Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th February 2013 Written Update

Suraj requests Swamiji to spend some more time with them as they won’t get such opportunity very often. He offers to make some sweets for them. People also insist and Swamiji agrees. He repeats his favorite line “apne apne lakeer, koi raja aur koi fakeer.”

Suraj goes to his shop and Swamiji back to his seat. He opens the holy book and starts his pravachan. Sandhya is sitting and observing Swamiji. Vikram asks some doubts and gets his answers. Brandon calls Sandhya over cell to inform that he has sent the message to Govind Lal that he needs to video chat urgently. Sandhya is confused as the Swamiji is involved in his pravachan and she thinks she might be wrong. Suraj comes there with a sweet box. He sees Sandhya and she nods “no.” Suraj sits beside her and whispers

that so Swamiji is not Govind Lal. Swamiji’s follower inform that it is time for Swamiji’s sadhana and allow him privacy as Swamiji never misses his routine wherever he goes. Bhabho calls Suraj to take Swamiji to her room for doing pooja. Suraj takes them. Bhabho stops Sandhya who is trying to follow them.

Suraj takes them to Bhabho’s room. Swamiji’s followers arrange all the pooja items and light agarbathis. Suraj is keenly observing all those things and believes he was wrong but then is suspicious when Swamiji repeats his favorite line. Swamiji asks Suraj to leave and Suraj goes out but still looks through the half-opened door and sees Swamiji doing pooja and chanting “Om Namah Shivaaya.” He closes the door and leaves.

SurYa discussing about Swamiji. Suraj says he himself saw that Swamiji’s followers arranged pooja things and he could not find any laptop over there and also he saw Swamiji doing pooja. Sandhya is still not convinced. Suraj says they are wrong to have doubted a holy person like Swamiji and asks her whether she still has doubts on Swamiji even after listening his voice chanting mantras and Sandhya says she too hopes that she is proved wrong but still she wants to once see everything with her eyes. Suraj is in thoughts when Sandhya gets a call from Brandon who tells her Govind Lal has agreed to chat and will be online in just minutes. Suraj agrees with her.

Sandhya takes a glass of water to Swamiji’s room and about to open the door that Swamiji’s followers come running there. They ask her what she is doing there. Sandhya thought maybe Swamiji needs some water and brought it. They say her they should not disturb Swamiji during his sadhana and ask her to go. She then tries to open window and all the windows are locked inside. She is in thoughts as to how to see what is going on inside and sees a ventilator with glass shield broken. She takes a stool near there and climbs over and on a wooden furniture to see through the broken glass. She removes one piece of glass and while trying to see through that hole, drops the broken glass piece down. Swamiji’s followers listen to the sound and come there. Sandhya hurriedly climbs down, moves the stool to the side and then hides behind some wooden furniture. The followers come there and wonder what might be the sound. When they are nearing the place where Sandhya is hiding, Suraj comes there. He asks them what and then sees the broken window glass and also sees Sandhya hiding. He says that the sound is from a pickles jar which has fallen down in the balcony and they leave from there. Sandhya is relieved and again climbs the stool and tries to see. She is not and so tries to remove another glass piece but could not. Suraj tells he will bring something to help remove the glass piece and goes from there. Sandhya could not resist and is trying again to take the glass with her hand and is injured.

Swamiji’s followers sense something wrong and come to that place again when Sandhya climbs down again and hides. Swamiji’s followers look over there again and find blood spots and follow those drops to finally see an aarthi plate kept and are convinced that it is not blood but kumkum. Behind the furniture, Suraj is tying a kerchief to Sandhya’s injured hand. Sandhya thanks him for saving her again, otherwise they would have got into trouble. One of the follower is still not convinced and asks the other person to stay there for guard. Sandhya worried on listening this. She asks Suraj what will they do now and he answers he has another way for this.

Precap: Same as maha episode promo. Suraj takes Sandhya to the store room. Sandhya is asking him how will they watch Swamiji from there. Suraj moves the gunny bags on the ground and opens a tile from the floor. SurYa see down through that space and are shocked

Update Credit to: b2011

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