Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pandit saying about 15th August mahurat, and no date in next six months. Bhabho finalizes it. Lokesh says it will be very soon. Bhabho says we want to make Lalima our bahu soon. Lokesh says he wants to make Sooraj have sweets and meet him. Bhabho is about to make excuse. Sooraj calls out Ved asking for keys. Lokesh goes. Bhabho and everyone worry that Lokesh will see Sooraj’s truth. Sooraj is talking to Sandhya being alone and says he will show the items to Bhabho.

Lokesh comes and says congrats for the marriage Jija ji. Sooraj says jija ji? ?Bhabho says yes, this is Lokesh, you met him before. Sooraj says yes, I had sweets of his shop. Lokesh makes him have sweets and says the mahurat is 15th August 2015. Sooraj says yes, and asks Bhabho about Sandhya. Bhabho

lies to cover up. Bhabho takes Lokesh and gives shagun. Ved sees them and cries. Bhabho tries to hide Sooraj’s truth and talks to Lokesh. Emily cries.

Sandhya is sad and thinks of Sooraj. She comes to the market with Sajni and sees Bharat. She thinks Bharat here, it means he has come to give any info. She says she will buy bangles and goes to Bharat. He says he has given the message at her home. And gives some chit to her. She reads about Chandu going for some meeting on 15th August, she has to find about the meeting and get info about it. Sandhya buys bangles and thinks to ask Sajni who is going there to city. Sajni says no one is going from their village, its just their hero Shekhar, he goes there for play. Sandhya gets shocked and thinks Chandu is very smart to use simple Shekhar for his motives.

Sooraj and Bhabho are on the way. Bhabho thinks everything will be fine once Lalima marries Sooraj and prays for the marriage to happen peacefully. Lalima is at the tailor’s shop and Sooraj sees her. He thinks its Sandhya and Bhabho tries stopping him. She runs after him to stop him. Sooraj says Sandhya and runs to Lalima. Lalima leaves. Sooraj looks on. Bhabho gets him and says maybe he has seen someone else. He says I have seen Sandhya’s dress, my Sandhya was here. The man says he does not know.

Bhabho asks him to come and takes him in the car. Lalima comes after changing the dress and asks the tailor to alter the dress, as its her marriage on 15th August. Sandhya thinks Shekhar does not know how Chandu will use him, how to find out what will Garjana do, shall I ask Shekhar about his relation with Garjana.

She goes to Shekhar and says Sajni told me you are going to city, I want some medicine, will you get it. He says yes. She says you will like to work and see places. He says yes, person should do work which e likes. She asks is Garjana not doing anything on 15th Aug. He looks at her.

Bhabho talks to Lokesh about engagement and sends him. Meenakshi asks what did she do, how will they keep engagement today. Sooraj comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. richa

    ved bechara sooosad for him i knw its…difficult to accept smone else as mother and see smone else in her clothes???????????

  2. ANU

    YA and suraj part aslo nice. how he searching sandhya…………. its really emotional

    how he is suffering without sandhya ……..sooraj your acting was super……… 🙁

    And ved part was nice ……….how he is missing sandy………its too emotional and ur words is absolutly right.. he didnt see that note………. 🙁

    • dabh fan

      Really superb episode………..

      Suraj your acting was awesome.

      Please don’t do suraj marriage with another lady,….
      For the sake of suraj,ved and Sandhya……

      On seeing ved I got teary eyes ?

      Babho understand suraj feelings and cancel this marriage

      • Romi

        Don’t worry @ dabh fan ! Bhabo is not listening to us but God will listen us and the marriage won’t happen ?
        Shaadi apne aap rukh jayegi ✋? Kiya hoga kaise hoga yeah abhi mystery hai ?

  3. Jeyam

    The story gets further complicated as poor Lalima is getting ready for marriage. I wish to know if Sandya will succeed in her mission.

