Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Sooraj having a talk. She says this Karwachauth is most special, I got my family back, I m very happy, I did not know this will happen. They see Meenakshi scolding Vikram for not getting a gift for her. Meenakshi asks Sandhya to decide, women keep fast for husbands, don’t they deserve a gift. Sooraj says Meenakshi is right, its every wife’s gift, show this shopping app to her and buy gift for her. Meenakshi says what if thing does not get same. Sandhya says no, things come branded and original. Vikram books a thing for her. Meenakshi says its great thing. Vikram thanks Sooraj for saving him. They leave. Sandhya asks for her gift. Sooraj says you got your gift, Bhabho’s love and family. Sandhya says its was already mine, no gift for me, I m going. Sooraj

stops her. Sooraj and Sandhya book a gift for her on amazon app.

Its morning, Bhabho says Sandhya did not come till now. Sandhya comes and greets her. Bhabho says she has to not forget the home rules. Meenakshi says I wake up before sunrise. Bhabho asks Sandhya to wake up early and manage kitchen, she has to give tea to everyone. Sandhya says fine, but I want a gift from you. Meenakshi thinks Sandhya will ask for jewelry.

Sandhya tells about Emily running the parlor so well. She says it will be good if Emily manages her work again and requests Bhabho to allow Emily. Meenakshi thinks Sandhya is hurrying after Bhabho accepted her. Bhabho calls Emily and Mohit. Bhabho says she has decided, Emily and Mohit will together manage the parlor after Diwali. Emily cries and thanks Bhabho. Mohit says I will manage, its not a problem. Bhabho says I have decided. Sandhya asks Emily to prosper and spend her money as per her wish, congrats. Meenakshi says Sandhya has come again to interfere in everyone’s matter. Sandhya says Bhabho made my day. Bhabho asks Sandhya won’t she ask for herself. Sandhya says she has thought something, and will ask Bhabho later. Meenakshi asks Bhabho and stops when Bhabho asks for this month’s expenses. Meenakshi sneezes and leaves making cold excuse.

Komal argues with Mohit and says she can’t manage her expenses, and asks him to buy a flat for her. She says she wants money. He says relax, we will think what to do, smile. He thinks how to tell her whats going on at home. Babasa sings and finishes the biscuits. He asks Bhabho for more. Bhabho scolds him. He calls her Masterni. He suggests to leave Sooraj and Sandhya alone and send them outside Pushkar, so that they spend some time alone. Bhabho says I know you are caring towards them, did you think about me ever. Babasa says you have awaken the husband inside me, come with me.

Sooraj and Sandhya come to Lokesh’s sweetshop. Sooraj asks how is he. Lokesh says I m fine. Sooraj says I know you are worried for Lalima’s future, we are also thinking about this, we thought to find a nice proposal for her, its necessary in life to move on. Sandhya says I know Lalima will need some time, but time will be required in finding a good relation, we want Lalima to get a good life partner. Lokesh says even I want this, Lalima get a good life partner who understands and supports her, I m afraid all this will become hurdle in her future, maybe she won’t get any good proposal, and if any good proposal comes, will Lalima agree? Sooraj says we will talk to Lalima, don’t worry, Sandhya will explain her.

Sooraj and Sandhya talk to a travel agent and look for a good place. He asks will Bhabho agree. Sandhya says yes, she asked me in morning if I want anything. Babasa and Bhabho also see some booklets of the good places, and find some place for Sooraj and Sandhya. Sandhya asks about temperature, meals… The man says we will do as you want. Babasa and Bhabho also talk about weathers, calling home. The man says the place you chose is called world’s heaven, we will make the package as you want. Babasa asks him to do this booking, as he has seen his wife happy after a long time. Sooraj asks them to do booking, they will fill details in the form.

Sooraj, Sandhya, Bhabho and Babasa collide outside and question about their visit here. Sooraj says we have to pay electricity bill. The man asks Sooraj about Mr. and Mrs. Arun Rathi’s age in the Mauritius trip.

Sooraj says the ages. The man goes. Babasa asks Sooraj and Sandhya, why did their age needed in electricity bill. Bhabho asks the same. Babasa says they are making plan to send us to Mauritius. Ved comes and tells Babasa that he got mum and dad’s passport, he did not let anyone know, they can surprise Sooraj and Sandhya. Babasa says no surprise left now. Sandhya asks Bhabho is she sending them abroad. Bhabho and Babasa tell about Switzerland. Sandhya we won’t go there, Bhabho and Babasa go.

They come home. Sandhya and Bhabho argue on who will be going on holiday. Bhabho asks who is mum in law. Sandhya says you are mum in law, but you can’t decide this. She asks for reason. Bhabho says who will manage home after Emily and Meenakshi go for work. Sandhya says I will manage home, and they all look on shocked.

Mohit blackmails Lalima for money and tells about the video. Lalima angrily slaps him. Sandhya comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lovedd itt hahaha meenu fun iss bak lol 😉

  2. It seems Mohit is incoorigible and he has to be sent to jail. In the end of the episode Sandya says that she would take care of the home after Emily and Meenatshi. What does it mean? Will she resign her job?

  3. Superb Happy Episode.Really excited to watch the show tomorrow @ 12 noon repeat as i couldn’t watch it today.
    And the precap is not just good.But marvelous.Mind blowing.Amazing.Awesome.Outstanding.
    Sorry I have no more words with me to praise this episode & precap.

