Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arzoo being upset that she would be leaving and not be a part of Saawan celebrations with the family. Maasa and Bhabho think to console Arzoo. Maasa asks Arzoo not to cry, she will spend Saawan with Chotu. Arzoo asks how can this happen. Maasa says we can celebrate Saawan function now itself, if family is together and happy, then think it’s a function. Arzoo likes the idea and asks who thought this idea. Maasa stops Bhabho and says such ideas come by experience, I thought this idea.

Arzoo asks what happens in Saawan, I heard everyone play with swings. Maasa says its old ritual, this time I thought to keep best wife competition, I will know who is the best. Meenakshi says I know Sandhya is your fav. Maasa says yes, but relations won’t come between the game, there

will be no partiality, this competition is judged by me, you have to work hard. Sandhya asks what to do in it. Maasa says I will tell later, we will celebrate Saawan from tomorrow. She asks the men to go and do the work, do they have money plant to get money always. Sooraj and everyone leave. Maasa asks the women to go and cook, they are hungry.

Meenakshi says Emily did not work since many days, come Emily. Bhabho says I will light diya and goes. Sandhya, Meenakshi, Arzoo and Emily decide to win Maasa’s heart by making her fav food. They get chits there and read. Maasa records video. They all get shocked reading chits. Maasa laughs and shows video to Bhabho. Maasa says I think your memory got weak, do you know what I wrote in chits. Bhabho says I remember, you told them that all bahus have to wear bridal dress and celebrate Saawan. Maasa asks Bhabho to get ready too, as she is also Rathi family bahu. Bhabho says I can’t. Maasa says till I here, don’t become elder, you are also participating in best wife competition. Bhabho says I can’t do this. The bahus laugh seeing Bhabho participating with them.

Meenakshi and Vikram have an argument. She says Lord should make you woman and make me a man in next birth. She gets annoyed. He says I was making you angry to take this competition as challenge and win it, you know Chotu and Arzoo are newly married, Sandhya is IPS officer and fit, Emily runs parlor and knows to stay fit, I m worried for you. She says I will win, I think I have to do anything to win. He says you came to Meena’s style, you have to win this competition. She says yes, I will win.

Its morning, Bhabho looks for her bridal dress and says I did not know I will need the bridal dress after so many years. Babasa comes and asks what is she going. She argues with him. He shows the bridal dress to her. She says its exactly like my bridal dress, how did you get same dress, did you buy from shop, Maasa will know. He says everything is fair in competition, Maasa will not know, you are best wife, you have to win this competition. She says you remember the bridal dress color and design till now. He says I remember everything, your hair, kajal, kamarbandh…. She gets shy and asks him to see his age. He laughs and makes her wear the dupatta. He holds her and says always remember, who has shame in love will have bad fate, you have to win this competition. She asks why. He says I want you to get award from Maasa’s hand, just do this for me.

Meenakshi was running with Arzoo and Emily’s bridal clothes and collides with Vikram. He checks the clothes and says its Arzoo and Emily’s bridal clothes, this is wrong. He calls out Maasa. Meenakshi stops him and says I m doing this for you, I have to win this competition, support me. She acts sweet. He agrees. She goes. He says I said yes, but she will get my nose cut some day.

Sandhya gets ready in her bridal dress. Sooraj comes and ties the back string. They smile. He says its 12 years, but there is no change in you. He makes her wear the dupatta and says whenever I see you like this, I feel we got marred today. She says your eyes are same, and did not change seeing me. He holds her. She says you are becoming father again, don’t get over romantic. He smiles and says what to do, its your face’s mistake, you are attracting me, how should I control myself. She says fine, tell me, who will win in best wife competition. He says I think it will be Meenakshi or….

Babasa and Bhabho dance on Chand si hogi mehbooba…………

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. fun to watch

  2. So it’s a gala day for Rsthy family.


    Wow it gives me peaceful mind…today this episode was pakka mass…very nice….pls pls don’t end dabh….yesterday I trp which was updated on June 2 2016…dabh was in 6th place it’s trp was 2.8 nice improvement….very happy for this…is there any need to end this mass serial????????no need….I dabh endzzz star plus comes to second place and colours come to first place…no this will not happen…i always happy ? to star plus in first place…….

  4. Superb Episode.Superb Precap.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Especially tomorrow’s episode.Fun to watch.Hope SOORAJ-SANDHYA will win.
    SOORAJ-SANDHYA romantic scene was awesome.So cute couple.I never saw any other couples in Indian TV shows which is as superb & ideal as SOORAJ-SANDHYA couple.They are the best.DABH is always best.I wish I will get a good girl like SANDHYA character as my life partner & I can become her SOORAJ.

    Awesome & Unique show.We want some fun and happiness in this track.We don’t want any troubles and sad end for this new pregnancy track in DABH.

    Whether the track is family or SANDHYA ‘s official mission track we just want thrill & happiness.No more sorrows.Plz reunite VANSH with RATHIS soon.Plzzz….We don’t want any more separation b/w VANSH & RATHIS.Plz unite them after this pregnancy track.Plzzz.

    1. As per story it’s more than 8 years(including several leaps in the show) VANSH is away from his own parents & family.
      Since MISSION MAHABALI track VANSH is not shown in any of the tracks.

    2. Hi, AD, Sandya is a fictional character. In reality you’ll not be able to obtain a woman like Sandya.. Moreover it’s not kmown about her real character as a wife to Koyal.

      1. Yeah that’s why I mentioned as Sandhya character

      2. Who’s koyal?? And that’s a tit for tat ! Once Ad told u not to find logic in dabh , now u responded to him ! ?

  5. Nice. Episode. Surya scene was awesome.

  6. i love these family competitions. hats off DABH! can anyone suggest me a bollywood family movie to watch. i already watch k3g if you are gonna suggest that.

    1. Baghban – is my all time favourite?
      Hum Sath Sath hain- is another fantastic family movie
      Hum aap ke Hain Kaun- is another fabulous movie
      You watch all these then I’ll suggest u some more!!!

    2. Ham saath saath hain.dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge.hum apke hain koun.

  7. Loved it??

  8. Family time…nice..

  9. Very nice finally family together n i think meena Wil win

  10. Nice episode


    Dabh always rockzzzzzzzzzzz….with my sweet and cute sandhya…precap was awesome I liked the most….this type of story I like very much

  12. Nice episode 🙂

  13. Very nice episode. Liked very much after a long time.

  14. WTF is going on?

    Wait wait,…Zakir still does not know, that Sandhya is alive??? :DDD And Ankur total even knowing that she was death almost one year,.. great,. Ankur like a brother ,even to the funeral not arrived,…
    I swear,.I have never ever seen the most stranger and understandable storyboard!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    1. What is DDDDD? If u don’t like the storyline , then don’t watch ! Real life is full of nonsense stories like ;selfish brother, friends get apart ; meet after years unaware of the fact whether they are alive or not , people can’t give their own children to their childless relatives and so on ! If dabh depicts some of these stories then what is a big deal! Tell me where can we find a selfless bro these days ! Everyone is thinking about there own good! Even suraj is not talking about his only sister Chavi although he is a nice brother but again towards his brothers he is always helpful ?

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