  4. AD

    Will Chandu doubt Sandhya again?
    How will she handle the situation if Chandu doubts her again?
    Suspense filled end.
    Bhabho,Don’t worry.Your wish to make Lalima your bahu definitely not gonna happen.
    Nice episode with tensing end.

  5. Romi

    Bhabo you are so mean ? stop doing this injustice! We can’t bear it ?
    Sandya should know that this simple sheker is the cunning chandu ? don’t make him suspect you ?

  6. NS4

    Again started with the…hell
    stupid Bhabu …y that much urgent for u did anyone coming to take you to hell 😛 😛

    Gargana people plz put a bomb on bhabu’s head 😛 😛 on marriage day 😛 😛

  7. richa

    ?????bhabhooo u plss understand ur son vont b able to take anymore shok nd u will b ultimate villian………..and shekharr toooo cunning………….. mohit also soo clever…?????

  8. NS4

    Still how many days it take to revel Sheker was Real Chandu……. Sandhya blindly beliving him and went to ask him about Garjana plan….

    Wats this Mr.Director..plz revel it for sandhya…. still wat u want make suspence 😛 😛

    • richa

      @ pavan can u post d linkk pls…….. nd may be u saw about mission mahabali ending this month………….

    • NS4

      Yeah it may be abt mission..not abt show..
      How show will end…. to many complications are created by director..

      Bhabu Sandhya war after mission
      Sooraj dream
      Emily zakir luv
      Vanish truth…… on
      So no end

    • No pavan. Dabh is nt ending.??in past few day this also the news in dabh is ending. Bt this is fake Wikipedia they show that in past day that dabh last episode in this any few days they remove that fake news. So just chillll dabh nt ending.?????

  9. NS4

    Hey Rathi children someone plz fire crackers will be better even sooraj go to coma…. i really can’t bear this bhabu hell

    • richa

      yeah nowdays onlyy rathi family not fulll and half characters missing!!!!!!!!! splyyy chotu (aryan) kothari family(ankur etc…) tai sa nd they havent shown grown up kanha till now…..??? and wat abt ved schl scenes missing dem. i wanted to see how he feels at schll and his matured acting….. der,…………

      • NS4

        Director using remaining all characters as passing clouds…

        When he wants rain then these clouds come on screen…??? ?????

      • richa

        ryt ns4 they hav kept all other charecters for covering up wen other main leads or sm famous charecter is on leaave…………..
        @varsha v can only dream to see all d charecters together…………till now…. i just hope they show FB about ankur and missing co.

  10. How much suraj excited for his second marriage. Bt suraj think he marry sandhya BT actually he marry lalima. Bt suraj expression was superb when he remember sandhya and collect there marriage items.???
    How can bhaboo do this yaar. Now she giving that sandhya’s marriage dress to that lalima. Suraj only take sandhya name BT that bhaboo smartly handle situations.???
    Bichara ved he dnt want new mother in his life. Bt bhaboo dnt understand his feelings. ??
    In front of ved bhaboo give Sandhya’s marriage dress to lokesh as shagun for his sister lalima. Ved can’t see this. How can bhaboo do this with this little kid.??

    • anu

      Oooohooooo varsha bhaboo kuch feelings bacha hai kya …oooo tho bete ke pyaar e pagal hogayi…uskho bas abhi sooraj khi shadi dikh rahi hai…. Mujhe ek doubt hai 15 aug kya hone wala hai ground me sandy kis ke saath ayi vahape nd sooraj ki shaadi apne ap rukh jayegi…kaisa

      Sooraj sandy kho dekhega or lalima kho sooraj ka stage patha chelega

      Guys any one guess?????

      • richa

        mera guess is situation pe yeh hai ki…….ved sandy ko dekh lega aur mumma chilayega ya sandy ki taraf dodega pkka karne k liye ki voh sandy hi hai……………aur jaise promo shoot m tha ki sandy bhaag jati h toh ved ko dekh k voh bhaag jayegi garjana waalon k paas………aur may b stampede create karegi taki woh bhaaag sake aur ved ki vajahse shaadi ruk jayegi…………????

