleep. She goes and holds him saying Om. He wakes up and says Purvi….. she gives him water. He takes out wine bottle. She asks him to drink using glass. He takes the glasss. She asks him are you drinking for the first time. He asks does this matter to you. He says it matters as he is Maasa’s grandson, Sparsh’s father and Chandni’s brother. She asks him to get his anger out, maybe he can find peace then.

The assistant informs Puru that Sandhya is kidnapped, she said truth, and city has become her enemy, her honesty and hardwork became her enemy, we should celebrate. Puru scolds his assistant. He asks him to do anything but free Sandhya from that kidnapper. Commissioner and Sooraj and are on the way. Commissioner says if case is sensitive, we should handle it well, I told Sandhya not to tell truth, but she did not agree and told media, what happened, the city is against her today.

Arzoo’s heartbeat stops. Resham and Bhabho get shocked and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sandya had been the target for all terrorists and politician. And we couldn’t help but cry over the unfortunate situation. The subplot of Emily is simply a floccinaucinihlipilification.

  2. The scene shown @ the end for last few episodes is not precap. But it’s new promo.
    I’m happy that at least this time whole RATHI family is supporting SANDHYA for being sincere & accepting mistake. Happy for SANDHYA as at least her family is with her.Even RESHAM dadi is supporting SANDHYA.
    Whoever is against SANDHYA,no problem.
    Her family is with her. Now no one can defeat SANDHYA.

    But end this track soon please.
    Today’s episode is superb. RESHAM Rockzzzz. Ved superb.

      End this track before May 1st weekend.
      Please end this track sooooooon……….

  3. Infact who is this puru? Any body plz tell me. And what is his enimity against san?

    1. Puru is a stupid politician and became enemy of sandya when she told truth infront of the media!
      I think he wanted to increase his vote bank by this arzoo terrorist drama! But sandy ruined it by saying arzoo is innocent and she saved many lives in the town hall!!

  4. What are they trying to prove in this track. Sandhya admitted she made a mistake, why not end this track? What does the minister want to show now?

  5. Meaningless episode without any progress, same precap for almost 3 days ?
    Bhabo’s story should be revealed sooner that why she hates Pakistan!
    Arzooz’s illness is prolonged, she should have come out of comma by now!! It’s too irritating.

  6. The word ‘mistake ‘is used too many times in today’s episode and cmnts!!? See paragraph no2 , 5 lines are started with this word!
    Directer’s biggest mistake to choose this stupid plot for this awesome show!!

  7. Why Emily married Om..? What happened to Zakir..? Zakir loved Emily..dey can be married rite ? But the director is dragging the track by adding new characters..please for God sake end dis track soon..

    1. Yeah u r right @Riya…… But emily don’t like zakir…and don’t want to marry anyone… So that’s what is this stupid drama with emily 2nd marriage…draggingggg irritating

  8. Don’t understand what’s with DABH writer’s and director doing with the show……
    Unnecessary tracks and especially ruined entire DABH show with new characters

  9. Correct me if i am wrong , but i think they have shown Sandhyas face along whit Resham and Babhoo in the first precap of Arzzoos getting critical , so they probably have to find Sandhya before this happens and i hope its going to be in todays episode . It becomes stuped to show the same thing as a precap so many times
    And poor Emily… thats why she is not in front whit everybody else in the picture of this season The whole show they gave almost nothing but sorrow to her ,by the way she looked beautiful as a bride at the door of a Rathy house

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