Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj giving idea to Ved and they imagine Sooraj and Ved working as halwai. Ved says he will become halwai/sweetmaker like Sooraj and the family gets happy that no one can win over him. Sandhya says Vansh will also come there and thinks what will he become. Vansh comes dresses as police officer and takes the pledge. Ankur is shocked and recalls Sandhya. Vansh smiles and asks Ankut how is his idea. Ankur says no, you won’t become police officer. Ankita says its common, we will think of something good. Vansh says fine and goes with her.

Sandhya says we will take camera and take Vansh’s pics. Sooraj asks her to take. She says I know you want to keep seeing him. He counts hours to see Vansh. She sees Sharma, who brings court orders, why is he coming. He says did

Mohit do anything again, and they to see. Ved talks to Sharma and Sandhya sends him. She says summon for Sooraj, who sent it. Sharma says Ankur Kothari. Sooraj thanks him and he goes. They read it and cry, that they are not allowed to meet Vansh.

She says they called us in court tomorrow morning. He says we thought so much to see Vansh, so many desires to see Ved and Vansh together, I did not think there will be law to keep parents away from children. Its morning, Sooraj prepares Ved and makes him say his dialogues. Babasa asks for oil and Sandhya gets the oil. She says who uses it in our home and sees Ved. She says so this is your new demand which Sooraj fulfilled and argues with him.

Sooraj defends Ved. Bhabho says Ved is your only child and he will make demands, if Vansh was there with him…. She stops saying and they get sad. Ved asks them are they coming today with him. Sandhya says no, we have some work. Ved say fine, but I have to win. Babasa goes to drop him till bus. Mohit taunts Sandhya for not going to Ved’s school, her work is more important than child, when he needed her more, he is the only son, why to make him annoyed.

Bhabho says she will go to school if they are busy. Sandhya nods no to Sooraj. Sooraj says no, I will go. Mohit tells Pari and Misri that he will drop them to school and Pari gets glad. Pari says she will tell all her friends that her dad is back from UK. He takes the kids to have juice and they talk about UK. Mohit worries. Misri gets some idea and says its not good juice and asks for new one. Pari says its nice, why did you lie. Misri says I got two glasses in one glass rate.

She gets another one and drinks. He pays the money and starts going with them. A man comes and says Mohit Rathi. Mohit says he did not identify him. The man asks is he running again,t his time he won’t let him run. Mohit runs leaving the kids. Pari and Misri call him and get tensed. The kids get ready for fancy dress competition. Ved says his idea will be different and its surprise. He thinks what did Vansh become. Vansh comes as astronaut and meets Ved.

They challenge each other and say they will win, lets see. They say lets see whose parents win today. Ankur and Ankita see Sooraj and Sandhya at the court. Sooraj says we could not meet Vansh well, shall we stay away from him all our life. The fancy dress competition goes on. Vansh is called next and he goes on the stage. Ved thinks Vansh will perform well, he is confident but not better than me. Vansh speaks about astronauts and everyone claps. Ved is called next and he smiles.

Ved says he became Halwai to fill sweetness in everyone’s lives and everyone start laughing on him. Ved is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sandy it better ki u get ur son vansh form ur so called stupid heartless bhaiya

  2. This serial is becoming so nasty. This shows there is no value for relations. How can she give her son and his brother is such a stupid to make distance between them

    1. Totally agree with you!! Whole theme of this serial is off track…

  3. Exactly anjali….he has forgotten sisters sacrifices… He just used his sister…he got her married to halwai just to fulfill His dreams n sandya had to face so many problems….n now when her life was settled again he came to spoil it…..just hate that sooraj n ankur…when sooraj had left her she should have married zakir….no value for emotions…if somebody else had done the samething she would definitely take some actions..but how come she becomes helpless when it comes to her family n kids..bullshit show…stopped watching…not all practical

  4. It’s better for Director to visit psychiatrist. …
    Such a stupid drama. .. don’t know the values of relations.
    Ankur breaking all relations with his sister and
    Now break s&s relation vit own son

  5. well. writer… i would like to give u a suggestion…. ur serial thohgh z the best… but itz to b made unique…. show wt reality z n wt reality demands…. ideal circumustances whn created take us to no whr… so better late than neva…. get a real plot…. wr ppl behave reality… talk reality… walk reality… think reality…. 🙂 khuda hafIz

  6. Wat happen to Director. .. it’s really hard to watch this show. .. Sandhya and Sooraj characters went too weak. .. ankur too much domination.
    Infact not only ankur dominating s&s…that useless mohit. …

  7. Its becoming so irritated !! Is there any law that can seperate parents and children ??

  8. To be a halwaye is a honour why the people are mocking him when they r happy where else do they rush/?

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