Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Sooraj that remote has to be in range to work, we have to go back near the missile. They get shocked seeing Garjana men coming on bikes. She says she has to hide the remote and throws it behind the drum. They both run and the goons chase them. Sooraj and Sandhya get apart and handle the situation. Sooraj and Sandhya come outside and get surrounded by bikers. A jeep comes and they see Manjari and Himanshu with more goons.

Himanshu catches hold of them, and the bikers leave. Manjari and Himanshu get down the jeep. Manjari still shows paralysis effect on her hand and face, and walks to Sooraj and Sandhya. The men aim guns at Sooraj and Sandhya. Manjari then shows Sandhya that she is absolutely fine and aims gun at her. Sooraj says you have to face

me before reaching my wife. Manjari laughs and asks about the term wife. She was going to become Himanshu’s wife. Sooraj says you are lying.

Manjari says Himanshu liked her. Himanshu says yes,that’s why I like to kill her by love. Manjari says Himanshu wants to marry, I will make Sandhya his bride. Sandhya refuses. Manjari says if you refuse, your husband will lose his life. She says I got everything, and divides Sooraj and Sandhya. Garjana people take Sandhya away and Sooraj calls out Sandhya. He is tired with ropes to the metal structure.

Manjari plays the shank. The men bring Sandhya as the bride, lifting her and taking her to Himanshu in Bengali style. Manjari laughs and says you look so beautiful, your wish to become Bengali bahu got fulfilled. She asks Himanshu how is the bride looking. He says really beautiful. Manjari says we will start marriage rituals now and brings the betel leaves. Sooraj shouts and Manjari asks him to shut up.

Manjari asks Sandhya to take a betel, else Sooraj will die. Sooraj asks Sandhya not to obey them. Sandhya holds the betel leaves and looks at Sooraj. Manjari asks Sandhya to smile and holds her face. She plays Shank and men makes Sandhya take rounds around Himanshu. Sooraj sees the sindoor plate. Himanshu goes to Sooraj. Sooraj sees the diya and recalls making the diya. Himanshu takes sindoor plate and goes to Sandhya. Sooraj burns the rope by the diya fire. Himanshu takes sindoor to fill Sandhya’s maang. The rope slowly burns. Sooraj gets restless. Manjari plays shank. Sandhya gets tensed and teary eyed. The rope breaks and they all turn to see Sooraj.

Himanshu aims at Sandhya and Sooraj shouts Sandhya. Himanshu shoots and Sooraj comes in between. Sooraj gets shot while Sandhya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Will Suraj die??

    1. Hi!Sooraj will not die.

  2. Oh no….sooraj can not die plz plz plz don’t let sooraj die …if he die then dabh won’t rockzzz the there will be no meaning of this serial

  3. Had the marriage between Sandya and Himanshu, it would have a ribaldry and profanity of Indian tradtion of matrimony. And if Suraj dies the serial will come to an end.

  4. This episode was crap (putting it mildly) – they are really dragging this story.

    I dont know what will come first, the stories end, or me demanding my money back from STAR TV !!!

    RIP Suraj – bet he is glad to be leaving this soap – will miss him though.

    1. [email protected]!! Your changed your dpHow do you see surya’s future! Union,reunion or separation!as we know u are sandy’s greatest fan!

      1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

        Well, Sandhya is going to me forcefully married to Himanshu, and with Suraj being shot (not once but twice atleast from the precap), he is going to die!.

        The nuclear (and remember NUCLEAR) missile will kill everyone and destroy everything.

        That crap looking remote shouldn’t be able to stop the bomb taking off. However, we saw the missile wasn’t even ready to take off!!! So maybe, Garjana will be killed with the missile exploding where it is !

  5. Nice episode

    1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

      where you watching the same thing we were ?

      Or were you watching something better – like paint drying on a wall ?

