Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Bhabho telling that she wants sandy to take over the responsibility on being the first DIL of RM. Everyone gets shocked. Adds that maasa has already handed over to sandy. Bhabhasa asks how can she do it as she doesn’t know rit rivaz ritual. Bhabho tells that she will learn & not now when will she. MEena tells that she is right to vik. Chavi tells that how sandy can do that. If she does surely momily marriage will be destroyed. Bhabho tells sandy is capable of anything & tells what rituals are followed in this wedding & tells sandy will take care of meena & her baby then. Meena gets scared & tells that she wants to eat ladoo of bhabho only & if sabdy does she can’t do. Sandy tells that she will take over the responsibility & asks

her to help if she needs any help. She goes to take out pen & paper. Bhabho leaves the hall.

SurYa in their room & suraj lists out everything one by one. Sandy asks how can they do everything in a short span. Suraj tells that they can do by preparing a time table. They start preparing time table. what to do & when to do.

Suraj counts seven books & thinks they have only seveen days left & thinks that he has to plan so that sandy can manage both. Suraj prepares out a separate time table for sandy & gives it to her. SAndy gets excited & both decide to fix both the time tables on the wall.

2-4 suraj tells that they shd leave it for studies & sandy tells it is good time ofr mangodia (vadiya). Suraj slightly in aharsh tone says that no compromise on stusies. SAndy gets shocked & asks him whether he can scold & tells that she got frightened

Sandy prepares mangodia bhabhasa cuts her by saying that she should apply swastik symbol first. SAndy goes & prepares swastik. Bhabhasa asks bhabho that she should have told sandy. Sandy’s mangodia fails in shape. Meena adds fuel. Bhabho tells to add some more dhal in that. SAndy does that & gets properly. Suraj looks at the time & worries abt the work & her studies. Sandy gets the magodia shape right. Bhabha & sandy happy. MEena tries to spoil the mangodia. Chaturi asks her to work. Meena tells that she knows & tells sandy that her health is not in good condition & leaves. Suraj looks at them tensed & hick ups to give ishhaaara to sandy. He goes near bhabha & tells that band wala shd be informed in time & repeats time time . Suraj shows her time Sandy asks him to wait. Bhabho looks. Bhabha understands & offers help to prepare mangodia. The time passes four.
Bhabhasa tells that is almost over & asks sandy to take care of other works. Sandy leaves.

Break Precap”Chavi gives sandy her examination hall ticket. Sandy asks her to keep it aside. Bhabho looks at that
Shruthi’s wishes coming true everyone helping sandy esp Suraj & bhabhasa

SAndy studying in GG room. Suraj comes in & goes near sandy. Sandy tells that she took much time in mangodia & she will not repeat it. Suraj says one minute takes his hand near her ear . SAndy stops him. Suraj goes on to wipe her neck. SAndy blushes. Suraj tellls that neck is for weraing necklace & not mangodia. Both blushes

Sandy does stuides & work simultaneously as per the schedule. While stitching a cloth her gets hurt. Bhabho sees that with a jerk. Looks at chavi busy over phone discusing bat beauty. Bhabho taunts her to read as the exams are fast approaching. Chavi manages.

Break PRecap: Same as above:

A courier man comes. Bhabho receives those letters. He asks for signature. Chavi comes & signs it. Bhabho asks what was it? Chavi opens & finds examination hall ticket. Chavi tells the same.Chavi gives the ticket to sandy as per bhabho’s instruction. Sandy asks to keep it aside. The hall ticket falls. Bhabho picks up & looks at it. She takes it away with her. Meena watches this & feels happy & tells that bhabho has becum like her.

Epi ends

Precap: Suraj gives the invitation card to dhaisa & she looks at ems name. someone tells that she is a christian. Dhaisa taunts bhabho for selecting a christian for mohit.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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