Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya being shocked seeing Himanshu. Himanshu says your fiancé Himanshu, you trapped me and reached Garjana. He claps for her and praises her cleverness. Sooraj shouts Sandhya and runs in the jungle. Himanshu asks did you think you and your supporter will ruin Garjana’s plan, you will not win every time, Garjana is very strong. Sooraj says I m coming to you Sandhya. Sandhya thinks how did Himanshu come here. Himanshu says why are you shocked, you and Bharat have locked me, even then Bharat wanted to use me to free you, he got a lesson.

FB shows Bharat taking Himanshu in his jeep. Hmanshu gets conscious and sees the area. He thinks why is Bharat taking him to his village and acts like sleeping. Bharat thinks he kept Himanshu alive to use him, Himanshu is like

brother for Shekhar, Shekhar will agree to my condition, now I will exchange Himanshu for Sandhya, I will make Sandhya talk to minister and tell entire truth, I have no option. Himanshu attacks Bharat. He beats Bharat and frees himself. He burns the jeep by the petrol and bids adieu to his fake sasur ji. Bharat was unconscious and maybe died. FB ends.

Sooraj looks for Sandhya. Himanshu asks Sandhya not to cry for her fake dad, he will marry her even now. She coughs. He throws water on her face. He says you are done drinking water, now we will marry, I will fulfill your wish, I will make havan kund for your marriage. He says you will be sacrificed and marry death. Sooraj gets Sandhya’s name badge in the jungle. He thinks Sandhya is close. Himanshu ties Sandhya to the tree and puts wood around her. He says congrats, you are lucky to see your own final rites. Sooraj stops Himanshu from lighting the woods and they both have a fight.

Sooraj tries to free Sandhya. Himanshu pulls him and they both beat each other. Himanshu is about to beat Sooraj with stone. Sandhya hits on Himanshu’s head by a wooden stick. Himanshu bleeds and faints. Sandhya slips and Sooraj holds her. Diya aur baati…………..plays………….. Sooraj hugs Sandhya and they cry.

Meenakshi asks Bhabho where is she going. She thinks why is Bhabho thinking so much. Bhabho says I m going temple, for bhajan, shall I go now. Meenakshi says yes, you are elder and can go anywhere, are you going to pray for Sooraj and Sandhya’s return. Bhabho says yes. Meenakshi thinks to find out. Sandhya sees the time and tells Sooraj about nuclear attack. Sooraj says I heard them, they said they will launch missile at 9am. She says we have less time. He says we have just 4-5 hours, the men will get conscious. He holds her hand. Diya aur baati…….plays………He takes Sandhya on his back and walks ahead. She smiles.

Sandhya and Sooraj come to the lab centre and she enters code. He beats a man and they get inside to stop the missile. She says where did everyone go. She sees the missile activated and tells Sooraj about this missile ruining their country. They get inside to see the foreigner and get shocked finding him dead.

Sandhya tells Sooraj that they have over six hours now, they have to deactivate the missile. She looks in the systems.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Rekha

    Super pls end the twist over the show ..I hav exams but still m worried more than abt the show..sandhya n sooraj rocksss…I hate babho…

    • Varsha

      All the best of ur exam… Hope u get highest marks in u r exam..??. Suraj and sandhya scene was awesomeeeeeee?? nt bhaboo scene…??

    • Yyyyyy

      High-five @Rekha….I too have exams but worried more about this serial watching it always on daily bases leaving my studying…dabh always rockzzz…..plz don’t kill bharath and sooraj

    • ANU

      @rekha all the best for u r exams ya suraj and sandhya rocks today….suraj tho hero hai bt ajj tho super hero bangaya ……i love today s & S scene

  2. rekha

    Awesome episode.dabh team hats off to you.finally sooraj and sandhya united. Hope nothing happens to sandhya and sooraj ji .sad of u bharath sir.pls dont kill him too

  3. Jeyam

    Can Sandya deactivate the launching of the missile? Suraj seems to be more vigilant than Bharath. And let us hope for the best.

  4. La

    DABH: Sandhya and Sooraj get surrounded by Garjana men. Manjari and Himanshu catch them. Manjari ties Sooraj by ropes and makes Himanshu marry Sandhya. Manjari plays shank and Himanshu takes sindoor to marry Sandhya. Sandhya is made to wear the bridal accessories. Sooraj breaks the ropes and stops Himanshu. Himanshu angrily aims gun at Sandhya. Sooraj comes in between and gets shot to save Sandhya.
    ………………………………………guys…will it be true???

  5. Zohra Hyd

    Thumbs up diya aur baati hum….but in coming episodes sandhya aka sagarika will be hanging to a chopper and fighting,…

  6. ANU

    But i cant see sandhya in this state…..sooraj always help her…so nice of u sooraj

    at last sooraj sandhya together

  7. Rekha

    Sandhya part v nice…I think tmrw sandhya will diffuse the missle..orelse dat part shown at the end…but I think missle should be deactivated afterthat garjana men should come into the action as said in today’s spoliers…

    • Varsha

      I dnt think that they easily end this mission track… They definitely put some extra chili to show this mission track to more interesting….????