  11. richa

    welll aryan went missing from d kabaddi track only nothing was shown about him after d fracture……..and sooraj joining d kabaddi team…………

  12. richa

    welll aryan went missing from d kabaddi track only nothing was shown about him after d fracture……..and sooraj joining d kabaddi team………… and….. there was a spoiler dat that kabaddi team girl will fall for sooraj but i didnt see it she dissapeared after they won d tournament……… as kabaddi team owner she shud hav contact with her players………and wbu other players nd sooraj’s kabaddi frnds.??? a lll vanished nextt missing charecter is ankur nd family.i thik they were not shown after bul bul made ankur realise his mistake by playing dat prank………..

  13. richa

    nextt missing charecter is ankur nd family.i thik they were not shown after bul bul made ankur realise his mistake by playing dat prank………..

  14. richa

    next is missing school of ved nd alll unclear about d hotel as taisa told dat she saw sm other board on sooraj;s land plot and bhabho stopped her thn sooo hotel is still a mystery…………..

      • richa

        yeah yeahchavi toooo missing!!!!!!! and they havent shown grown kanha yet. and sandy’s police academy frnds ……………her mentor also missing!!!!!!!! vaise toh voh hamesha khain na kahin mil hi jaate h………..

  15. NS4

    Y u people deleted my comments…I didn’t said any wrong thing ….I said correct ..right.. U people(telly team) were awake now only naa

    • Ya may be they do new then the marriage break. Ya may be suraj know the bhaboo’s lie. Any can happened. Now just wait and watch.???

  16. anu

    Guys good afternoon aaj sbb and sbs me kuch bataya aapne fav serial ke bare me………..mai aaj miss kari………….

  17. Romi

    I think suraj will get scared after seeing the fire during his phere time so he’ll get attacks and lalima will know his problem and will call off the wedding ???

  18. So sad of u ved. Ved see this that bhaboo give Sandhya’s place to other girl.and ved can’t do anything he only see that and bear this.???

    • How madly cry ved. After that bhaboo scene. Can’t stop my tear in that scene. Bt dnt worry ved suraj second marriage nt happened.????

  19. Then ved see pics and cry.and say he dnt want new mother. Why sandhya go. At least ved can see that note na.before ved see that note ved close that album.and control himself.??

  20. So sweet of u sandhya. Then bharat sir say they r all fine.and sir give jeggery to suraj and ved and they both like that jeggery. And suraj take all that jeggery. Hearing this news sandhya get tearly eye. Heart touching scene.????

  21. Bhaboo’s dream never come true.don’t worry ved ur dad nt marry with that lalima. Just chil.again they end episode with suspense. Now waiting for Monday episode ??

    • This is same location link which I yesterday post. In this link they say suraj doing his second marriage.on that time sandhya see suraj with some girl getting marriage. And she get more shock. Th n she run to that marriage place with tear eyes.? Bcoz of mission mahabali she can’t do anything.??

      • Then SBS and SBB they say that suraj and lalima marriage nt happened in show. For some reason this marriage break. So what I say that happened suraj second marriage nt happened in show.???

        This is promo shot.?

      • Then they show sandhya’s off screen masti with rathi family. Then sandhya interview in that interview she said now more interesting and unexpected and suspension tracks on the way.just wait and watch. ???

      • And they also say that sandhya come in Jaipur with garjna sanghtna to know there next plan.and same ground suraj and lalima marriage scene and in one side children celebrat independence day.??

      • So what i say in past few days that suraj second marriage nt happened. I also say that plz trust me and dabh team.see my trust won. So now viewers get more interesting just chillll. guys suraj second marriage nt happened. ??

      • Romi

        Thanks varsha for this great news! Suraj wedding is called off and sandya thinks that he remarried ?? how restless she would be ? ? I wish sandya could know that the wedding was not happened ?

