Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi asking Bhabho why did she say 5000rs, when Sooraj said rent of 2500rs. Bhabho says I said from home and shop together. Mohit apologizes to her. She says Babasa and I have made this house, Sooraj owns the three shops, we are owner, not you all. Emily asks her to think about kids. Bhabho says have breakfast with us, as you all will be busy and kids will not got food. Bhabho asks Chavi to get tea for them, and asks them to have it and go to their corners. Meenakshi and Emily apologizes and Bhabho asks them not to do drama. Meenakshi asks her to punish Chavi. Bhabho says she is still in Maayka being married, I tried talking to Dilip and he has decided to give divorce, this is her punishment.

Meenakshi and Emily talk against Bhabho. Emily says yes, Bhabho

can’t work and will call us. They all buy some grocery and Vikram asks Meenakshi to buy less items. Meenakshi says we have to take care of everything now. Mohit taunts Meenakshi as he has a good job no. All the grains fall and Meenakshi taunts him. Sandhya tells Sooraj that Chavi realized her mistake, but its very late. He says yes, today I understand what was Ankur going through when we got separated, I will meet him today and talk. She says its fine, lets think what to do to make Chavi’s life better.

Sooraj says I forgot to buy paneer, I will get it, you stand here. The bag falls and she holds it. She gets hurt. Ankur passes by and sees her. Sooraj comes and Ankur scolds him for not taking care of Sandhya. He says Sandhya can’t lift it. Sandhya says please and stops him. Ankur says so I was telling you not to go there, no one is taking care of you. Sooraj apologizes to him, and says I know you hold me responsible for her not going Scotland, but we all are there to take care of her. Sandhya smiles. Ankur blesses her and leaves.

Sooraj says I did not see trust in Ankur’s eyes today. Sandhya says time will make everything fine, he won’t be annoyed for long. Lets go home, everyone will be waiting for us. Meenakshi and Emily try to show Bhabho that they are fine after being divided and they can make their fav food now. Meenakshi and Emily give kids to Babasa. Bhabho stops them. Meenakshi thinks Bhabho realized her mistake, as she got old. Bhabho asks them to take kids along with them to shops as she is not their maid.

They are shocked. Emily says Babasa used to manage kids. Bhabho says you want freedom, so take kids along. Ankur and Ankita come with Bulbul. Bhabho and Babasa welcome them. Sandhya asks how are they. Bulbul says no one is talking to me, and hugs Sandhya tightly. Sandhya gets pain and Ankur gets worried.

Ankur tells Sandhya that Sooraj feels I m annoyed with him, he does not know I m annoyed with you. Sooraj hears this and asks Sandhya why is Ankur annoyed with her, is she hiding anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. She is the donor
    She may have the stitches
    So she is wearing salwar

  2. yah how if her kidney fails and she dies ,I really think it is high time to take a leap

  3. Sandhya can function as usual some of them born with single kidney can alive as usual only dont get trauma

  4. very nice serial, sooraj and sandhya jodi super babhoo’s char is awesome.

  5. Next week Sooraj found out the donor is his wife Sandhya

  6. Not sure how sooraj will be able to bear the kidney truth…. When this drama will end?

  7. sandhya is very cute. eagerly waiting for sooraj and sandhya to have a kid.

    1. don’t expect too much………..

  8. wow bhobho u gave nice reply to meenaski and emily by asking them to take their kid along with them.that superb by day u rockS a lot.and it confirmed that sandy is donor by her action.ab bus sooraj should start his mission to wt sandy is hiding.and for god sake plz open the secret of kidney donar soon.i hope ki it happen next week.

  9. stupid meenakshi….never change

  10. Stop thinking about kidney donar…it’s clear(Sandhya).
    How the director going to clear “suspicious” things of kidney drama????
    how sandhya knows it?
    who told her Choto or Ankitha?

    1. Sreenu:Wait until the episode count reaches to 1000. The story writer will tell us with big surprises

      Now. Sandhya Rathi has started lying. She has learned this bad habit from Rathis family.
      1) There is no exam to go to Scotland training.
      2) She said that she will go by herself to Airport, but she did not go.
      3) Hiding the health issues to her husband and Bhaboo.

      1. Hey Ramesh.. my word from U…..all the time i say wait for 1000 episodes

    2. Chotu has sent a mail to her…

  11. Rumor control: I think Sandhya got Peptic Ulcer – This will cause severe stomach pain. It is due to long term stress.

    1. Rubbish! It is very clear that the story intends to glorify sandya-the donor of the kidney at the appropriate time. Other guesses like ulcer, pregnancy, etc are highly irrelevant.

  12. Sandhya met an accident while going to Airport and due to this she is facing some issue…. No kidney donation happened….

    1. This rumor seems to me it is acceptable.

      1. Not acceptable…. in case of accident only stomach got injure not even a dot on whole body(face,hands,legs,shoulders)

      2. Ok, Seeenu, I agree.

        Any thing beside kidney will be acceptable.

  13. Now Emily also behaving like Meenakshi…. These people will never change… Why Sandhya has to suffer with this kind of family…. Baboo started this new drama to change them but these people will never change…. It’s very clear that these people respecting Sooraj because he is bearing all their expenses otherwise they never care him…. This is the reason for Ankur’s angry….. Today he realized again that he did a big mistake by sending her to this family….

  14. Bhaboo was asking Vikram to pay off house hold expenses when Sooraj was out 15 days. But Vikram got the money from Sooraj after Meenakshi’s advice.
    Now, Vikram and Mohit will approach Sooraj and Sandhya for rental expenses. I think Bhaboo should send these two family out.

  15. Why Sandhya hiding/lying…? Sandhya does like lies… She never lied in her life…. but why now?

    1. sry don’t agree………….sandhya told lies many times and hide many problems from his husband
      like……about her “dream” in matter of “3 pots”

  16. All your thinking are just guess.
    by the way sandya given the kidney is just rumor.
    she asked bhaboo to give permission to wear dress and getting pain because, while she going to airport to catch scotland flight she gets a call that bhaboo has admitted in hospital for kidney problem. So while she returning from airport to hospital a accident occurs to her car and gets injured to her back. this is the story and please stop spreading wrong rumors.

    1. Ok with this narration… But still “?”
      whom called her

  17. It is crystal clear Sandhya has donated kidney. Even medical science says we can live with only one kidney. Emily’s character changing like Meenakshi is very unnatural.
    Bhabho’s step to send them out. This is how Bhabho has changed along with time. A very good twist in the story.

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