  6. Bullshit.What are the stupid writers doing?Plz don’t seperate Sooraj & Sandhya.Plz…….The show will get boring.Will loose its pride.
    Hope they don’t make the show boring.If Sooraj dies,plz write the script as Sandhya either become mad or commiting suicide being with Sooraj even in death.And end this show

  7. Plz don’t kill Sooraj

  8. Action episode. Unable to bear Sandhya get marriage of Himanshu a forcible marriage by Manjari unacceptable.

  9. Every day same precap… disgusting

  10. I cant see their suffering anymore :'(

  11. Seriously! I’m really disappointed today! I’m not going to watch it till Monday! Hope for some positive moves! God take care of DABH ? Bye friends! See you soon!

  12. Today is 8 October . Why has the bomb not gone off so far. Is there a technical hitch! When everyone is going to die why are they getting sandy married! Please stop dragging these episodes in such farcical ways.

  13. Still writters dragging the story …very disappointing.

  14. Where the hell story going…
    Stupid director.. Don’t use ur stupid realistic Brian on useless and unacceptable scenes…

  15. now I understand why my friends are saying not to watch this serial. it is because it is deviating from the main story. its just dragging the same episode. it has to be finished in 2 days after sooraj came to garjana sangathan’s village . but see only due to T.R.P it is dragging and loosing more and more customers. personally my 6 friends have stopped seeing this serial due to this only. if by Monday everything is not fine between sooraj and sandhya (including that of home situations also) I will also stop seeing this. I have not missed a single episode till date.

  16. Bulshit no meaning if suraj dies…r dy crazy y the writers are writing like ds…..everyday same precap dy r not giving any end to mission mabhabhali…..who is ds stupid writer. Getting irritation on him……:(

  17. 2day’s episode was a utter nonsense \rubbish!!! How come no force didn’t come to rescue Suraj & Sandhya yet?! Are they wearing bangles and watching this wrongdoings from the control room..
    The writer didn’t potrait Suraj & Sandhya scene properly. They should have shown that with the help of commando force, Suraj rescued Sandhya. After that Sandhya wearing the anti radiation clothes gone to secret place where the nuclear missile is placed. Then she defuse the missile with her palm after watching that foreigner scientist killing video. Meanwhile in the village the great battle happened between the garjana sangstha men and commando forces.
    The writer could have showed like this.. But hell no… He have to show the forcibly marriage of sandhya and himansho. Oh wait! How come they show this marriage?! As far as we know garjana men hates police officers so much.. Then how could they show this to us(audience). Idiot writer.. If something happens to Sooraj then there would be no meaning left for the title of this serial(i. e Diya Aur Baati Hum)

  18. this is going from an interesting story to a so called boring one. it is tooooooo much. no audience has such patience. the writers are wrong of thinking these negative comments as their achievement. they are decreasing their customer base. if anything (even small) hppens to suraj or sandhya in any form like bullet, or suraj’s marriage (even if any scene) even half or incomplete marriage or anything bullshit happens then it wil not be acceptable to the audience. I am saying this on my experience. writers please end this scene and move on to a new challenge like this one without delay.

  19. well what 2 say – it hurts 2 hurt u more with my comments

    1] where on earth u would forgive a officer who justify a 2-3 member team to neutralize a NUCLEAR attack , well aren’t there enough qualified field officers to b trustworthy enough ; d chronic disturbing issue of distrust & disrespect in d show stays further consolidated .

    2] La. initiated my interest & Su. facing d terrorists [ better then being a bunny as in hijack drama ] sustained it.

    3] how it is normal to portrayal in such disgusting taste of probably every significant character [ only civilians ] but v r yet [ probably ] 2 see a corrupt police person in d show.

    4] dabh – d title is completely misnomer ; love isn’t only about sacrifices & chasing dreams ; its not d destination but d journey is important

    5] d trend of consolidating a single character at d cost of all others is responsible for frequent catastrophic turns in d show

    6] all this drawbacks r proudly defended under d blanket of ethics but in reality they r simply ethically challenged

    leaving aside topics like honey trap , child donation & even [constant ] sorry state of Su,

    I would just say dabh is simply a good missed opportunity 2 b good historic test match but is more concerned with trps with t20 mindset

    it should look out & learn how to build & maintain respect for ur cast of d show from sab tv & bollywood

    at-last wishing for reunion of d lead pair & maintaining it to bring a smile on ur’s & my face


  20. What happened to Lalima?? Why they never show about lalima and Bhabho?? I think Bharat and Zakir will come save Sandhya and Suraj. Please dont drag and finish this mission ASAP. Let Sandhya and Suraj live together…DABH…

    Nice Episode…………

    Thanks for your written episode. I am reading your written episode without fail. Please continue.

