Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj saying I have just guessed the date and time, knowing Emily was unable to say the date and time, we had to do that ritual by any way. Satya says your guess is great, the time was not different even by a second, its amazing. Sandhya looks at Sooraj. Sooraj asks Satyadev Sir, do you have to ask anything else, I have to go and finish some work, my mother is going Jaipur tomorrow. Sandhya says you can go now, but maybe you have to come soon for interrogation again. Satya says we will meet again. Sooraj looks at them and leaves.

Sandhya thinks she is shocked seeing Sooraj cleanly lying, this can’t be Sooraj. A constable gives call details of informer. She checks it and says police got news at 3.45pm, that time engagement was going on at home, that time I

called Sooraj when Bhabho told me. She checks her phone and says it means I called him that time, I can find out did Sooraj made this info call or not. She calls telephone exchange and asks for the other number location on which she called. She says its important, tell me soon. The man asks for few hours time to check details. She asks him to fasten the process and ends call.

Emily comes to her mum at the hospital and asks what did Komal do. Her mum says Komal tried to run and her leg broke, so I got her here, why are you taking risk, why do you have sympathy for her. Emily says its not Komal’s fault, we can’t leave her like this. Her mum says police is finding Komal. Emily asks her not to worry. Nurse tells Emily that doctor is calling her in cabin. Emily goes to meet doctor and asks when will Komal get fine. Satya says she is absolutely fine. Emily gets shocked seeing him. Satya winks and says boom…. Sorry, you got cheated, as you cheated us many times, you feel policeman is fool, police is very sharp, we dig criminals out, but I won’t understand, when you accepted your confession, why do you look so shocked and afraid, why did yo hide Komal, whats your motive behind all this.

He asks did she not like the questions, then he will ask something else. He asks what tree was present near Mohit’s murder spot near the well, its simple and even a kid can answer. She says peepal tree. He says smart answer, but my question is more smart, there was no peepal or neem tree, you did not go there to kill Emily, you are lying, you did not kill Mohit. She says no, I have…. He says enough, do you have allergy to truth, Komal told me everything, and also the truth behind your fake story, I got wrong in any case for the first time in my career, its because of you, Pari has gone there to meet Mohit. Emily cries. Satya says I know your love for Pari made you cook this fake story, but you won’t get medal, you should have helped police, so truth is out, Pari is behind Mohit’s murder, let Sandhya come and see this truth, she is proud her family, let her know what cooking in this ideal family.

He calls Sandhya and stops seeing Sandhya there. Sandhya says I have heard everything. Emily hugs her and cries. She asks Sandhya to save Pari. Sandhya asks her not to worry, don’t worry, Pari has gone to the field, but she did not call Mohit, she is innocent. Satya asks whatr are you saying, Komal has told in statement that Pari met Mohit. Sandhya says Komal is right, but the story is different, which Pari told me.

FB shows Sandhya asking Pari to make the same drawing again. Pari cries and makes the drawing. Sandhya thinks its same place where Mohit died, but Pari did not go there, how does she know. She asks Pari how do you know this place, tell me. She wipes her tears and says I m with you, tell me the truth. FB ends. Sandhya cries.

Sandhya says then Pari told me…. FB shows Pari going to Mohit. She sees Komal with him. Mohit sends Komal and asks Pari to go home. Pari scolds him and asks him to sign on divorce papers, just free my mum, we don’t we need anything. She asks him to be with Komal. Mohit slaps her and Pari falls down. He crushes the paper and scolds Pari, asking her to go home. She says Emily taught me manners, it would be good if you were not in our lives. She leaves. FB ends. Sandhya says Pari did not kill Mohit, she felt she has scolded Mohit, so he has died, she imagined she is the cause and went in shock, Pari is innocent. Emily says I was so afraid. I was thinking Pari is involved in Mohit’s murder and was protecting her, thank you so much, I did not get divorce papers that day and Pari did not go school that day. FB shows Emily getting Pari’s diary. Emily reads it that Pari wants to make Emily free of Mohit. She says I was scared reading it, I thought I will ask Pari, but Pari locked herself in room and I could not ask. Satya asks Emily how did the field thorn hurt her feet?

