Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit asking Sandhya to get Vansh for one day. Sooraj asks Mohit not to misbehave. Sandhya greets elders and goes. Bhabho gets sad. Sooraj and Sandhya talk about Ved and he asks her not to think about Mohit’s words. He makes laddoos at his shop and talks to Ved. Ved asks him to buy gel for him and insists. Sooraj says no way and asks him to have more oil to set hair. Ved says no, I want gel. He agrees and Sandhya asks what. Sooraj says nothing. Ved says Bhabho is calling her and she goes home.

Ved asks Sooraj to buy gel for him. Sooraj smiles and says fine, I will get it. Ved says you are sweet like laddoo and hugs him. Pari says she wants to be with her dad and tells her friend. Her friend asks her not to lie. Pari says I will give pic of his visa stamp of UK

and looks for his passport. She gets his folder and takes the passport. She tells golu. Bhabo talks to Sandhya and says she forgot why she called her, and asks is she fine. Sandhya says I have head ache, I will be fine having tea. Golu tells Emily that Pari is not finding the passport. They all get shocked and run to the room.

Mohit scolds Pari for touching his passport. Pari says but you are my dad. Bhabho says this thing is important, you can’t play with it. She takes passport from him and Sandhya worries seeing their lies. Emily asks Pari not to play with passport and be careful next time. Sandhya tells Bhabho that they should tell Pari the truth, if she knows from other source, she will feel sad. Bhabho says Emily will explain her. She says I will burn this passport but not let a dad feel embarrass infront of his daughter.

Sooraj pampers Ved and says your mum should not know this. Ved says don’t worry, we will hide it. Misri says he can’t hide it from Sandhya. Sooraj says yes, she will not leave me. The kids laugh. Bhabho comes and asks about the Gangajal kept in juice bottle, kept in temple. She asks do they know. The kids says no. Golu says he can’t give her, he has drank it, he did not know its Gangajal and thought its juice. They all laugh.

Sooraj asks her to calm down. Misri says she got the idea and tells them. Sooraj says this work is not easy, be careful in doing this. He asks Misri to find empty oil bottle. She gets one. Sooraj adds the gel in it and says we got saved. Sandhya comes there and holds her head. Ved asks does she has headache and hugs her. She asks why is he getting love on her. Golu says idea, have a oil massage. Sandhya says yes, and sees the oil bottle. Sooraj and kids worry.

Misri asks Golu why did he say this. Sandhya says give me, I will ask Emily to massage. Sooraj says this is coconut oil and massage oil is in room, and asks Golu to get. Golu says I can’t run. Ved says I will get it. Sooraj says we will go out and sit. He takes Sandhya and leaves oil bottle there.

Sandhya asks Emily is Pari fine. Emily says yes. Sooraj asks them what should Ved become in fancy dress competition. Ved says teacher said I can become anything. Sandhya asks what did he think. Everyone give suggestions. They all think and Ved asks Sooraj. Sooraj says I think Ved should become like his mum, IPD officer. Ved says no, I don’t want to become like her. Emily does Sandhya’s head massage and she looks on.

Ankur asks Vansh to have some unique idea and Vansh says he got the idea. Ankur says Bulbul will arrange costume, she can do anything for him. Vansh comes dresses as police officer and takes the pledge. Ankur is shocked and recalls Sandhya. Vansh smiles.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that its sometime to see Vansh. They get a summon from Ankur and Sooraj says they have sent it to stop us from meeting Vansh. They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is IPD officer?

    1. Its ips only..May b spelling mistakes
      Bcoz s bad d r
      are nearby in keyboard

    2. It’s not IPD….IPS Typing mistake. .

  2. Nice episode. Story increases as snail working. all kids are nice.

  3. Mohit wants to send Pari for working. Education has no necessary for her.

  4. Ved & Vansh both are like their mom’s working. Sooraj should shut down his shoap quickly.

    1. Ved like his father but not his profession. To be proud ved liks his mum’s job….
      But vanish is different. .. he is connected with his own mother’s blood.

      1. So Vansh has no connection with his own father’s blood.

    2. U will get d answer…..if u jst remember abt the main theme of the show was “sandhya” whole show is for her ambition.
      So it’s clear. .. highest priority with sandhya nly..not with sooraj

  5. It’s a slap to Ankur tat Vansh want to bcum police officer in fancy dress

    1. Not one time slap…it’s life time slap for ankur and ankitha.
      Such a slap they never forget it. .
      Is in it. ..

  6. How can Ankur force them to meet their own son ?? how selfish is he ?? After all sandiya is his sister !! How can he seperate them ?? cant ankitha have a chid ?? Hate to watch this !!

  7. This serial is becoming worst day by day

  8. Jeyam Ramachandran

    “Ved asks does she has headache?” The translator is very poor in English. The sentence should have been like this.”Ved asks if she has head ache”. There are so many such mistakes. Please mr.translater, “Study some English grammar”

    1. This person who writes written updates she writes word by word of the show.and not just for one show…. i think rather than correcting her you should be appreciating her hardwork and efforts. And by the way… Its learn some english grammer and not study…

  9. when will vansh know that sandhya and sooraj are their parents

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