  21. Not so interesting episode.

    Really dabh team are dragging this series more and more…….

    Why can’t they show the following things

    1. Is bharath sir alive or not
    2. Will suraj and sandhya return home safely with mission successful.
    3. Will babho accept sandhya

    So on……

  22. Not so interesting episode. Complete this mission asap.

    Really dabh team are dragging this series more and more…….

    Why can’t they show the following things

    1. Is bharath sir alive or not
    2. Will suraj and sandhya return home safely with mission successful.
    3. Will babho accept sandhya

    So on……

  23. Nyc episode. I wish that gun shoot would kill manjari. Its just a if it comes true ill b very happy

  24. Good morning guys
    Have a nice day..

    Waste episode… Stupid direction..

    Hey Varsha, Anu,richa,luvdabh,dharini wer r u guys…comments r missing…
    Don’t worry abt the episode.. Just keep commenting

  25. chill guyss sooraj will be alive i saw in sbs india tv they showed climax fight & sandy returning to sooraj in a chopper and bharat is alive i think so

    1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

      all lies !!!

      they will all die !!!

      If not, I will have to kill them personally !!!

  26. r u all watch sbb and sbs they show suraj is safe and sandy is making the mission sucess

  27. wow atlast the mission was complete safely and suraj also fine…they both united

    1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

      We hate United – SH!T team – In Liverpool we trust, and now with our new manager, we could be back to winning something !!!!

      1. What the hill are you talking about! They are not talking about football but their favourite show DABH!
        Don’t brag that you are living in the uk
        You useless person! Only good for claiming benefits!

  28. varsha,anu and dabh fans where r u all its celebrating time for us…

    1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

      They have all realised that this soap is total SH!T !!!

      I still believe that this whole blo*dy thing was a dream that either Bhaboo or Suraj had.


      They need to bring back Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon with Arnav Singh Raizada (original actor) and Khushi – that was a good soap to watch. I have never understood why they started a new soap with the same name ? STAR TV has lost the plot.

      Also, they do these dance shows every year, but the best one in my opinion was Just Dance with HR. They should do more series of this, and stop the rest !

  29. hurryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………….sooraj is not going to dieeee…see today’s spoilerrrr

    1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

      Total crap !!!

      He got shot at close range – closer than the other woman, and she died !!!

      If he doesn’t die, then this just means it is a dream.

      Firstly, I was looking forward to Himanshu hitting Suraj with the rock, but this didnt happen, and Sandya (dont know how) got free, and it Himanshu with something.

      Secondly, this – being shot in the chest, and not suffering is total crap – he has to die !

      Thirdly – how did Himanshu’s mum all of a sudden become 100% well ? she apparently fell down a cliff – this should have killed her too. Sandhya (being a trained killer) was not able kill her also – what does this say about her ? Is she really against Garjana ?

      New theory – Sandhya is really part of Garjana and wants to take down the corrupt and stupid Indian Government !

      It is all pointless, when the machines take over, all humans will die or suffer for the rest of their living lives !!!!

  30. DABH turned epic by not killing sooraj ji. Thank you creative heads for listening to our voice. I got glad very excited by seeing the spoiler alert

    1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

      Idiots !!!!

      He is better off leaving this soap before it dies, and he wont be able to get another decent role !

      Look at Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – Akshara (Hina Khan) is hot/s*xy, but being stuck in the crap soap has lost her alot of work in new and better roles !

  31. Sooraj will nooooooot die

    1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

      Then I will have to kill him.

      first, I will cut his hands and feet off, but ensure he doesn’t bleed to death,

      then cut his [email protected] off.

      then apply a slow electric current to him, this will slowly make his heart fail, and he will die a slow and painful death.

      If the writers have any balls themselves, they would kill off the star of the show, and then start a new direction for the show where Bhaboo, Ved and the rest of the family hate Sandhya for firstly pretending to die, secondly wanting to get married to Himanshu, thirdly for not fullfilling her duty as wife and mother, fourthly for getting Suraj killed !!!

