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Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shekhar telling Sandhya their plan of a grand marriage going on and they would steal cash to get Garjana plan executed. She thinks she has to be with Shekhar and know their plan, she has to pass info about the foreigner. Shekhar says we have to be careful. A man brings some box. Sandhya asks Shekhar what is it. He says don’t worry, trust me, you are brave soldier of Garjana, we have to do this for our mission. She asks what. He asks her to give her hand and slits it a bit. Sooraj wakes up and says Sandhya. Shekhar implants a chip in her hand and stitches the wound, saying this chip will give them her location. Sandhya cries with pain.

He gives the gun and details to Manjari. Sandhya thinks she can’t even talk to any police officer now, as she has this chip

in her hand. Manjari asks Sandhya to come. Sandhya thinks she has buried Officer Singh’s ashes here, the marriage function has a lake nearby and I can leave the ashes in that lake. She falls there and Manjari scolds her. Sandhya runs and takes the ashes pot. Sandhya takes the ashes pot and leaves from the place.

Lalima sleeps on the ground and feels cold. Bhabho comes to her and holds her. Lalima gets up. Bhabho asks her to sleep in Chavi’s room, its vacant. Lalima says I m fine here. Bhabho folds hands and Lalima holds her hand. The marriage function in the Muslim household start. The lady shows the jewelry and 21 lakhs as gift amount for the groom. Manjari comes there and looks around. She greets the lady and says she is Ruksana, some relative. The lady says I m sorry. Manjari hugs her and compliments her sweetly.

Manjari sees the bride and acts sweet. The lady shows the nek items. Manjari asks 21 lakhs as Salami, great. She asks why did she leave this open, thieves can see it. The lady says no, guards are here for the security. Manjari thinks time will say how good are the guards, where did Sagarika go.

Manjari sees Sagarika and says great, dancer is also there. Sandhya covers her face and dances on the song Parde me rehne do…….Manjari goes and beats the guards down. She takes the vacuum cleaner and takes the jewelry. She thi nks to find some other way. Manjari steals the cash. Sandhya pushes the lady towards the jewelry stage, and thinks to catch the guard’s attention towards her. The lady reacts seeing the cash and jewelry missing. Sandhya collides with the guard and he follows her. She runs from there.

Shekhar tries calling Sagarika and calls Manjari. He hears Sagarika asking Manjari to run with the cash, and gets glad. Sandhya says she is seen by the guard, and makes Manjari run. The guard asks Sandhya to stop. Shekhar says Sagarika is on problem. Manjari sees the ashes pot in the car and checks it. She says it means Sagarika lied that day, she is really hiding something, but what…..

Sandhya acts that she did not steal and asks the person not to kill her. She shoots on her hand chip. Manjari looks on and gets shocked. Manjari sees Officer Singh and Sandhya’s pic in the tab.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb Manjari and Sandhya fighting…unfortunately she got ill

  2. dabh small fan

    Thank u for updates keep on posting very much interested to check upcoming story

  3. Wow Manjari ko paralysis…pagal sundari?

  4. 1st time i am also commenting post.Please say completely ? whats in next coming episodes

    1. @chiku Welcome… On this lovely site as well as in lovely place…nice one… More excited to watch today’s episode…..???

  5. Chill.good night all

  6. manjari sandhy ka help liye bhina kuch karnahi sakthi phir bhi sandhy kho dat thi hai…………..manjari u r too bad………….when manjari is taking that jewellary her expression is awesome ……i cant stop my laugh……..

  7. Superb episode….within 2 weeks mission will be complete and rathi drama will start specially from bhabho side…and as mina has said that when sandya and lalima will be together then they will show lalima and sandhya part and rathi bakwas will start …I hope they will show new mission soon as rathi bakwas is irritating specially bhabho side….can any body update current trp? I think it should be high now 🙂

    1. i also dnt like to that mad rathi family drama…. hope this mission track end….they show some new mission track… i think after sandhya back home then they show bhaboo accpect sandhya in few dayssssssss then thaey show suraj hotel preperetion………bt i want to see more police related scence…as well as suraj hotel scensc……hope they show that… tuseday or friday they show current trp… in previous dabh is 4th position in compair to other serial…and in star plus dabh is 2 postion…bt i dnt care for trp… for me dabh is 1st posions…bt for u i say this……when current trp show that time i post that……hope u like this……….