  8. Rekha

    Mission mahabali has to be successfull.. End of mission mahabali has to be done with mahaepisode…it vl be awesome..and trp ratings will touch high..

  9. Seema Katara

    Very Good! Keep it up! Sandhya and Sooraj are together. Don’t separate them. let Bhabho realise her mistake

  10. Varsha

    See my thought was right that chandu tell himanshu abt sandhya… In yesterday bcoz when they show that dance that time suddenly chandu disappeared… So on that time I thought that chandu go to meet himanshu…. See that my thought come true…????

    • Varsha

      I dnt think that bharat sir is die…. Bcoz if they die then they show all that jeap blast after burn… they dnt show that…..??????

      • ANU

        ya right varsha my opinion also same….if bharath will die there is no meaning of mm he will be back…….

    • Varsha

      When that himanshu just put whole over that fire and then he go…. After his going that time may be Bharat sir come frm that jeap…. This is my thought …hope my this thought come true….??????

  11. Varsha

    So happy to see suraj and himanshu fight….. That idiot himanshu want to burn sandhya as alive…. So shem on u himanshu….????

    • Varsha

      So happy to see sandhya free on the time… And she save suraj… First suraj save her…. Nice to see that scene…?????????

    • Varsha

      Wow…. Mind my style ek dam zakaassssssssss…. That so many days back we see suraj and sandhya scene together in real nt in flashback….???????

  12. Varsha

    Now sandhya and suraj reach that lab where they did nuclear bomb…. Nicley sandhya call that member… And suraj fight that member…????

    • Varsha

      Once again my thought was right… I say that garjna sanghtna people also kill that foreigner…??????

    • Varsha

      See that happened…. Chandu kill that foreigner also… There work over then they also kill that foreigner…. ?????

    • Varsha

      Full suspense Precap…. Hope tomorrow sandhya get know that she can stop that bomb with the help of her hand….✋✋✋✋??

    • Varsha

      I thought in the last 1 min of nuclear bomb…. Sandhya get know that she can stop this nuclear bomb with the help of her hand… Hope my this thought will come true…??????

  13. Varsha

    For my that friends I replay on this page that they ask me on my gmail that if suraj is die or not……

    So ans is that no I dnt think that they kill suraj…. May be they only show that suraj get some small injury…. Thats it… They never kill suraj… ????

    Also they ask me that if lalima is pregnant of suraj child….

    Bt its nt true… Bcoz suraj nt touch lalima… Plz dnt say this rubbish thinks…this never happened…. So stop this lalima pregnant topic…????

    If u have any daut then Mgs me on my id…[email protected]…….. Hope now u r daut will clear…. ???

    Suraj nt live this show… If he leave this show then how can sandhya full fill suraj dream… After this mission mahabali…. They show some bhaboo scene that hater scene towards sandhya then they show suraj hotel vedansh scene…. First they show that they again get that land for suraj hotel…then they show the procedure of vedansh hotel….. ????

    So that they only show suraj get some injury…. That’s it…. Nt kill…. ??????

    Hope ur all daut will clear now….if any daut then Mgs me on my id which I post in above of these cmt…..??????

  14. Varsha

    So sweet that suraj left sandhya…. That scene was awesomeeeeeee… Mind blowing…in my style ek dam zakaassssssssss…?????

    • Varsha

      So happy to see that hug scene… So nice to hear that my most fav background song Diya aur baati hum….?????

    • Varsha

      Diya aur baati hum song:-

      तू सूरज मैं सांझ पियाजी 

      मारे सपनों की तू परवाज़ पियाजी 

      थारो मारो मिलन ऐसो लागे 

      रे साथी जैसो 

      दीया और बाती हम 

      हूँ… दीया और बाती हम 

      मैं जो चलूँ तो संग चलो 

      जी मोरे पिया मोरे पिया 

      मेरी खुशियों में 

      यूँ रंग भरो जी पिया 

      मोरे पिया 

      तुमने जो देखे सपने सुहाने 

      उन सपनों को अपना बनाने 

      तू धड़कन मैं जान पियाजी 

      मारे होटों की तू मुस्कान पिया 

      थारो मरो मिलन ऐसो लगे रे 

      साथी जैसो 

      दीया और बाती

      हूँ… दीया और बाती हम 

      तुम जो संग हो 

      लागे है मुझको सारा जहाँ 

      अपना मुझे 

      मिलके चलेंगे है ये कसम 

      जो साथ तेरा मुझको मिली 

      राहों से कांटे हम चुन लेंगे 

      धुप में छाया बनके चलेंगे 

      जग से निराला होगा साथ पियाजी 

      मारे सपनों की तू परवाज़ पिया 

      थारो मारो मिलन ऐसो लागे रे 

      साथी जैसो दीया और बाती 

      हूँ… दीया और बाती हम????

