Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purvi saying police would not believe Sandhya’s family can do such crime, now they will come and arrest you all, it will be domestic violence and murder charges, Bhabho sorry this time your fav bahu can’t save you, I have tied Sandhya’s hands by her law, she will get punished. They all get shocked. Purvi laughs. Sandhya looks on angrily. Sandhya walks towards Purvi. Purvi says don’t walk ahead, else I will burn myself. Sandhya gets the paper on which Purvi signed. She says a helpless woman gave me her statement, I have written on it, do you want to know what I wrote, whatever you blamed on everyone is here is wrong, no one is responsible for anything bad done to you, you are regretting a lot and that’s why you committed suicide, no one is responsible for your death.

Purvi gets shocked.

Sandhya says this paper is a proof, it has your signs, now you can’t do anything. She shows paper to Purvi and thinks to make Purvi busy till police comes. Maasa claps and says Sandhya is more clever than I thought, Purvi scared us a lot, now she got someone ahead of her. Meenakshi says yes Purvi, I want to see how you burn, I will help you and put petrol. Bhabho says Purvi you dreamt to send us to jail, Sandhya won’t let this dream get fulfilled, I m proud of my bahu. Babasa says the news will come that a mentally sick woman has committed suicide, I will go and give this obituary news. Om says yes Babasa, give my name too, as I m her husband and love her. Vikram says such love of just one birth. Babasa says yes, she does not deserve 7 births love. police comes. Sandhya tells Purvi that she won’t get anything else than dying. They all see the police.

Meenakshi says right inlaws came. Sandhya takes lighter from Purvi’s hand. She slaps Purvi and says this is slap of law, go and ask the women who are burnt by bad people, people see their incidents with doubt because of women like you, you have made the law a joke, women are given rights to get justice, not to trap innocent people. She asks inspector to write statement against Purvi, she used her rights and tortured her husband and mum in law, she misused the laws, my family will give statement against her, we have video as proof. She shows the video of Purvi attacking Emily. Sandhya says arrest her and file case against her soon. Purvi is arrested and taken away. Maasa tells Sandhya that you are young, but have more courage than me, I did not have courage to stand against Purvi, you brought her truth out. She blesses Sandhya and hugs her.

Pari hugs Emily and says now Sandhya proved truth, why are you sad then. Emily cries and says yes, Sandhya has made everything fine today, but some relations join by breaking, but there is such knot which does not go, Bhabho stood with me and went against Maasa. Pari asks her not to blame herself. Emily says Maasa was shown down infront of her family because of me, Bhabho and Maasa’s relation got a crack, it won’t get fine. Maasa and Bhabho come to Emily.

Maasa tells Emily that respect is not got, but earned, I m proud of Santosh, she has always kept respect even after seeing many things wrong. She asks Bhabho to take care of Babasa. Bhabho says I will take care of him. Emily cries happily seeing their relation fine. Bhabho asks Emily to always respect elders, you should never let Maasa’s respect get less, her respect should get more high now. She blesses Emily.

Sooraj says Om, I know you are angry. He signs Vikram. Vikram says I did bigger crime, to raise hand on my elder brother. Sooraj says you apologize. Om sits annoyed. Vikram sweetly apologizes to Om and says forgive me, you are 7 days older than me, don’t stay annoyed. Sooraj says look Om, younger and elder brothers are apologizing, don’t stay angry now, we will do what you say. Om says fine, I have a condition. Vikram says I will get shirt. Om says Shart…. The condition is you remove your shirts now. Vikram asks what will we do. Om says what we used to do in childhood, Vikram will become Spiderman and Sooraj will become Hanuman. Vikram says you remember. Om says yes. They laugh. Sooraj removes his shirt. Om says I will make video and send to Bhabhisa. Sandhya and Meenakshi look on. Vikram and Sooraj remove Om’s shirt. Sandhya and Meenakshi stand at the door and see the boy’s mischief.

Pari asks Emily not to worry now, Maasa and Bhabho have forgotten things. Emily apologizes to Maasa for hurting her heart. Maasa says its better to forget things, even I have hurt your heart, we should go ahead in life. Bhabho says yes, we get experience by mistakes, whatever happened, forget it, Om is your future from today, and see Lord has turned this relation right which was made in wrong situation. Emily says Sparsh would have woke up, I will give him milk. She goes. Bhabho says Maasa, Om and Emily’s relation had ups and down, it will need time to get fine. Maassa says I m also thinking same. Hanuman acts as Hanuman. Vikram asks Om to become monkey. Sandhya and Meenakshi smile, and ask whats happening. Vikram and Om rush and wear shirts, while Sooraj hides. Om says Sooraj was apologizing. Sandhya asks whats this Sooraj ji. Sooraj says Om asked me to remove shirt. He asks Vikram to give his kurta. Om says no and laughs. Sandhya covers Sooraj with her saree pallu. Vikram says it got somewhat short and they laugh.

Maasa says we will celebrate Saawan function, I kept competition, winner will get prize, its best wife/bahu competition. Everyone smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Best wishes to Om and Emily.

  2. Superb Episode.Thrilling & Rocking Start.Funny End.Nice Precap.
    DABH always Rockzzzz…….

    Hope Purvi never return to RATHI family to trouble them.We want only happiness in RATHI family.Please don’t bring that Purvi again to RATHI family.Plz don’t create any bakwas.Where is ARZOO & CHOTU.
    Where is VANSH,ANKUR & FAMILY,CHAVI & ZAKIR.MISRI disappeared so soon.GOLU too.Where are they.Bring all of them back plzzz………..

