Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th February 2013 Written Update

Chotu ask swamiji that hw the shivling emerges from ground, without digging it. Bhabho scolds chotu n ask swamiji to pardon him, he’s innocent, swamiji smiles n says that he dnt mind him, n says the phrase, ‘apni apni lakir koi raja koi fakir’, sandy heard it n got shocked when remembers that brandan told them abt same phrase that govindlal use to say, children bow down to swamiji n he blessed them n than all sat down to enjoy the kirtan, sandy also thinks that it can’t be possible as his name is vallabhasharya. All enjoys the kirtan, swamiji dances n after him sum ladies also dances, when it was abt to finish, sandy remembers to bring prasad. Sandy bring the prasad, bbsa hand it over to swamiji who distribute it to all n start with bhabho. The boy, govind, start jumping

on the seat of swamiji, bhabho saw that n ask sandy to move him from thr, sandy goes thr n calls him by name (govind), slowly, 2-3 times, but he dnt listen, then she called him a bit louder, n this time with that boy, swamiji also turn, it shocked sandy, for a moment swamiji also shocked but still handles the situation n ask govind that she’s calling him. All get busy with swamiji but sandy stuck in that same thought, she remembers hw that dog bankelal reacted on its name only, as one has habit to react on his name, n her doubt gets more strong. Sandy goes to suraj n ask to talk n thy goes to room, mina follows them to listen them. Sandy told suraj that she has doubt that swamiji is govindlal n told hw her doubt gets strong, outside, mina was feeling dizziness n nauseatic, so she leaves. Suraj ask sandy to stop, as he dnt want that she hurt any1 on the basis of mere doubt, swamiji is a big household name, ppl workship him like god. Sandy says that she wish that her doubt remains only doubt but wat if it is true, if he’s able to pardon that person who played with his mother’s feelings. She goes to window, opens it n calls suraj to show the shradha n belief of ppl on swamiji. Downstairs, bbsa gave the collected money for temple to swamiji n chaturi also contribute to it, swamiji says that as bhabho has proved to be the big bhakht of shivji today, than he’ll provide opportunity to her to put the first brick (shilanyas) of temple to her, bhabho was very overwhelmed. Sandy ask suraj that if he’ll able to see that sum1 break the trust of so many ppl, suraj ask that hw will thy do it n sandy ask to take brandon’s help. Sandy calls brandon n suraj is in dilema between right n wrong. Sandy told brandon the full story n ask to call govindlal n ask for videochat, brandon ask what do he talk abt n sandy ask to talk abt temple on college ground, brandon agrees. SurYa came down n saw swamiji leaving, sandy ask suraj to stop him, suraj ask swamiji to stay here as he want him to eat sweets from his shop n he agrees.

Precap: Sandy was luking from window to swamiji’s room n drops mirror by mistake.

Update Credit to: Amor

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