    2. he is not going to die

      1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

        well he should !

        how many people (normal people), not military trained soldiers can take a bullet, and still fight on ? I cant think of any !!!

    1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !







  32. heyy what you think of yourself dv aka ma aka terminater…… aka john aka can’t imagine tour all bullshit names u think you can disturb this page and what all bullshit you comment all rubbish atleast you can use some decent language to comment on a public forum get lost to your hell we don’t need dumping ground here who dumps his frustation here

    1. this is a forum, and everyone is allowed to post their views.

      I have always said I hate this storyline, and would like for something dark to happen.

      Suraj dying would be a good thing !!!

      I dont care what you (and anyone else) thinks about the show, my opinions are that the show is SH!T and needs to be refreshed – a new direction is one of the ways it could go !

    2. I will also join hands with you yaar. I will bring a big gun we both can
      kill this unique idiot. Irritating very much.

      1. fighting is bad

        please can we all not talk like this

      2. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

        you talking about me !!!

        I love it !!!

        the end is coming – be warned

    3. lets all pray for a happy ending.

      the Garjana people will learn they are on the wrong path, and come good, and not fire the bomb.

  33. Guys have you realised the nuclear missile is still sitting underground in gargana territory . It has to launched first to cause destruction otherwise it will if launched on its stand will only wipe out the gargana village and area!! Why are they wasting time getting sandy married!!!

    1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

      So Himanshu can have his “wedding night” with her !!!

  34. Calm down

    1. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

      who me ?

  35. je déteste vous tous les gens qui aiment la façon dont ce spectacle va .

    le spectacle a besoin nouvelle direction .

    vous tous qui aimait l’épisode d’hier ont besoin d’avoir une vie

    1. what have you written ?

  36. I am new to this forum.

    i like DABH, and hope S & S will be safe and get home to family.

  37. I love DABH.

    Can’t wait for the ending of this story.

    The following questions remain: –

    will Bhaboo truly welcome Sandhya back ?

    Will Sandhya leave the police force after this story ?

    Will the hotel be built ?

  38. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

    This show is formally released in Hindi and is known as Diya Aur Bati Hum on Star Plus. It is also dubbed in Tamil and known as En Kanavan En Thozhan and in Telugu known as Ee Tharam Illalu. The series is also remade in Malayalam as Parasparam-Serial on Asianet, in Bengali as Tomay Amay Mile on Star Jalsha and in Kannada as Akashadeepa on Asianet Suvarna. The series is also dubbed in Afghanistan in Pashto as Da Meeni Deeva. It also airs on Pakistan’s Urdu channel Urdu 1. The old episodes are also aired on STAR Utsav. The serial drama is also dubbed in Sinhala in Sri Lanka on Sirasa TV channel using the name Swapna. It also airs in Romania on Naţional TV as Destine Implinite and in Bulgaria on bTV (Bulgaria) as Svetlinata na moya jivot. It’s also remade in Marathi on STAR Pravah as Manaschita Chitrakaar toh.