  8. today all r in commets page only see abhi 72 comments cross hogaya………….dabh always rocks……really today episode is excellent..i cant express my feelings……….very very nice… 🙂

    1. Congrats guys..I missed my comments..anyway I was joined vit u for 100 cmnts

  9. OMG sandhya and Lalima will fight for Suraj… =D

  10. Will Sandhya be in danger? Omg.

  11. I think now Sandhya will kill manjari and go back to village with jewelry. I wish it will happen like this only.

    1. May be it happens…. to continue mission and Sandhya to stay vit garjana and to know their plan….
      But ..what drama will be played by Sandhya its a ?

  12. Good morning…@Anu, Varsha, Richa
    Have a nice day…

    Sry for not commenting… Actually I was reading all ur comments..and trying to give rply But..that time I was getting into some work…so I was unable to cmnt..
    But I was enjoying all ur cmnts.. Keep commenting..I also try to comment
    DABH Always rocksss

    1. Hi good morning to All!!!!!!!!!!have a nice day……..waiting for today episode……… 🙂

    2. Hello dear…hope u r work finish early then u also get time to post…..its k..I also now that our work is our first priority… So first finish ur work.. Then join us..and enjoy us cmts… Hope they nt kill manjari they show that something that manjri go in some coma…or she face some I’ll problem… Then they show that sandhya is planning to kill manjari…… Hope they show like this….?????????

    3. No prob @ns4 ….Our work is our first priority………so no probs…..enjoy comments….dabh always rocks……… 🙂

    4. arrey ns4r workk r proirity noo need to b serious on this petty issue

  13. Hi to all Dabh fans,
    @richa, enjoyed ur imaginations…

    1. thank u @ dharini 🙂

  14. Yes its right,
    Bhabhoo ki bolti bandh hai to relief hai…

  15. Action sequences are on the way…
    Interesting track…

    1. Hope we dnt see bhaboo soft corner for lalima… Wating for upcoming Sandhya’s action scene….???????????

  16. I’m glad to see comments by more people… Dabh rocking..

  17. Hey guys plz for god sake ! Someone pls tell me if this promo is true or false? This has really made me sick , is the MM will remain incomplete , is sagarika( sandya) going to b caught ?

    1. they show more twist.. Now big challenge for sandhya that how to stop manjari to meet shekhar or other garjna sanghtna people… So this nt stop mission mahabali(MM)…. This mission is continue… If that promo is true then it very nice to see how sandhya stop manjari….so dnt very @romi…this mission nt stop… It’s more interesting to see how sandhya face problems in this situation and how she contact with bharat sir… I know she definitely do something with manjri that she dnt tell anything to garjna sanghtna abt sandhya’s truth… And defintely sandhya planning to kill manjari may be in upcoming episodes… So @romi just chill sandhya definitely complete her mission..hope may be ur daut clear…?????????????

  18. @ romi promo looks true noww bcoz in yesterdays spoilere it said dat manjiri nd chandu will know sagarika truth…

  19. I had been an ardent fan from the first. But after hijack episodes i stopped seeing. I am watching the sagarika episodes really very good.

  20. Y a @ i to agree with varsha nd richa… its more intresting… 🙂

  21. Thanks friends I’m a bit relieved!! Though I trust sandya but still I was worried for her! Thanks all of you cleared my doubt ☺️
    DABH rokzzzz

  22. Hi varsha, I hope my comment does not offend you as I really like your comments 🙂 I just wanted to say if you do not like anyone posting spoilers then please dear just ignore that comment and do not read it. I read the comments section to find out if there’s any spoilers so please may I request someone write them if you know? thank you 🙂

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