Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Sooraj about nuclear attack. Sooraj says I heard them, they said they will launch missile at 9am. She says we have less time. He says we have just 4-5 hours, the men will get conscious. He holds her hand. Diya aur baati…….plays………He takes Sandhya on his back and walks ahead. She smiles. Sandhya and Sooraj come to the lab centre and she enters code. He beats a man and they get inside to stop the missile. She says where did everyone go. They get inside to see the foreigner and get shocked finding him dead.

Sandhya thinks Garjana has killed this foreigner scientist, just he could have stopped the missile time, and tells Sooraj. Narayani tells about the medicinal herbs added in sweets which made the men unconscious. Sooraj asks her to think

of any other way. She sees the missile activated and tells Sooraj about this missile ruining their country. Sandhya tells Sooraj that they have over six hours now, they have to deactivate the missile.

Sooraj says we have to do something. She says I will try to contact Bharat and could not contact. She says Garjana men are clever, they have fixed jammers, we can’t call or mail anyone. She hits the system and a video plays. Charlie asks Shekhar why is he killing him. Shekhar says sorry, you are the only one who could stop this missile and shoots him. Charlie tells about the person whose palm can…. Shekhar says I know, the person can stop the missile by the palm’s sign. Sooraj and Sandhya think who is that person.

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She says we have a way to stop this missile. He says we have less time, think well with cool mind, come. He sees the timer. She thinks how to stop this and recalls the remote. She tells him that I have come here before and has stolen the remote, we can stop this missile. Sooraj asks where is it. She recalls throwing the remote into a kulfi cart, she remembers that guy and also the name written on the cart..

He says you are tired, I will go. She says I will come with you. He is proud of you and says we have to get the remote before Garjana men come back. Narayani gives medicines and wakes up Shekhar, commander and everyone. The man says Sagarika is not behind the wall. Nayarani says it means that halwai has mixed something in sweets. Sandhya and Sooraj are on the way to trace the kulfi vendor from ice factory. She stops him from stepping on the mines. He says no one can separate this diya and daati, and asks her not to worry. She hugs him and they proceed.

Commander says it means halwai is with Sandhya. Shekhar says now we will not leave Garjana’s enemies, come. Sandhya and Sooraj don’t get anyone in the ice factory and checks the carts and boxes. Sooraj hits the cart and a man wakes up, asking who are they, what they want. Sooraj asks about Bhagwandad kulfiwala, they came to meet. The man says Bhagwandas won’t come in morning, he met with an accident, his cart broke. Sandhya asks about the cart. The man says he sent it to junk, no use to go, there is no guard. Sandhya and Sooraj rush to the junkyard and try finding the remote.

Its all dark with fluctuating dim lights. They look for the remote. She described the box to Sooraj. He says he got it and they try finding. She says remote is of yellow color. Sooraj gets it and shows her. She says not this, but of this size. Sandhya says she can’t see anything in darkness. He sees the candle near its end and thinks how will they find remote in darkness. He joins back the dried wax and puts thread to make a candle. He makes a diya and takes near the junk. Sandhya gets the yellow remote and shows him. She says now we have power to stop the missile, now we are together, and enemies can’t succeed. They get surrounded by Garjana men. A jeep comes and they get shocked.

Sandhya and Sooraj run. Himanshu aims at Sandhya. Sooraj gets shocked and shouts Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode! Suspens is ahead! Whose jeep was this? Hate you himanshu more than that stupid sheker ?

  2. Will sooraj die ? :'( someone plx telly me …

  3. Very excited for coming episodes. I Luv these writers. I love this page too.

  4. Thanks amena !!!!!!!!!!! shocking and suspense episode. 🙂

  5. How many obstacles to enact the mission Mahabali? And as told in spoiler, ih Himamanshu marries Sandya it’ll be simply ridiculous and an alphabet soup. Moreover the suspense behind Bhabhu’s move is still unrevealed.

  6. But sooraj and sandhya rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! as sooraj told no one can separate them. its true. diya aur batee always together.

  7. Awesome episode…tnx for fast updating…..see varsha u said no one will be killed but here the track is going they will kill someone most probably sooraj as the spoilers alert …….

  8. ……Have said

  9. Makers r dragging it … Pls end this mission soon with positivity

  10. Nyc episode. Suraj fulfills all the vows as he took in his marriage. They are insepratable.they really look like diya aur baati. Hats off dabh team

  11. These spoilers hurting me alot.. thanks amena for updating..

    Nice to see diya baati together after long time..

    thank god no rathi parivaar,lalima scenes..

  12. Thank you amena. After reading this,i see morning episode everyday.



    Sandhya and Sooraj get surrounded by Garjana men. She runs to fool them and get saved, but they fail. Manjari and Himanshu catch them. Manjari ties Sooraj by ropes and makes Himanshu marry Sandhya. Manjari plays shank and Himanshu takes sindoor to marry Sandhya. Sandhya is made to wear the bridal accessories. Sooraj and Sandhya get helpless. Sooraj feels the worst moment to see Sandhya forced to marry Himanshu. Manjari and Himanshu wants to stop them from fulfilling the mission. They mentally torture Sandhya and Sooraj. Sandhya is lifted by the men and is made to take rounds, while Himanshu looks on. Sooraj breaks the ropes and stops Himanshu. Himanshu angrily aims gun at Sandhya. Sooraj comes in between. Sooraj gets shot to save Sandhya. Sandhya shouts Sooraj ji… Sooraj will not be dying in the show, as per the show’s title. Sooraj and Sandhya are incomplete without each other.