  39. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

    Diya Aur Baati Hum is the story of Sandhya as she trains as an Indian Police Service officer. She dreams of breaking the boundaries of her confined existence of middle-class values. The story is also about Sooraj, who is a self-made man. Sooraj owns a famous sweet shop near his house. Sooraj and Sandhya get married under strained circumstances. Sandhya struggles with her strict mother-in-law who does not accept that her daughter-in-law could become a police officer. The story shows how her husband becomes her strength and helps her to fulfill her dream.
    Two terrorists come to Sandhya’s house disguised as a simple poor woman and Sooraj’s helper. They mislead Sooraj and others that Sooraj has to go to Dubai, so everyone makes preparations to go to Dubai. Chaturi, Bhabo and Sooraj go to Dubai but their flight gets hijacked by Disha-Sooraj’s helper, Prema and their head called Baiji (Maya), Rajkumar’s sister. The hijackers demand Rajkumar’s freedom. Sandhya manages to capture them with the help of Zakir and Arjun. Sandhya kills Disha while Arjun kills Prema by shooting in her back. Zakir kills Maya by shooting her in the chest & back. Unfortunately, Bhabo gets shot while she was saving Sooraj. Babasa blames Sandhya for all this while Sandhya and Zakir get praised all over the country.
    Bhabo’s one kidney gets damaged but she is safe and comes back home. Sooraj also thinks that Sandhya has done the wrong thing and does not treat Bhabo as his mother. He removes Sandhya out of the Rathi house. Bhabo is shocked by Sooraj’s decision. Ankur and Ankita take Sandhya to their home. Bhabo makes attempts to reunite Sooraj and Sandhya but fails. Sandhya receives orders to go to Scotland for training. Sandhya with heavy heart decides to go so that Sooraj can stay happy.
    Meanwhile, Bhabo’s health deteriorates and the other kidney also gets damaged. Doctor tells that Bhabo needs kidneys and her kidney transplant must be done immediately. Sooraj and family arrange for a kidney but Sooraj comes to know that the lady who is going to donate a kidney to Bhabo is not doing willingly and her husband was forcing her to do so because of the money. Sooraj saves that woman and refuses to take her kidney. The entire family says that he must have thought of Bhabo before doing this. At this point, Bhabo explains to Sooraj that he thought of humanity first and saved the woman, in the same way Sandhya thought of saving all the passengers and the country first as if the terrorists would be alive then they would kill lakhs of people. Hearing this, Sooraj and Rathi family realize their mistake. A secret donor donates her kidney to Bhabo.
    On Republic Day, Sandhya receives an award for her bravery. Sooraj goes to take the award on behalf of Sandhya and apologizes to Sandhya in front of everyone. Sandhya sees this function on TV and goes to meet Sooraj. Sooraj apologizes to Sandhya and brings her back home. Sandhya, after returning to Rathi house is sad and tries to stay away from Sooraj. Ankur plans a trip for Rathi family to Mumbai. In Mumbai, Sooraj notices Sandhya’s behavior and thinks that she is hiding something from him. Then he comes to know that the person who donated a kidney to Bhabo is none other than Sandhya. Sandhya gets Sooraj to promise to her that he will not reveal this to the rest of the Rathi family.
    Bhabo tells Sooraj and Sandhya to now think of their child. After returning to Pushkar, Sandhya comes to know that she is pregnant. On Holi, Sandhya eats laddoo of Bhang and reveals that she is pregnant. Rathi family rejoices and Bhabo takes extra care of Sandhya. But to everyone’s worry, Sandhya develops the disease of sleep-walking and at one night was to fall from the terrace cliff but Sooraj saves her. Bhabo and Sooraj are worried about her condition. Sandhya’s doctor reveals that she is going to give birth to twin babies. On Ankur’s request, Rathi family moves to his house as his house is safer for Sandhya. There Sandhya’s niece Bulbul tries to please Sandhya and Sooraj for giving one of their babies to her after the birth of those babies. Sooraj and Sandhya were not ready to give so they disagree. After that Bulbul develops a high fever. So to console her, her dad agrees to adopt a child. But the orphanage people disagrees to give her approval for a request of baby. After that Sooraj thinks very deeply about the request of Bulbul, and he decides that he will give one baby to her. Sandhya also agrees with him, but suddenly Bhabo hears their decision and tries to protest. But that time Bulbul comes and in front of Bhabo she pleads for a baby but she disagrees. Bhabho tells to Bulbul that few things we cant share it with each other. Then Bulbul tells Bhabho that Sandhya has given kidney to Bhabho. To return the favor of her kidney. Bhabho agrees to give her kidney. After that Sandhya’s delivery date comes and Sandhya delivers two sons. The namkarn ceremony happens after her delivery and Bulbul’s mom names her baby as Vansh and Sooraj’s sister names the other baby has ved. After that Sandhya gives the baby to Ankur. After a few days, both of Sandhya’s babies go missing. After finding both of them Sandhya hugs them tightly. Ankur felt insulted that Vansh is their baby but still Sandhya hugs him first. Due to this misunderstanding, they gets separated for few years and the serial takes a leap of few years.

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