Emily says she got hurt after wearing Pari’s slippers, then she got to know about Mohit’s murder, she understood that Pari is involved after Bhabho said divorce papers were found in field. She says I knew Komal saw her and kidnapped her to stop her from taking Pari’s name, so I took blame on myself. She cries and says I will go and meet Komal. She goes. Satya tells Sandhya that one of the suspected is proved innocent, now Lokesh and your Sooraj ji are left. Sooraj sees Babasa packing Bhabho’s bag. Sooraj looks on and thinks he will do what he has to do after Bhabho leaves, but till then Sandhya and Satya should not know any truth.

Bhabho asks Sandhya to take care of Sooraj. She asks Sooraj to support Sandhya in every situation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The investigation seems smart but procrastinated so that the detection of the real criminal will take much time. More over showing the same preview again and again is really irritating. It shows the paucity of more stuff of the director.

    1. wat is pacuitty sirr

      1. Paucity means something in small or insufficient quantity ?
        I just checked in the dictionary and noted down in my diary ??

      2. Smallness or fewness
        Paucity of natural resources

    2. Thank you. With your comments we are getting chance to improve vocabulary.

    3. Procastination kya hota hai….and i think bhabho is the killer….ya fir Zakir cos he had a liking for emily…

  2. how loonnnnnnnggggggggggggg will u drag the story mr.director?????

  3. story moving very slowly.
    getting bored.
    plzzz….end this track.

  4. hai jeyam sir,,….hw s ur area????? are you safe now????? this rain has thrown life out of gear..

    1. Dear Seema, I am living in Kanyakumari which is 700 km far from Chennai. Hence we are not affected by floods. And I offer my hearty thanks for having enquired about my welfare. Wish you happiness and success.

  5. we now how was killer don’t drag this situation so long director sir end this track soon we don’t see this track so long this track did not interested.

  6. Bhabho is the killer.

  7. Hi…..i tink killer koi baharwalahi hoga…

  8. guys wat hppnd to zakir???? did he quit da show??? is satyadev’s character negative??? I feel so

  9. very confusing. I don’t think Bhabho is the killer, unless Neelu Vaghela want to quit DABH. It is Lalima or someone from outside Rathi family. I think Lalima’s past has something to do with Mohit.
    Track is dragging. End it soon. We all want to see Sandhya and Sooraj happy together. Don’t bring Lalima in between

  10. It’s clear bhabo is the killer. But what was the reason behind mohit’s murder.

  11. I think something happened in between mohit and lalima

  12. jo b h killer justt finishhh d trak fastt

    1. Killer jaye bhaarr mai ? Iss track ko quickly finish karo ???

  13. Babo killed mohit because mohit attempt rape on lalima so this happens

  14. If his mother did it rhwn sooraj is covering for her

  15. I think the killer is some outsider…And i guess Satyadev is doing a negative role…Probably he is helping someone and plotting Rathi family in the case

  16. may be its sooraj…………………………

  17. Hi guys…..
    Entire path is boring. I think Mr. Satya or Mr. Pramod are slayers

  18. baboo is the killer

  19. Bhaabho killed mohit .
    He tried to **** lalima so bhabho pushed him in Well .

    1. Yes bhabo pushed mohit in the hell ?
      He deserved that ?? after all she’s also a woman and can’t see a woman de humiliated by any nasty man Bhale unka apna beta hi kiyon na Ho ?

  20. please, Zindagi channel ke shows k written episodes bhi dalo na portal mein.Bhaage re Mann, and Aadhe Adhure ke written episodes bhi dalo.It’s my request…. plz plz plzzzz

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