Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj telling he has given Vansh to Ankur. He asks Ankur that this step of restraining them is not required. Ved becomes Halwai on fancy dress and talks innocently that he brings sweetness in everyone’s life. Everyone start laughing on him. Vansh says Jalebi man, why did he become Halwai, and make fun of him. They ask is his idol a halwai. Ved cries on the stage. The teacher asks them to be quiet. Ved runs crying.

Ankur tells judge that he will not trust Rathi family, they did Ved’s admission in Vansh’s school, this proves that want to come close to Vansh. Sooraj says its false, we did not know this, we have seen him after 6 years. Ankur says fine, remove Ved from that school now. Sandhya says we make Ved get admission as he likes that school, we can’t

do injustice with him. Ankur says I want restraining orders, its about Vansh’s mental stress, Sooraj and Sandhya.. can’t they keep their son happy and be good parents.

Sooraj and Sandhya cry by his taunts. Ved cries in the school and sees man taking his son in his lap. He goes to washroom and recalls how all kids laughed on him. He says papa, where are you, you should have been here, why did everyone laugh on me, if I became halwai. He washes his face. The fancy dress results come and Vansh wins. Ved says astronaut got the prize, is halwai not good, everyone love Sooraj in Hanuman Gali, why did they laugh on me, is halwai not of respect. He removes the stole and throws it.

The judge says Sooraj and Sandhya can’t meet Vansh, and gives the restraining orders to them and their family. He says if they disobey the court rules, they will have to face charges, they will get this order in written form tomorrow. Pari says how dare that man hold my dad’s collar and goes to ask that man. The man says great, you have more courage than that selfish coward. Pari praises Mohit and says he went to work hard in UK. Misri scolds the man.

The man says they are mad, or they are big liars, Mohit was not in foreign UK, but UttarKashi, he took money loan and he could not repay and became Sanyasi, go and ask him, why did he run seeing me, he makes everyone fool, not me. He leaves. Pari gets sad. Mohit comes home and says he has to lie to Pari and Misri, if they see infront of family, it will be worse. Bhabho asks is he fine. He says I m tired. Sooraj and Sandhya come home. Bhabho asks Emily to get mango juice for everyone. She asks why are they sad.

Ved comes home upset. Golu asks why does he look sad, did he lose. Bhabho asks why are parents sad if child lost. Sooraj says no and asks Ved what happened. He asks about his competition. Bhabho asks Ved not to think about school, he will become halwai like his dad. Ved recalls everyone laughing, and Sooraj asks him to have jalebis. Bhabho praises Sooraj for making best jalebis. Sandhya asks what happened. Golu asks can he eat it. Bhabho says no.

Sooraj asks where is his smile and tickles him. Ved smiles. He says lets go to shop. Ved’s teacher calls Sandhya and tells her how some kids made fun of Ved, she does not want his self confidence to get low. Sandhya says thanks, I will see him. She sees Soorak making laddoos and Ved being upset. Ved recalls the kids’ words. He says he has to do homework and leaves. Sooraj says what happened to him, he used to make laddoo leaving homework. Sandhya gets an idea and calls everyone to play a nice game. They all gather in hall.

Sooraj says you are doing this to make Ved happy. She says yes, which parents can see kids sad. Pari and Misri come home sad and go to do homework. Mohit says do it later, come and play game. They leave. Emily says Misri and Pari are studious, they don’t waste time. Babasa asks Sandhya to start the game. Misri and Pari get the passport from Bhabho’s cupboard and Pari checks it. She cries.

Bhabho asks Ved to study. Ved reads the man who inspires you to do good. Bhabho says its Sooraj. Ved looks at Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think Ved will understand Sooraj’s value when he watching Mohit-Pari’s feelinglees bonding.

  2. Very sad episode. All kids are first time
    upset except Golu.
    Sorry for Ved & Pari. Misri is a real sister for Pari,Ved & Golu.

  3. Not surprised that Court order.
    SurYa gave adaption paper before.Court always going with papers not feelings.

  4. This serial is like the kiddie show. There are more children than adults. The adults don’t even know how to be adults. When it was time for Sandhya to speak up as an adult, she stayed silent and gave away her child. I hope Ankur moves away. They should not be fighting in court to see Vansh, they gave him away. Where is Bulbul? I thought she wanted to be Vansh’s mother?

    1. i agree wit u

      bulbul she wanted baby now disappe

  5. This court episode was expected. .When sooraj give legal adoption papers to ankur.
    This show is real disaster for relation values.
    Director not even using common sense. .

  6. I think Vansh will return to Rathi family only at the climax of this show.It may take 600 more episodes & within this time Vansh ‘ll grew up a lot @least to his later teenage.I think so.Bt we wan’t to see Sandhya’s IPS career.

    1. Sry. .don’t expect it. Bocz sandhya IPS series is over. .now it’s turn for Sandhya’s son’s ips…. or anything else that they want
      This is not DABH….now it’s a story of Rathi kids

  7. Really. ..wat ankur said is right. . S&S r failed to be parents. .

  8. vansh aya baada attitude dekane

  9. Please show both family and IPS life of Sandhya. All the kids are lovely and acting casually.

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