    1. Meenakshi’s hand expressions when Vikram books gift for Meena was simply superb.
      Sandhya Bhabho arguement was awesome.Babasa fell down with papads,Bhabho drops clothes & sooraj folds hands when Sandhya says she will manage house in Bhabho’s absence.That scene was awesome & funny.
      Ved looked more handsome today.His expression when he sees Sandhya behind him was awesome.
      All stars of DABH rocked today.Hats off DABH team.
      Mohit was the only stupid element.
      Meena’s whole scenes were funny.That were laughing pills.

  4. Very nice episode.

  5. Wow…. Nice episode. Love u sandhyA u r awesome.

  6. Hi..every one …..n richu I agree with u

  7. Ya its relaxing episodes amejing surya happy h to ………….kya bat h ….varsha any aap log kaha ho ……..

  8. Hi…. . Guys h r u. Dabh rokkk always. Nice episod

  9. Hey guys did mohit married komal? Why was she demanding a flat and for her expanses? If this happens than I’ll be very happy cuz Emily will get her freedom from this crap and will spend her life happily with some nice guy who love and respect her !!!
    Today’s episode was truly relaxing as per said by my other friends ?

  10. Nice episode yeh that’s what I was thinking did Mohit marry in secret to komal is this new drama playing . Don’t think boo will tolerate this get Emily married to Zak and meena is halarias . Don’t think sandy will give up work boo accepted that .sandy rocks. Reply romi -good to have rocha back.

    1. It seems to me that you are a big fan of DABH as well like us! I also like akshra and naitik, but don’t like naksh! DABH rokzzzz just bcoz of sandya and suraj!??

  11. After mahabali mission home mission starts.Sandhya is going to face it alone.

  12. hyyy latika aftera longgg tym nyc 2 cu dr
    @ romi mohit is a big flirt jo ki kisi bhi ladki k liye kuch bhi katrga till she is his GF like with emily ya may b to shut her mouth he marry her gona b intresting may b 4 money house etc hemarry or trick lalima may b….. he is a lalciii useless duffer and a type of womanising charecter 😛

  13. heyyy relly if mohit n komal marry secretlyy then kooomal ka bold attitude nd bboooooo aha maza aayega 😛 but sandy will set aal riyt and may b sandy+emily+bboo+ ssooraj +komal= a biggg lession to mohit 😀 hope so r all teach lesson to mohit n komal nd mayyyb mohit bak bczz 4 komal inlyyy 😛 ……………as meenu said aa gayi thanedaarni rang me vapas yup this thanedarni will teach that stupid useless flirt mohit charecter a big lesson in bbooooo absence butt hope that freak dsn’t mess upp much as he is alsooo a good plotter nd in bbooo absnce dooo aal wrong and blame on others 😛

  14. I love this episode and serial so’s not good if sandhya resign from work.i love so much to watch romance between sandhya and suraj when they were alone.i love this serial hamesha hamesha ki pls don’t stop this serial until for more 10 years. and don’t change the telecasting and repeating times on star of luck for dabh and sandhya aur suraj.

  15. Aayush shrivastava

    Mohit is going to die in dabh. He will be shooting his last episode in mid december. His character will come to end.

    1. ayush can u give the link from where you got the news?????? and tell in detail what will happen

    2. Haha that’s a good news! But please don’t kill him, instead send him to jail for life inprisonment! Don’t want a sad atmosphere in RATHI mension!?
      And @richa , is there any news from @ varsha, @ [email protected] ns4, @ Luvdabh etc!!! M missing their lovely cmnts ?

      1. Romi and Richa, what I found is that writers planning to end Mohit character by December. Creative team working on how to end his character.

      2. Hi @ Luvdabh! The credit goes to our @ richa cuz she gave him the title of mr useless!? So the director also got attention that he is not needed in the serial anymore ?

  16. ved looks So cute……………. Can anyone tell me why emily stopped running her parlour.

    1. Its a mystery! Waiting for it to reveal it sooner!

      1. oh! really …. Thank [email protected]

  17. Aayush shrivastava

    Richa u can read it at tellybuzz and they did not told how his character will come to an end they just said that he will be shooting his last in this month

  18. @ ayush nd dabh fan thnkuu
    @ ramii (romi) dr noo newss not even ny talkk on fb dr and all missing…
    about mohit newss kkk he goo nd hope choose a good role nexttt tym nd yaar emily ko widoww nahiiii dikhaana chahiyee 🙁

  19. u knww romiii yeh pagee reallyy soona haiii :p nyways i too hav xamsss nearingg nd practicals going on sooo i too cmmnt less nd varshu may b xams nd really thiss trak needs a lot of cmmnts nd fb me Ruchi Dilta

  20. The highlight scene is that babasa fall down, baboo dropped the clothes and sooraj also get shocked when sandhya said that she will manage home. That’s really awesome scene.


  21. Big fan of yrkkh /dabh

    Yeh I Agree with romi mohit should not be killed the Rathi fam will be sad,sending him to jail will sober him up. And yes I am a Di hard dabh fan thanks for the Mohit biz ;also richa is right let’s hope they don’t show emily’s in widow’s state it wil be so hard to watch. Reply ==romi /richa anyone.

    1. Thanks dear for your reply! Let’s see what lalima and sandya do with mohit – the great useless person in this world!! ?

  22. Yes they can show Mohit going to jail and Bhabho getting Emily married to Zakir because of Sandhya-Sooraj.
    Lalima should be exposed and Sooraj should know that the fire incident was a fake. It is very important.

  23. Hallo gyse …happy dhanteras n happy diwali save diwali Anas n dipika happy diwali love u so muchhhh….

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