  3. Very best episode sandhya plan against purvi was very good. sooraj and sandhya are the best pair. I love todays episode

  4. why did om went to hotel suddenly

  5. True lovers of dabh

    Pls sir don’t end dabh.. ….we requesting very very kindly sir…I do know how to explain this pls sir..understand ur feeling too….sir don’t let kkb to fly in colours…if dabh ends it became popular in trip…sir put an challenge to beat all the stupid serial…and make our serial dabh to come first pls sir….we want see that…..pls don’t end this mass serial..pls sir..this the request of dabh true fans…at least for us pls continue,…..

  6. Vaishnavi pimputkar

    Best episode…..funny end….nice precap..plzz bring ved,vansh,kothari family , mishri , golu,zakir&chaavi back…….

  7. Oh god loved today’s episode.soooo nice??

  8. Dabh always rocks….best show…

  9. If dabh will go to off air then no new serial will create a record break trp records like dabh. Starplus yr nw shows dont get gd trp for exmples tammana dahleez jaana na dilse doir silsila pyaar ka but dabh holds its trp near about 2 which is good and continous remains it top 10 shows so dont end this this is the best. On television….always have new and unique tracks….

  10. bhagya(die hard fan of ishveer.ishra)

    om and emily pair is super.hope they wil start a newlife without any misunderstandings..but where is ankur family..where is chavi did she get married?

  11. I hope om accept emily now n thank god purvi is gone weldone sandhya

  12. Think will be right to finally returnet Wansh to the his reall parents and twin brother,..Becouse that separation was totally absurd, nonsense and absolutely cruel,..I don’t know how the director and oder his low mentality team clean up all the shit now, which repels so many wiewers and fans from this show,.What characters like Sandija and Sooraj never leave their child away,.If Sandhya was strange that Purvi does not react of her son crying,.And she ask how the reall mother can don’t react on child crying,so why she don’t react on her own child crying when he was separete and Ankur whit Ankita go away whit him??,.So it means that Sandhya also not so good mum,.. you guys must fix all that shit, .i don’t know how, but fix ,.Force the main characters regret what they done, and realize, that it was big mistake in their lives ,.Otherwise, you SEND the SUCH A BAD MESSAGE for the all wiewers and especially to young people,..This is anti motivation,.or thats how you understand the values of live???? because it’s true,.than,.i,m sorry Indians,.but i never ever do not agree with such primitive thinking,. Maybe i,m from another world and can’t understand yours,.But,. mums even is Afrika not give out their childs,.even if their have 10 kids,.. This show was so inspiring in the beginning,……………………………………………………… what happened after????

  13. Finally a thrilling finishing plz do not end this serial caz there is no other serial better than this it’s afterall a unique serial

  14. If you provide Ankur character like bad and selfish man from the beginning, so you had the continue that story and make a way, that his stolen that child. But in no way , that parents give it voluntarily like a toy to another child . And after that, when he did not allow even see and be whit the twin brother and parents so a lot years, you make Sandhya forgive so easily to Ankur as is nothing has happened,. Actually it’s following the opinion, that for her this fact even never care, at all.

  15. Channel people or directors can forget the old story.,because directors keep on chnging… but viewers cannot forget any old episode .Now it is high time for director to show old characters which are left in the middle like Ankur , Ankita , Chavi and particularly Zakeer (which was nnice character) before winding up DABH.

  16. True lovers of dabh

    No Hindi became popular as dabh…I think director knows what is the record of dabh. ..every one know..still….no serial can beat the record of dabh. ……director sir pls bring one mass story again. ….that track want to gain more and more trp. …….put an challenge to beat all the stupid serial………we r very very eager to watch upcoming track. …….and also to see dabh in first place in trp. ….director sir will u make dabh lovers wish come true?????????


    Just now I saw the trp rating of hindi serial which was updated on june 2 2016…..Diya aur baati hum was in 6th place in trp…rating was 2.8…..nice improvement…..on may 20 2016 update dabh was only 1.7…and it was in 10th place….now it was in 6th place…I was very very happy to saw this…..tomorrow dabh again comes to 1st place. …is there any need to end this mass serial? ??????????????

  18. Dabh best show.don’t. End this show .

  19. Today episode was very nice. Emily bhabho maasa scene was very nice and touching. DABH always different from other serial. So makers dont end this serial. Without dabh show in star plus it is very waste. All the serial in star plus are very stupid and bakwas.DABH only the valuable serial compared to other Hindi serial.

  20. Dabh is best if starplus ending this unique show will be the biggest mistake of starplus….

  21. Without giving divorce to purvi how come the relation exists n continues….emily married om bcz purvi died but now purvi is alive…

    1. The same situation came with Suraj Lalima wedding assuming Sandya is dead!
      When Sandya came suraj’s wedding with Lalima annulled itself coz first wife was alive , so what’s the future of Om Emily marriage !
      Massa and Bhabo both are champions of Reeti Rivaaz , how can they do it like this! Purvi is his first wife no matter how evil she is! What will sandya’s law find a solution to this , lets c!!!

  22. Who cares:DDD No one do not understant what law they have:DDD Sandhya also have singned divorse papers, but continue to live unmarried,. thats how we need to think ?:DDD and it’s unclear why at that time,when Sandhya proved alife, Sooraj and Lallima marriage it has not bean declare automatically void,.?:DD why Om was not accused to polygami??? what a rubbich? Answer me someone please, .or i,m stupid?, or the director think like that???:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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