Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya showing her first positive memo to Bhabho and everyone. Everyone is happy.Vikram walks in and says someone stole his bike. Everyone is shocked. Meenakshi is the most upset member in the family. Sandhya asks where did he leave the bike last time. Vikram says someone stole it on the road. Meenakshi says how can this happen, how can anyone lift it like this. Bhabho says but you went for repair right. Sooraj asks him to tell everything in detail. Vikram says everything in detail how he got his customer’s call and he went to meet him, he parked the bike on the road and when he came back, it was not there.

Bhabho asks did you see well. Vikram says I checked well, I saw some nearby houses too, but it was not there, I lost it. He says it was Rs 90000 and I did

not even use it. Everyone is shocked. Vikram says its nowhere.

Meenakshi cries. Vikram says what should I do now and asks Sandhya to help him. He says I m worried. Bhabho says yes. Sandhya says no need to request me, I understand you are in big problem, have strength, tell me when did this happen. He says less than an hour. She says then we will go to police station and complain, lets go fast, they will take immediate action. Vikram says fine. Sandhya says lets leave. Bhabho says yes go, Sooraj you also go with them. They leave.

Bhabho prays and says protect us Lord. Sandhya complains about Vikram’s bike stolen. Zakir asks the details. Vikram says everything. Zakir says fine, you don’t worry, we will take immediate action. He takes the FIR. Sandhya says Zakir that this happened in less time, so we can catch the culprit soon. Zakir says I will take action, he is a criminal group, who is doing this, this is not first time, we arrested such men before too, they come like air and disappear. He says they think before police, we did not get them till now.

Zakir asks his staff to go to the site and see the CCTV footage to check carefully to find any clue. Sooraj thanks Zakir for his help. Zakir says this is my duty. He says Vikram, I will tell you if I find out. Sooraj says we will leave. Sooraj asks Vikram not to worry. Vikram says its hard to get the bike, what will I tell my friend. They meet Mohit and he asks about the bike stolen. He says I felt bad hearing this.

Sooraj says yes, this can happen with anyone, you, me and today Vikram. Sooraj says we all are with Vikram. Mohit gets annoyed. Mohit taunts them and shows his new sports bike saying my brother gave me, he fulfills all my wishes. He leaves. Sandhya comes home. Babasa asks what did Zakir say. Sandhya says we will know when he informs us. Zakir will call if he knows anything. Bhabho asks Babasa did he see the keys. Babasa says memory goes in old age, maybe you are finding in wrong place.

Bhabho says my memory is not weak. Kanha comes and Chaturi asks for her knife. Kaha throws it in a bucket. He puts many things in it. Kanha smiles. Bhabho scolds Kanha and he cries. Bhabho sees many things in bucket. She says see this, the keys are here, everything is here, Kanha has put it, where will we find it then. Sandhya looks on and smiles. Vikram comes home. Everyone look at him. Bhabho asks what did your friend say. Vikram says he also did one mistake. Bhabho asks what.

Vikram says he did not do the bike’s insurance, so it’s a big loss for him now. Sandhya tells Vikram that she is trying hard to find the culprit. Sooraj asks Vikram to take money from him and pay his friend. Vikram says thanks, but I have money, I also want to return his money. Vikram requests Sandhya to get the bike back, he trusts her and knows she will help him, he trusts Zakir and the police department also. He says I want that man to be punished. Sandhya greets Bhabhi and goes on duty.

Sandhya is on duty and talks to Vikram, asking him to be patient, as they will catch the thief soon. She gets a new bike and keys. She is happy and smiles. She thinks everyone is worried for Vikram’s bike, they will be sad seeing this. She says she will go on round and rides the bike wearing the helmet. A biker comes and she sees her saree’s hanging on it. She identifies its Vikram’s bike and is shocked.

Sandhya races to catch that man and follows him to his place. She catches him and asks him to remove the helmet. She is shocked to see who it is.

Update Credit to: Amena

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