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Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi stopping the car and talking to Misri. She asks Misri not to cry. She asks Shilpi can she come along and drop them till airport, as Misri has fever. Sandhya asks Mansi to show some more strength and give them details of the culprits. Mansi says I trust you, I will tell you everything so that no girl becomes Mansi again. Shilpi says its matter of four days, her life will change, trust me, I will take care of her, you can come if you want. Meenakshi says fine, I won’t come, click our pic. Shilpi takes their pic and says we are getting late now. Shilpi and Misri leave in the car. Meenakshi cries.

Mansi says my parents sent me to Pushkar to fulfill my dream, I met an unknown lady in Ajmer, she trapped me in her words saying she got a job for me. FB shows

Shilpi acting sweet to Mansi and saying Mansi you got a job abroad, God bless you, I have to do this for a talented girl like you. Mansi says I felt I m very lucky, but the truth was something else, that lady’s name and work were fake, she used to make new identity to trap any girl. Sandhya says such people are clever and make such schemes, can you tell us more to let our artist make the sketch. Mansi says her age was around 30. Arpita calls and asks person to send sketch artist to Sandhya’s house. Shilpi thinks I told Meenakshi right, Misri’s life will really change.

Mansi describes the lady and sketch artist makes Shilpi’s sketch. Meenakshi sees them and thinks to go close and hear him. Sandhya asks Mansi to recall more, anything else which can help them. Mansi says they used to hide cloth at my eyes, there were many girls, they used to treat all girls badly like animals and beaten the girls. Meenakshi says why is this girl crying.

Mansi says no girl got saved from them, I have run away and reached my parents, I got to know people spread rumors about me, so my parents refused to accept me, I got alone and I had no place to know, I knew that criminals were finding me, I got helpless and changes my look, I worked in garage as I knew that work, I did not trust anyone, I thought if I ask for help, anyone would push me in hell, I could not trust you initially. Meenakshi says poor girl, I was thinking wrong about her. The artist gives the sketch. Arpita asks Mansi to see this sketch, is this the same woman. Mansi gets shocked. Sandhya asks Mansi to see, does she look like this. Mansi cries and says its her. Sandhya asks her to calm down, just recall any other name. Meenakshi tries to see the pic. Sandhya asks Mansi to think again.

Misri tells Shilpi that this way does not go to airport, maybe we are going wrong way. Shilpi says relax, we are going right. Misri says but we were going to airport, where are you taking us. She asks driver to stop car. Shilpi asks driver to keep driving. Misri shouts for help. Shilpi slaps her hard. Misri faints.

Mansi says that lady is very dangerous, she took me to Ajmer hospital for tests, she said tests are necessary to go abroad. Meenakshi recalls Shilpi and says Misri also went for tests in hospital. Mansi says then I got to know, they do tests of every girl and then send the girls to such hell, the girl dies a new death every day. She cries and says you can’t imagine what happened with me. Meenakshi calls out Sandhya and runs downstairs. Sandhya asks what happened. Meenakshi asks what is that woman and checks the sketch. She gets shocked seeing Shilpi’s sketch and recalls her words.

Sandhya asks what happened Meenakshi, do you know her. Meenakshi says she is Shilpi madam, I have sent Misri abroad with her. Arpita asks what. Sandhya asks what did you say, Misri went to Udaipur to Sudha’s house. Meenakshi cries and signs no. Shilpi calls Makrand and says I will reach soon. Makrand says I kept auction party tonight. She asks whats the hurry, we did not prepare the girl. He says police got one of the girl, we can’t delay, no need to get afraid, we have big collection, just reach there. She asks him to prepare for auction and she will get Misri.

Meenakshi says I lied to you, Shilpi said about dance competition and I have sent Misri with her. Sandhya asks did you give Misri to her. The goons drag Misri inside the godown. Shilpi asks the goon to be careful. Sandhya and Arpita get shocked. Sandhya asks how can you lie Meenakshi, you gave Misri to them. Meenakshi cries and says I have sent Misri in hell. Sandhya worries.

Misri calls Sandhya and says there was chemical smell on the way. Sandhya and Arpita find the chemical factory and reach there. The girls get shifted till then.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very Nice Episode.
    Suspense Precap.
    Track moving so fast.No unnecessary lags & drags.Good job DABH team.
    Go Ahead
    But please end up the track @ the earliest.Plz don’t drag it now as this is the right time to end up this track.Else it will be boring.

  2. why some people always wants to close the track….I feel this is the last case in DABH. Heard that the curtain comes down on 11th August….

  3. Good episode, but end this trap soon

  4. It’s a pity that Meenakshi remains the same till the end of the serial. There are no such people in reality. She was portrayed excessively as a foolish, jealous and selfish woman.

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