Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th May 2013 Written Update

Rathi’s reach Pushkar, hurry to see ViNa baby. Bhabo first sees the baby and shocked to see the face covered with so much powder. Meena fears about Sandy and her investigation. Meena mums that she is right in saying that Vedrani medicine was not needed for her. Chavi points the baby is dark in color and the baby is like Bhabasa. Meena gets irkedBhabho says Kanha (Lord Krishna) is also black and manages. Chavi fixes the name as Kanha.SurYa hold the baby and Sooraj teaches Sandy to hold the baby in right way. Chavi asks for her gift but Meena tells that bhabho will give.Chavi insists saying she is only sister among other siblings so Vikram gives 1000RS to Chavi and Mohit, 500 to Chaturi and says in remaining amount he will chaat papdi for Meena and whole family in this celebration.

Meena stomach is burning with jealousy Meena asks Mohit and Chavi to get toys for her baby since they got money now ..Bhabo says she will get some snacks for Meena.

Ems asks permission to leave. Mohit goes to leave her outside.Meena is all excited to eat the snacks after long time. Bhabo brings halwa and papad. Meena splits papad saying its salty and Bhabasa covers saying its Maasa village’s and she gave ti Sandy as Sandy likes it a lot. Bhabo adds why they have to she had to take it when its not good to eat for which Sandy says its given with love how can she reject so Bhabo says let Sandy eat all those. Sandy says they can do papad sabji (curry) so need not add salt as the papad already has salt in it. Bhabasa praises Sandy quick solution and improvement in this department when Bhabo gets furious.

Meena, Bhabo go to see the baby crying when Chaturi calls them. Bhabo trying to calm the baby but Meena is reluctant in adding spice to Bhabo anger saying Sandy is now improved a lot and when she becomes IPS we all need to salute to her etc.. Bhabo says the baby is hungry so Meena has to feed and Sandy cannot do this work. Meena adds more its sunny days so we will use the 3 pots to full water, drink cold water and guess the pots will not break any time as Sandy is clever in all her challenges and won every one. Bhabo gives a angry look and goes away. Meena has fishy smile in her.

Sandy unpacking clothes when Sooraj stops her saying she has to concentrate on studies and makes her sit and study. Sooraj folding clothes. Sandy studying when power goes off. Sooraj says he will find a solution and gets a lamp lights it.Sooraj says when Sooraj is with you how can drakness have guts to stop you from studying. Sandy is happy and SurYa have smile.


Rathi’s and Emily’ family in Rathi’s house asking for dates with panditji for marriage.He says in 7 days a day is good other wise after a month its good. Bhabasa says we will take date after a month for which Bhabo says angrily she doesn’t agree for that date leaving every one in shock.

Update Credit to: Ramyaks

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