      • LuvDABH

        May be due to some fire sooraj will get afraid and lalima will get to know sooraj’s mental condition including sandhya.

  22. anu

    Ya really varsha so sad abt ved.. Eee kis reason see shaadi rokh jayegi that is suspence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!guys any body guess the reason???????

  23. Yesterday @richa u ask one question is that what sandhya wrote in that letter then the answer is :
    Sandhya wrote in that letter that my dear suraj ji, ur trust never break. With this letter I quit my trust to u then u support or handle urself , ved and bhaboo and all family members. For the this letter u handle all family members.and when I came then I take all this responsiblity. Only ur always sandhya.??

    • Heart touching letter written by sandhya to suraj.??? and sorry if I did any mistake in grammar or in spelling.? hope now ur daut will be clear.??wating for tomorrow episode.?

    • richa

      no matter mistakes varshu dr and thanx dr 4 d info i missed dat epi and i really wish that letter comes in light soon. lol 😉

  24. LuvDABH

    I think garjana come to Jaipur to meet Mohit. Sooraj will see sandhya and run behind her and lalima get to know about Sooraj.

    • anu

      It will happen nice story will more intresting……that idiot mohit kho gharjana mem banaye tho acha rahega……guys did you observe… marriage promo shoot me mohit is missing……..i think krish mohit hoga huva tho acha rahta…………….

      • anu

        And i want to end this lalima character………….but it will not end i think so….till mission continues lalimaa will be there i think soooo to create probs in rathi family…..

    • richa

      hann garjana shayad mohit se hi milne aayega aur shaadi ki aadh m mohit yeh meeting bhi easily kar sakta hai….. par mujhe lagta h voh krish police ka aadmi bhi ho sakta h…..krishna ladki ka code name bhi ho akta h…..

  25. anu

    Hey morning guys !!!!!!!! ya suraj second marriage was not happend ………..this is very happy news for us (DABH fans)……but we want to wait for upcoming episodes………….

    jab thak babhoo ka bakwas dekh na padega………..that was soooo sad for us…… problem aghe tho diya aur batee ek saath rahenge naaaaa….that was very happy for us….but so sad sandy ….use lagtha hai sooraj is doing second marriage ….ooooo pain use khayi jayegi………

    Actually sandy kho patha lagna chahiye khi sooraj is in shock ooooo kis taklif me hai……jab story aur intresting rahega……………

    And i am waiting for action scene’s of gharjana sanghatan………..i want to more scene of suraj -sandy……

    And i am waiting for sooraj when he will out of the shock and he will find out sandhya secreat………….support of zakir ….as well as bhaboo lie sooraj khe samne ana hai…….. i want rathi family me jadha probs create hona hai aur uske zariye poora family members ko sandhya ki value patha hona hai….

    oooo idiot mohit kha suspense bhi revel hona hai…..i want to see khotari family mem also as well as choto chaturi also…..they also a rathi family mem naaa….

    sandy kha secret family mem ke samne ayega ….aur ayega tho kaisa ayega…….ooooo reason ved hoga nahi tho sooraj hoga i very curious to see those scene … and as well as 15th aug gharjana scene also……waitingggggggggggggg……………………

    In present story so many suspenses are there…….very exited to see………..

    Good morning @ns4, @varshu, @richa……………

    • richa

      gm @ anu dr and main bhi yrh zaroor chahoongi ki ye sab jo tum chchti ho zaroor ho………m also thinking same…………..
      and the actress who plays chaturi hav left d show itwas in d news ………………soo we can hope 2 see a new face as chaturi….or may b d oldone cms back…………..
      and unfortunately in sbs (ABP nws) they shwd heigh pts nd said”is hafte sooraj ki shaadi ho jayegi aur sandhya ka mission chalta rahega”….??? baaki pta nhi aage kyaa hoga par heigh pt was ???? awwwfulll………… 😛 hope vo just idea ho nd marrig naa ho….well no more nws till nw…… lol tc .good afternoon frnds………..

