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The Episode starts with Sandhya sees Prema in the café and trying to catch her. Sooraj comes for the security check. The officer doubts on him and says maybe it has a gun in the bag. Disha is shocked. They take Sooraj for checking again. Sooraj says he is going to Dubai food festival and he is an ordinary man. The man asks him to let him do his duty. Sooraj says fine, but what is the matter. Bhabho says we are good people, my son can’t do this. She asks Disha to call Sandhya. The man sees the spy camera pen and asks what is this for. Sooraj says my wife gave it for recording. They get the coffee mug. Sooraj says its Disha’s coffee mug. Disha says its designer mug. The man says but our x ray machine has seen metal. Disha says it has metal handle, see.

She thinks the pistol is in

next pocket and stops them, saying we have less time, see announcement is going on. The man says we have to do out duty. Disha thinks to do something before they see the real gun. She breaks the mug and says you broke it, what did you do. The man says we are sorry, you can go now. Disha thinks Sooraj’s death is for sure now. Sandhya runs after Prema. She informs her staff to come fast. A car hits Sandhya and she falls. Its Maya in the car. Sandhya gets hurt and is unable to move. Prema and Maya smile and leave from there in the car. Sandhya’s phone falls very far. Sooraj is shown moving towards the final point to reach his flight.

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Sandhya faints. Chaturi is excited seeing the plane. Sooraj calls Sandhya and she is unconscious lying on the road. He says whats the matter, is she fine. Disha says she is police officer, she will be busy. They go for the flight. SP Sir tries calling Sandhya and is worried for her. SP Sir asks the staff to find Sandhya. Maya and Prema are on the way. Maya asks Prema to create noise and skip the security check. RK takes bath. Sooraj and everyone come inside the plane and sit in their seats. All other families also occupy their seats. Bhabho asks why are our seats so apart. Disha says we got your ticket at last moment, so this was the available seat.

Disha takes Sooraj’s handbag and keeps it. Disha thinks her work is done, I hope Maya and Prema have crossed the security check. The commando Verma takes his seat. Chaturi sits on someone’s seat. Shanky sees Disha. Chaturi says see my ticket, this is my seat. He says its other one. She says fine. Shanky asks him to exchange seat with him. He understands and says ya, please come. Shanky gets bored by Chaturi. Emily sees Mohit’s hand hurt and gets worried. He says he is fine. She says she will get medicine. Mohit asks Emily not to panic as he has to work till Sooraj comes back and with this he will get respect back. Emily prays that he gets a good job.

Amit Thakur, the flight captain welcomes everyone in the flight and says we will take off in 20 mins. Sooraj calls Sandhya again, and she is still lying there. She opens her eyes hearing the phone ringing. Sooraj gets worried for her. Maya comes to the airport and walks in the security check door. It starts giving beep and red sign shows. She is stopped and gets tensed.

Sandhya tells SP that RK’s network will hijack flight 2310. She cries. SP says I will inform ATC and makes the call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    it has become very interesting now

  2. If anyone wants to hijack a plane, please watch Diya Aur Bati. It provides you all sort of info like hiding the gun without getting caught in airport security etc. Please have some sense in the drama.

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