Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Mohit busy applying Deo, Bhabo comes & listens sound from outside, enter Mohit’s room with Chavi, and asks Mohit where he is going at this odd hour, Mohit says he is going for a meeting with boss, Chavi says it is Christmas & every office is having holiday, and Mohit counters Chavi, says nowadays office hours aren’t confined during daytime, and to be in boss’s good eyes, all have to attend meeting at every odd hours possible
Bhabo says Mohit’s hair isn’t right, and so removes spikes & combs his hair properly, much to the chagrin of Mohit and Chavi is laughing hilariously Finally Mohit leaves to go for party, without any hindrance

At Emily’s place, Christmas party is in full swing, SurYa standing and watching, and other pairs are busy dancing. SurYa was intently watching Emily’s parents dancing gracefully & when they came under the mistletoe, they share a kiss, Emily makes SurYa understand the ritual of coming under mistletoe & kissing

Everyone was waiting for Mohit’s arrival, Emily’s brother jokes that Mohit will arrive late at wedding too and Emily will have to wed with best man , finally Emily gets a call from Mohit, and runs out to usher him in, and in the process spills food/juice on SurYa, Emily’s parents apologizes and says they will provide new dresses for SurYa

At Rathi house, Meena surreptitiously comes to Bhabo’s room in hiding mode and was about to take out note from Jug, when her hand got stuck and she couldn’t withdraw her hand, and with Bhabo taking a turn towards her, she had to take cover

Mohit came with a santa mask and a flower bouquet, and Emily ushers him in. Emily asks him to open mask and Mohit’s face is revealed finally

SurYa with new dresses, Suraj in suit and Sandhya in a skirt & high heels, Suraj reminiscences old memories of Singapore and Wo, wo wo aai ni happens, both tells Wo aai ni to each other.

SurYa were looking graceful out of the moon

Emily was introducing Mohit to each of her classmates one by one, and SurYa were conversing in a separate place.

Suraj says that how different are Emily’s parents when compared to Bhabo-Bhabasa and cites difference of culture & rituals between them & Emily’s families, Sandhya says though both couples are different, but one thing unites both of them, though they are poles apart & it is Love

As love & understanding exists between Bhabo-Bhabasa, so love exist for Emily’s parents as well

SurYa were just about to meet Mohit when Emily’s Mom calls Mohit and takes him away swiftly to introduce him to her friends.
Samir and Pappu was asking about the whereabouts of Santa Claus as she promised that a Santa Claus would be available.
Sandhya says to Emily that SurYa were unable to meet her boyfriend and so asks his name

Emily was about to tell Sandhya her Boyfriend’s name when Santa came with bells and conversation got interrupted and Santa gave masks to everyone, SurYa and other wear mask, and SurYa gets ready for dancing.

SurYa was about to dance when Episode ends.

Precap–> Mohit had gone out to take a call & was coming back to party, while SurYa were leaving the party, and both are about to cross each others’ path.

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