      • richa

        well i alsowant to see d finished promo nd mohit in lockup ………..and surya remarrig………. bhabho ka pachtava. 😀 jo jaldi honaa chahiye….. bhabho ko bahut bada sabak milna chahiye…….

  26. NS4

    Sry guys… If anyone feel sad abt my comment…but I was sharing my opinion..
    I feel this marriage drama end with sad.(I mean sooraj marriage happen)
    I can justify this y I was saying..

    If any track that DABH team decide They will complete it.

    Sandhya Sooraj separation after hijack track
    SS Twins separation-completed

    SS AND TWINS..Separation we don’t want that track..but they completed

    Now they started ..Sooraj marriage… I feel they(DABH Team) will complete it…

    And last one thing I want to say….. I too wish This not to happen…

    But I have a strong feeling that DABH team will disappoint us.

    • anu

      No yaar ayisa hona nahi chahiye it was wrong … was injustice with sandy……..i was disappointed……if at happends i never watch dabh serial bcoz i loved suraj and sandhya aghar saperation huva tho mai dekh nahi sakthi……….

      • NS4

        True say will be wrong..if it happens
        Actually it will be wrong msg from show… It’s will be wrong abt a female solders and her sacrifice…
        Nooooo… don’t want this…..I can’t bear this…

    • anu

      Nd vansh ved issue is different …… Bt this serial ka main role hai how can they do this……???????

      Thats why i dont like separation track…..nd wt abt that sbb news on saturday in that they told marriage will not happen which news is correct i dont know i am getting tension abt this issue….

      • NS4

        Yeah….in Saturday SBS…i feel they given a HINT that.. Sandhya see sooraj doing marriage.. But she can’t do any thing for mission and country safety.. She goes away from sooraj….this means… Marriage not stops

        But I too don’t want this happen..anyway all these are our opinions and wat we feel…..But we don’t know what director and writers thought..
        So I wait till that day….

      • anu

        No actually they said shaadi apne ap rukh jayegi…it means marriage not happen…..pata nahi kya suspense rakh re…… I dont know ….iam getting confused…. Leave abt these news…mera man kahta hai khi sandy sooraj judha nahi honge ……unkha pyaar true hai…..

    • NS4

      Yeah.. U r right @anu …bed and vanish matter is different.. But I given it as example.. That if “wat director decided they do that only….

  27. anu

    Ya… Wt abt ur opinion richa nd varshu….. Varshu app ne kaha khi sooraj second marriage ke bare me koyi nahi bathkarenge..bcoz it was not happening…..but eee jab thak shaadi rukh nahi jathe tab tak discuss hote rahegha kyu khi fans jadha sandy sooraj pe hi focus karthe nd pyaar bhi karthe….we all r loved diya batee…… Hope it will not happen…. Think positive …..views kho attension rakhne ke liye eeee sab romour hoga …this is my opinion…….

  28. anu

    any way 1 more hour to watch today episode …….we will the from see starting of today episode bhaboo ki bakhwaas………..i dont want to watch bhaboo but kya kare majburi hai……..sandy aur sooraj ke liye tho dekh na padega……….

  29. anu

    Top i wrote the comment mistake………..sorry

    from the starting of today episode bhaboo ki bakwas ……….i dont want to watch but kya kare majburi hai ……sandy aur sooraj ke liye tho dekh na padega………

  30. Janvi

    I have a feeling,,suraj will marry lalima,,,he is mentally ill, doesn’t no whats going on,,,sandhiya will come and see them married, thinking they are happy together,,she will leave,,o bak in her mission,,later,,shekhar will fell in love with her, will exspress to her and she for the sake of the country he will agree to find out throw him,,,who is chandu, not knowing,,,he is chandu,,,later shekhar(chandu) will join sandhiya and go against his team, destroy the garjanas, and become famous police officer…

  31. Janvi

    Im finding very interesting …the serial…well done to the writers and directors..some sense,,at last..v.good show of shekhar…

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