Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Sooraj that they can send Arzoo to her Maayka. She says if Arzoo is guilty, she won’t be able to help Gul, if she is innocent, she can come back after Holi. He agrees with her and says Arzoo can spend time with Resham, and we can know whats in Bhabho’s heart, why she hates Pakistan, till we know it, we can’t tell Bhabho that Arzoo is Pakistani.

Bhabho tells Arzoo that she is very happy today and hugs her. Chotu worries. Bhabho says Arzoo made great halwa, she should get a gift. She shows Chulbul….. Arzoo smiles happily. She asks Bhabho will Chulbul be with us. Ved thinks will Arzoo know this is not her Chulbul. Bhabho says just keep him away from kitchen, temple and me. Arzoo gets glad and takes Chulbul.

Meenakshi thinks Bhabho changed

rules for Arzoo now. She makes faces. Arzoo asks Chulbul did he not identity her. Kids lie to Arzoo about Chulbul. Meenakshi asks Chotu what did Arzoo do that Bhabho is loving Arzoo, what happened there.

Bhabho goes to Sandhya and asks why did you get me here. Sandhya recalls Sooraj’s words. She says everything is going on well, Arzoo made good halwa. Bhabho says yes, all doubts got clear, I m very happy that I chose right girl for Chotu, tell me what you want to say. Sandhya tells about Pagphere rasam, Arzoo is not saying, but we should think that Arzoo is missing her Dadi. Bhabho says I forgot, its good you reminded me. Sandhya thinks Bhabho should say yes, it will be good if Arzoo goes away. Bhabho asks Sandhya to book hyd ticket for Arzoo, we will send her for Pagphere. Sandhya says fine, I will book it now. Arzoo says no need to book ticket, I will not go, I took holi responsibility. Sandhya thinks why is Arzoo denying to go to Maayka, as every girl wants to go Maayka after marriage. She says Resham calls a lot to Sooraj to know your welfare, you maybe missing Resham too. Arzoo says I miss Resham a lot, I talk to her daily, Resham is not at home, she went somewhere and will come back after holi, she has gone to fulfill mannat, what will I do going there now. Bhabho says Sandhya, she is right, we will send her after holi. Arzoo says yes, I will meet Resham well. Sandhya thinks why does Arzoo adamant to stay here. Arzoo asks for any other work. Bhabho asks her to make rotis, you will know everything by working for few days. Arzoo goes. Bhabho goes after Arzoo to tell about few things.

Meenakshi comes to Sandhya and asks what happened there that Bhabho is loving Arzoo, she got ready to get dog in house, she never did this for us. Sandhya says I m surprised too. Meenakshi gets glad that Sandhya understood her point. She says its time to get together, if Arzoo takes house keys, we will send Arzoo to her Maayka. Bhabho hears them and thinks Meenakshi is like that, I did not think Sandhya will get jealous if I love Arzoo.

Sandhya thinks Arzoo refused by Resham’s excuse, but how to explain Bhabho. Sooraj comes and says Arzoo came to my shop, she said 10 lakhs policy is matured, and Resham wants to transfer it in Arzoo’s account. Chotu talks to Piya and says we returned from kuldevi temple, nothing is fine here. Piya worries and tells Poonam that maybe Vikram and Meenakshi told everything to Bhabho, what was the need to tell fake love story. She asks Chotu what happened. He says Arzoo is coming close to Bhabho day by day. Piya asks did Vikram and Meenakshi not say anything. He asks what. She says no, I mean Meenakshi spoils everything, when will we get money from Arzoo. He says I m dying here and you are caring about money. She says relation breaking is very easy, there will be thousand ways, I m saying about money as mom will not give her approval for our relation, I love you. He says I love you too, don’t worry. She asks him to take care and ends call. She tells Poonam that Vikram and Meenakshi did not tell anything, if Aryan knew that you lied about Babasa, don’t know how would he react. Poonam says I wish we get money soon.

Sandhya says Resham said its still time for policy maturity. Sooraj says Arzoo said Resham might be mistaken, but how to get money, she has no account here, she said if we transfer money in Chotu’s account.. Sandhya thinks policy amount is coming at this time, is there any connection.

Meenakshi asks Arzoo did she do packing. Arzoo says I spoke to Bhabho, I m not going anywhere. Meenakshi says Sandhya is determined, everything happens as per her wish, she does not listen to anyone after she does commitment, be ready with your packing, you may have to leave any time. Arzoo says its good, Sandhya is determined, but I m also adamant to celebrate holi here, even if Sandhya tries hard. She looks at Sandhya and says holi lines. Sandhya looks on shocked.

Bhabho asks Arzoo to go her Maayka on holi. Arzoo looks at Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The overall performance of Aarzoo as a spy is very frail as to impress the audience because her purpose and aim of becoming Bahu of rathy family has not been exhibited till now. It is overemphasized with little part to be played by sandya.

  2. What’s there in ARZOO’s mind?What’s her truth? Hope this track ends soon.
    At the same time, I hope either this track or this CHOTU-ARZOO parts will be avoided from the malayalam remake as there is no chotu character in malayalam remake of DABH since beginning.
    SOORAJ-SANDHYA parts superb.

    1. There was a chotu in the Malayalam remake too.

  3. I think arzoo is playing them till holi

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