Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with suraj telling that when suraj is with her how can something bring darkness in her way. Asks her to read. Sandy smiles & starts reading. Suraj sleeps there itself

Vina room bhabho is not getting sleep (she is there to take care of the baby).

GG room

Sandy shakes suraj & asks him to sleep on the bed. He denies.

Bhabho comes out from the room & looks at those matkas & remembers her challenges (swamiji & ems case). & remembers maasa’s words abt sandy (its her good fortune to have sandy) & meena ‘s words yesterday. Also looks at sandy reading at the balcony. Bhabho remembers meena’s words & look at sandy repeats this & holds her chain out of fear ( )

Ems parents come & wishes them.

They give some gifts to meena. Meena happily receives it & tells that she didn’t expect this as they were from other religion. Adds that here for the girls parents shd give saome gifts always. they tell that they doesn’t knowthe tradition here just they brought this for the newborn baby.
Meena buck bucks

Priest gives an entry. He asks about ems birthday. They tell 1 JAn 1992 (OMG just 21 yrs old). The priest tells that two muhurat are there. One is satrah tareek (17) & another next month pachees (25)
Suraj suggests second & bhabha seconds him & chavi thirds them. Vikram fourths. Vik tells that yby then meena will also be alright. Suraj seconds him & asks the opinion of ems parents. Ems chavi not happy. Bhabho says she has a prob. Bhabho tells that she can’t wait one more month for this. The priest leaves.

Bhabho tells that she is concerned abt her prestige more than someone’s study. She tells that ny seeing ems situtation it is better to have the first one. She feels for that sevendays delay too. Ems parents happy happy. Everyone share sweets. Suraj in thinking mode. Bhabho looks at him

Sandy wishes ems by hugging her(she will hug everyoneexcept suraj ) Meena is happy to open the gifts but scolds them that it was only 500 worth. Vik tells that she got atleast these even her mom didn’t give those. MEena manages that they were searching for gold chain.

Bhabhasa asks bhabho totell the truth. Bhabho blabbers that is he suspecting that she is doing all those wantedly to stop sandy from attending exam. Bhabha shocked. Asks her to open up.

Bhabho moves to avoid bhabhsa.

Vina room.

MEena tells that bhabho has something else on her mind & says that she has planned for another challenge. Vik asks her to shut up & think wise. Meena denies that he doesn’t know abt these kitchen politics & tells that bhabho will do anything to show down sandy & not for ems child. Vik asks her to shut up.

Bhabho tells that it is also chavi’s exam.& what will chavi’s MIL say & asks him how can he suspect
Bhabha tells that he only wants to know her by heart. Bhabho gets head ache. SurYa makes an entry & suraj offers help for her headache. Bhabho shocked & asks what are they doing here.

Bhabho asks what’s the matter. Sandy tells that only few days left for marriage. Bhabhasa seconds her & suggests to call everyone & make a list.
Everyone gather at the hall.
Bhabhsa explains that only seven days left & asks everyone to ask bhabho for instructions. Adds that she did good job before on suraj’s & vik wedding.

Bhabho tells that that was different & now she has no guts & adds she doesn’ want to take any responsibility of Momily marriage . Bhabhasa asks then who will do it.& it is not easy job or mazaak.? Bhabho replies that being the eldest bahu sandy should do that. Everyone shocked. Episode ends.

Precap: Sandy is doing something like vadiya . (mongodiya is what they said). Bhabhasa comes in & corrects her by saying she should do the other one first as this is for wedding. Bhabhasa tells bhabho that she should have told as she was there. Bhabho stares


Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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