  14. Its very shocking precap….is really himanshoo shoot suraj as they show in promo…

    Its very hard to see that scene. i cant stop my tears for suraj and sandhya. chalo e tho one man show hogaya….i think in the last moment bharath and police commander reach may be.

  15. sorry spell mistake at the end of the moment bharath and police commanders will reach may be

  16. Stupid…..himanshu hw many times he is cmg……..and I cant see precap….getting tears……for sooraj n sandhya.

  17. Nice episode…chill guys! Suraj won’t die…and I think remote battery will be down and sandhya has to use her palm.

  18. I like this show Diya Aur Baati hum but i want to know about full story from strating i have to see this show in the strating of mahabali mission so i don’t about full story
    If you can tell the full story

    1. Well @kaveri! I’ll tell you the story in short! Sandya is a intelligent and hard working girl who wants to be an IPS officer to fulfill her parents as well as her own wish. But unfortunately she lost her parents in a bomb blast and his selfish brother ankur got her married forcibly to a halwayee suraj rathi who is a noble person by nature! Sandya is unaware of the fact that he is an uneducated person!
      On the other hand bhabo suraj’s mum who is a strong headed woman, wants an uneducated bahu for her son suraj bcoz his first to be wife eloped from the mandip before the wedding day;so bhabo considered all the educated girls as shamless who don’t care about their families respect.bhabo was also cheated by ankur who told her that sandya is an illiterate girl Bcoz he did not want to lose his American visa from his company and that was his dream to go to America for better life! So he got rid of sandya and married her to suraj in just 15days!
      To be continued next time ?

      1. Romi Thank you so much for tell the story thank you so much

  19. @anu: precap shows something and there happens different..remember the precap of last episode in that they showed that himanshu is going to hit sooraj on head but what happened that sandhya at that moment hit himanshu..
    So nothing can be predicted 😛

    1. yes u r absolutely right….

  20. So the writer of this show wants to insult Indian police force. They are showing that Indian police force don’t have the ability to rescue their own officer!! Y da hell on earth they put Sooraj(Ordinary man) on this mission??!!! Apparently the writer wants to prove that the country’s security can be ensure by a ordinary man not by the police force. RIP The Writer Of This Serial… :/

    1. Hi Kandy you are worng if the police officers only to product all of them in any country no its absoutley wrong every common have rights to product your country and then self defence is to be include in law also
      So Please don’t insult the police officer in anyone time its absoutley insult our Country also
      If i tell anything in wrong please forgive me Kandy and all of them in this site

      1. @ Kaveri: Excuse me. I am a law abiding citizen of my country.. n here I didn’t insult police officer but I present the writer/director’s foolishness/lack of creativity. I don’t know whether the writer is he or she but that person is completely insane.. How come no commando force still didn’t arrive at that Garjana Area. Although we are aware of the fact, that area is very dangerous. It can be very risky to send a ordinary men only there for the mission. They should have sent some security force also along with Sooraj. Then with the help of security force Suraj will rescue sandhya. If this was shown then it would have been much appreciated by the audiences. Sorry unwillingly if I hurt anyone’s feeling..

  21. Hey guys! have you noticed that suraj and Sandhya entered the camp where missile is there without nuclear protection cloths…this is nonsense they should wear this and then enter…mistake of writer

    1. No not mistake of writer but actually the director should have noticed that!!! I was thinking the same ?

  22. Well said kandy I do agree with it … actually this is not like detective shows as “aankhen” here writer themselves don’t have much knowledge about all these there moto is to just show the superiority of main characters….I can say this good try…but it would be more better if they have showed that sandhya alone is sufficient with the help of Bharat and Zaakir and suraj is sufficient on his own era…It is fictitious but we want real one…One advise to writer that reality is much stronger than fiction…

  23. it’s not like that, show says even common people have responsibility towards the country, why should common people just sit and watch cricket

    1. @ kandy and @ishandi!! You both are correct on your own place!
      But I have seen in my opinion a common person can also join the mission with proper guidance like in one of Bollywood movie where a plan is high jacked and shiny ahoojha’s charecter sent some ordinary woman to give the spy device to the air hostess pretending her to clean the toilet!
      Maybe in real life its totally different but still enjoying the show and no one is insulting any institution or a person!

  24. DABH rocks B-)

  25. See in hijack what suraj did was fine and seems realistic and at last fighting part was handled by sandhya but in a secret mission it can’t be acceptable for a halwai… he is not educated much also….whatever it is …suraj presence in the mission is irritating…I wanted best mind use by sandhya Bharat and Zaakir in heroistic view….never want suraj in this mission

  26. I loved that part where sandhya spying on Roma and saved officer singh … that was amazing but after that in every mission they are dragging too much which is reducing the quality contents of the show.

  27. Please stop prolonging this show,the so called mission mahali is getting too long
    am tired of it

    1. I agree with u. Now they are showing irrelevant scene…. Stupid writer…

  28. @Romi, you have narrate Dabh partt 1 very well

  29. @Anu, precap makes viewers restless…
    But everything will be fine

  30. Team Dabh, writers are showing us Ram Sita track that Ram goes to find Sita and take her back from Ravan… they have shown this upto now… for that only they are giving Suraj character much Importance.
    And after Ram Sita reunion, Ram Sita separation…

  31. Wt is it mean dr after ram sita reunion ram seeta separation????

  32. again separation track will continue????????????????

  33. @Anu, posibilities are there .

  34. u r right @dharani hmmm separation track go on ….may be

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