Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th July 2013 Written Update

Emily tells that they managed to reached the centre late but they didn’t allow any of them… Mohit asks her whether she has any brain.. If sandy wants to help she must have helped & asks her why doesn’t she leave sandy aside. Emily tells that there was huge Jam. Mohit shouts at her. Bhabo asks him whether he has brain & if he had he should have taken her to the centre. Meena is surprised with this.. Bhabo tells sandy that she has no time left for helping others no matter what happens to her & also she made emily suffer & everyone is suffering for her dream & asks her why doesn’t she listen to emily. Adds saying that she couldn’t even enter the competition for which huge hungama (drama) was made in RM. Meena tells that suraj has forgot himself for

keeping alive her dream. He brought Tv magazine etc etc where babasa was yearning for ne newspaper. Meena asks her how she forgot this competition moreover suraj kept as guarantee the last matka & adds that she has returned empty hand so she has lost.. She counts down the incidents when those matka’s broke. She tells that she is feeling very bad bringing the matka & goes to bring the matka happily…

Meena gives the matka to bhabo & aks her to break it & put a full stop to all these fights. Bhabo picks up the matka… Suraj looks at that hopelessly. SurYa stanstill. Sandy looks at suraj worried but suraj doesn’t notice her. Bhabo was about to break the matka when chaturi knocks the door.. Mohit goes to open the door. Chaturi calls in some reporters happily Everyone gets surprised.. Chaturi tells that they are from the competition. The reporter starts speaking that they are in 5th participants house & announces Sandy’s name. Everyone is shocked Chaturi is super happy… They tell sandy that she is one among the 10 contestants from 1000 participants. Meena & mohit ask their doubt how can they be allowed as they were unable to reach the competition spot on time. Suraj asks whether it is true… The reporter/ conductor tells that the traffic jam was created by them & it was a test..


Meena asks them why they did that. The competition holder tells that they wanted to test how far the participants react & do their duty as a citizen. He adds that many forgot their duty as a citizen & instead they concentrated on their competition & one among the best is sandy. Meena tells that it is really a witty competition. Meena also asks whether those who didn’t help are out of the competition. Meena goes near bhabo & tells that this matka is very strong & will not break that easily… She takes away the matka..
They also show the footage of sandy helping the ambulance. Suraj feels very happy… Everyone looks at that.. chavi opens her mouth in shock.. Bhabo is emotional less.. Chaturi is amazed…
They congratulate sandy & adds that there are only few who help unknown people like sandy. Mohit grins. Suraj feels happy. Bhabo just gives a slight nod.
Meena tells that they knew already that sandy would pass but feels sorry for emily. Bhabo stares & emily is worried.…

Meena tells that it is not her fault as she never knew that she must help the ambulance. The competion holder says that they have two participants from the same house .. Mohit is shocked. The organiser tells that it is Emily rathi..
Everyone gets super happy.


Chaturi tells that it is nice to have two bhabis. Emily asks how she.. Mohit interrupts & asks her to listen to them. The organiser tells that she helped sandy & so she is in. Meena is not happy with this outcome.. The organiser wishes emily. Bhabo asks chaturi to bring sweets. The organiser denies saying that he has to go to another participants house. They wish both SanLy & leave. Chaturi asks whether they will telecast. They say no & leave. Everyone is happy. Babasa tells bhabo that it is the same Jat panchayat of sandy which helped sanly to enter the competition. He adds that everyone including mohit scolded sandy for spoiling emily’s life too … Tells that the truth is emily doesn’t do anything but she is still in because of sandy. Emily apologises to sandy saying that she was in lot os pressure then. Sandy tells that it didn;t hurt her at all. Bhabo gives a small smile. Suraj asks her to eat sweets on this occassion & it is because of her blessings both the DILs entered the competition … Meena goes to keep the matka back at its place. SurYa share a smile. Sandy smile at emily. Bhabo grins & lost in thoughts..

Precap: Chotu tells that suraj has a surprise for her. Suraj tells that he has become naughty these days. Sandy tells that she is finding someone else naughty Suraj smiles..

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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