    • Varsha

      tu suraj mein saanjh piya ji maare sapno ki tu parvaaz piyaji…

      (Your the sun, Im twilight..yet you are wings to my dreams)

      tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

      (you and me together is like candle and light)

      mein jo chalo tho sang chalo ji maane piya..more piya…

      (when I walk..walk with me)

      meri khushiyon mein yu rang baroje piya..more piya

      (fill the colours into my happiness)

      tumne jo dekhe..sapne suhane…

      (the dreams you dreamt so beutiful)

      un sapnon ko…apna banane…

      (I will adopt your dreams)

      tu dhadakan..mein jaan piyaji mare

      (if your heartbeats then Im life)

      hoton ke…tu musukaan piya..

      (ur the smile to my lips)

      tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

      (we are like candle and light)

       tum jo sang ho lage re mujhko sara jaha..apna mujhe

      (if your with me then the whole world feels like mine)

      milke chalenge  he yeh kasam jho saath tera mujhko mile

      (we will walk together..promise if you walk with me)

      raahon se kaante hum chun lenge..

      (we will pluck all thorns from our way)

      dhoop mein chaya banke chalenge…

      (will be the shade in the sunlight)

      jag se nirala hoga saath piyaji maare sapno ki tu parvaaz piya

      (unique to the world will be our relationship.. you are the wings to my dreams)

      tharo maro milan solage re sathi jaiso..diya aur baathi..

      (yes we are like candle and light)?????

    • Romi

      Chopper!what a great idea! ? But would not it be risky bcoz garjana people can shoot it easily! Or maybe he drops the commandos with parachutes and there will be a face to face war between them or maybe they use some other war plans!so finger crossed! Let’s hope for the best ✌️

  15. TP

    Nice superb epi
    l read ur coments daily. I know each& every person of dis comunity.varsha,richa,romi,anu,ns4,AD,………………..U GUYZ realy amazing

  16. TP

    Iam great fan of dis show. Also iam a great fan of anas.Anas is the best actor i hav evr seen.
    Long live sooraj&sandya

  17. Priti

    Yaar nice episode but this writer gone made …..he is making suraj hero and bharat a fool but it shouldn’t actually I want that sandhya should win alone with her cleverness and with help of important officers but why to show suraj like this, I mean showing suraj courageous is good but please don’t show like if suraj wouldn’t be there then plan will be flop. O like twists but also want to see smartness of police department at least on serial

  18. Priti

    Hey guys! Current Trp of diya aur baati hum is 3.5 but how trp is 5.1 for saath nibhana sathiya…it is really strange

  19. Hi guys…….himanshu and sadhya’s mrg it shouldn’t happenif it happens tgere is not meaning of diya aur baati hum……plz dont tell like this…….cant wait till tmrw…..cng from office for this serial eveb though there is work……plz ebd mission mabhali fast cant wait…….

  20. Romi

    Great episode ? Bhabo and manjari are equally mental disorders! One is doing suraj remarried and the other is after sandya’s marriage ? Get lost both of you vamps????

  21. siny

    Wat is dis bhabo up to? ?
    I think she is going to make use of de marriage certificate in wich suraj had signed b4 marrying lalima

  22. Niraaj

    mission mahabali will be a success one…
    Bharat sir is definitely alive…Any how ,sandhya will be able to know about her palm print and she will abort the missile..
    waiting for another exciting and suspense episode of DABH 🙂

  23. richa

    @ dharini he will surely come back & i think he has put some spy device on himanshoo so that minister or he could record himanshu’s doings and mission nuc bomb ….

  24. vaishnavi

    suraj is also a pillar of the show he help sandy always so tat only the title of the serial is diya aur baati hum in some cases sandy also helps suraj both r always same manner…suraj is came save sandhya and also help in tis mission.

  25. vaishnavi

    over all damage is himanshu return only not suraj…tis mistake done by bharat sir…because he plan well but he missed 2 bring more officers 2 do tis plan he came alone only it is the mistake…if himanshu is nt there…both suraj and sandy ll escape easily…so pls dnt blame suraj…

  26. @Richa, yes, spy device may be there with Himanshu…
    Hope that Sandy can send nuclear missile info through Internet… hope garjana dont remove internet from there

  27. @priti, u r right abt Suraj’s importance than bharat or other police…
    But Team Dabh, has to align Suraj with Sandhya… so it happens… by hook or by crook… that is the only reason why we think any track is dragging…
    In any any od Sandhya’s mission, writers have to develop role for Suraj and or Rathi family members, so we feel dragging…

  28. #Tellyindia news

    Sooraj will Back Rathi House after one and half year.Sandhya,Ved & Chote Raja will not living there. Sooraj deny to accept Lalima.At first time, Sooraj will make rudeness for Rathi family and leave house.But he shocks to see Sandhya,Ved will relate with another person .

    • anu

      wt is the meaning of [email protected] india news

    • richa

      is it eally true telly india news if yes then sooraj will forcebly accept loolima 4 ved nd sandy happiness & can u giv link plss

  29. vaishnavi

    varsha see the comments of lalima so tat only i asked yesterday u… about lalima…i also think like u only…abt they r commenting about lalima… no one cant separate suraj and sandy…

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