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Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya seeing Vikram’s bike while she is on the round. She follows the man and stops him. Vikram asks Meenakshi to take out all savings. Meenakshi cries and says my bad time as come. Emily looks on. Meenakshi counts the money and is upset that she is losing the money. Emily thinks to pass a letter to her and asks a small girl to give this letter to Meenakshi. She gives the letter to Meenakshi and she reads it. Emily hides and see. Emily is troubling her and writes she will being her secret out and her family will kick her out, she will lose her family and house, if she does not want this, then do as I say. She says sit at some place without telling family, else I will not leave you, Meenakshi thinks who is she, who is doing this.

She thinks my secret, how did

she know I exchanged my baby on hospital. Emily comes to her smiling. She asks her what happened, Vikram is calling her. Meenakshi says yes, I m coming. Emily is happy seeing her in problem now. Sandhya follows the bike and sees where it is going. She talks to Zakir and says she saw Vikram’s friend’s bike as it has her saree’s hanging. She asks him to come and meet her fast. She catches him finally and asks him to remove his helmet. She says don’t try to do anything wrong. She is shocked to see its Mohit. Meenakshi sits at the place obeying the letter.

She thinks is she goes from here, that women might be seeing her and not leave her. She thinks Vikram might be waiting for her. Meenakshi’s sister comes there and asks what is she doing there. Meenakshi asks her to give money to Vikram. Vikram comes there and asks Meenakshi what is doing here. Sandhya asks Mohit how did he get this bike. Mohit says so you were following me. Zakir thinks so this is Mohit. Mohit argues with Sandhya. Zakir says you are right, we were following you, but as a police inspector.

Zakir says this bike is stolen, its Vikram’s friend’s bike. Mohit says what nonsense, this is my bike. Mohit says you can’t frame me like this. Zakir sees the saree hanging which Sandhya said. He talks it and shows it to Mohit. Sandhya confirms its her saree’s. Zakir sees the number of the bike and checks with this one. He sees its serial number is one. Mohit gets tensed. He says what is this nonsense. I said this bike is mine, don’t you understand. Zakir takes out his gun and Mohit is shocked.

Zakir shows the scratch on the bike and says bike is repainted so that it can’t be identified. Zakir says Mohit you have to come with me to police station where you will answer me. Sandhya thinks she has to inform Sooraj about this. Zakir says this bike is of theft, come with me. Vikram asks Meenakshi what s she doing here. Meenakshi is speechless. Vikram scolds her and says I m waiting for you since long time. Vikram is hurt and says Meenakshi is selfish, he felt she cares for him, respects and loves him, but he is wrong. She says I love you. He says no, you don’t, you just think about yourself. She cries.

Sandhya calls Sooraj and tells him that Mohit was driving Vikram’s bike. Sooraj is shocked knowing everything. She shows him the proof and reminds him that her saree pallu got stuck and the hanging got to it. Mohit says enough, my brother gave me. Sooraj asks where did he get this bike from. Mohit says I don’t know, how can I ask him. Sandhya says I saw you on bikes since you went from home. Mohit argues with him and says my brother is rich and loves bikes. He says you are jealous of me. So you all made this plan to trap me. He taunts Sandhya and Sooraj.

Zakir says stop this nonsense, this is police station not your home, this case if under me, not Sandhya. Sooraj defends Mohit. Zakir says You are not anyone’s brother here. Zakir says now he will be under arrest and will have to answer our investigation. Sooraj is shocked.

Mohit asks Sooraj to help him while Zakir takes her for questioning.

Update Credit to: Amena

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