Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharat talking to Sandhya. Bharat says he did not know Himanshu will say this. She says she can die if its needed, but she can’t marry him, she is married. Bharat says I respect your emotions, maybe Himanshu is testing us, we can’t let him doubt us, it won’t be real marriage, we have to do acting for our mission, I don’t like all this, do I enjoy acting infront of Himanshu, she has to do fake drama of her marriage. She is stunned. She says she can’t give Sooraj’s place to anyone, not even in joke.

He reminds her oath that she took when she worn the uniform, world’s every relation comes after her duty for her country, she was chosen for this mission by her wish. He says our plan was to make Himanshu reach temple, he kept condition that he will go there

after marriage, you refused for marriage, what shall we do now, should we ask Himanshu to change his plan, our hardwork will go waste.

He says will she let the mission fail. She says mission will complete, Himanshu will reach the temple, they have to change the plan and way. He asks whats on her mind. Sandhya thanks a lady. The lady says can’t she do this for her, this is your home, you can ask for help always, you did so much for the city. Misri tells Sandhya that she has told Bhabho that Emily gets unwell by pineapple, Bhabho will come. Emily tells Sooraj that Bhabho did not come till now, she hates me and I have fell in her eyes. Sooraj says a mum can fight with her children, but not hate, I trust Bhabho, her love will bring her here. Sandhya says yes, Bhabho lived her life for her children, we are lucky to get a mum in law like her, I m sure of my plan and Bhabho’s trust. They all wait for Bhabho.

Bhabho is at home and restless. Emily cries and says she lost Bhabho forever. The guard stops Bhabho. They hear Bhabho talking to him, that her daughter will get allergy if she eats pineapple. Emily smiles. Bhabho asks Emily did she eat anything and throws tiffin. She says Misri gave you jam bread, it had pineapple, you will get ill, did you eat anything. Emily signs no. Bhabho thanks Lord. Sandhya says Sooraj was right, Bhabho can be annoyed, but it was love for us, she can’t hate us, see how she came running for Emily.

Bhabho sees Sandhya, Sooraj and Misri there. She asks you all here, it means it was a drama. She cries and asks Sandhya why did she do this. She says if she is annoyed with her, Sooraj will come to me with his plea, he knows me very well, that I can never break his heart. Sandhya says its true that our relation is because of Sooraj, but we have one more relation of mum and daughter. She cries and asks her not to break this. Bhabho asks what is she saying, don’t worry, you won and I lost. She blesses Sandhya. She asks Emily to forgive her, and hugs her. Misri says Meenakshi has mannat that if Bhabho and Emily patch up, she will take Prasad to temple. Sandhya gets an idea to take Himanshu without marrying him. She says she has to make urgent call and goes.

She calls Bharat and says she made new plan, its perfect solution. Bharat says good. Sandhya goes to her Bengali home. Bharat and Sandhya meet Himanshu. Bharat says Sagarika wants to tell something. Himanshu says say Sagarika. Sandhya says her mum used to go temple, she was Durga Maa devotee, she had mannat at the time of my birth that I will take blessings with my to be husband before marriage, I was quiet thinking this yesterday, she is not doubtful about marriage.

She says she is not pressurizing him, her mum’s mannat matters a lot to him. Himanshu says he does not like this, but he will do this marriage after fulfilling her mum’s mannat. Bharat smiles and says I will arrange to go Kolkata, which date will be better for you. Himanshu says anytime, no problem. Bharat says fine, I will call you after booking ticket. Himanshu leaves. Sooraj explains Chavi to end the annoyance, love relations are linked just by fate, I know my sister is worried, but Emily is not the reason, this is just fate, we can’t break our home like this.

Sandhya and Bharat talk about mission to trap Himanshu, and Mahabali mission after three days. He says we were doing in Pratishta temple and now we have to do this in Kolkata route, we have to grab him in our plan. She says she will repeat this plan again. He asks her not to repeat, he trusts her, she understood it. He says we have to leave after 3 days, till then you can stay with your family, but no one should know about this.

The family is preparing for Shiv play, where Sooraj will be playing Shiv and Sandhya will be doing his first wife Sati and Laali will play his second wife Parvati. Sandhya tells Sooraj that she will play his first and second wife, no one can become his wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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