Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Arzoo to answer them. She says they will send all of us to jail, just answer what they are asking. Sooraj asks Arzoo to say. Arzoo says I have gone there to take Gaumata. Bhabho asks what and recalls Arzoo telling her that she did big mistake, she did not do this intentionally. She apologizes to Bhabho. Bhabho scolds her for doing mistakes and then apologizing, even a 5 year old kid does not do so many mistakes, you always spoil things, if you want to apologize, go and apologize to Gaumata, find Gaumata. Arzoo says I don’t know where is Gaumata, how to find. Bhabho says find anywhere, I will not see your face till you find Gaumata. FB ends.

Arzoo says that’s why I went to find Gaumata, I heard that animals go towards border to find grass, I did

not know where is border, I heard army men saying they are going to border, I have hidden and went with them. Sooraj says she is saying true, we went to do puja, Arzoo freed a cow by mistake, Bhabho scolded her, don’t know how she came here, I m sorry on her behalf. The officer says maybe you are right, but we have to check her well. Arzoo goes. Sandhya says I m sorry for all this. The commando says we got these items, this rope and torch. Arzoo says I got this to catch Gaumata, this was necessary.

Sooraj defends Arzoo. He says let us go, Bhabho is unwell. Officer says I also feel she has no wrong intention, she did mistake, she did not mean to harm anyone, so I m leaving her now, but remember this should not happen again, else she can fall in big problem, and you all too. He asks Sandhya to come and sign some papers. Sandhya apologizes to officer. She asks Sooraj to take Bhabho and Arzoo to car, I will just come. Bhabho asks Sandhya to come soon. Sandhya says don’t worry and goes.

Bhabho looks at the border side. Sooraj finds her very scared and takes her. Arzoo apologizes to Bhabho. Bhabho scolds her and asks would you jump in well if I said, answer me. Arzoo says yes, I would have. Bhabho asks Sooraj to explain Arzoo. Arzoo asks whats bawli… Sooraj says well. Bhabho says there is danger here, do you know this. Arzoo says no, that is my…. Sooraj signs her…. Bhabho says no need to look at that side, I get scared seeing that side. Sooraj thinks whats troubling Bhabho so much.

Sandhya goes near the border. Gul calls her out and asks did you identify me. Sandhya stops and turns to see. She says Gul….. Arzoo says Resham explained me that Bhabho is like my mother, whatever Bhabho says will be right, I will agree to whatever you say, you will do everything for my good, you got upset when Gaumata went, I could not see you worried, I was cursing myself as I have hurt your heart, I m Jhalli. Bhabho asks her to use her mind, if we did not reach on time, you would have fallen in problem. She holds Arzoo and asks her was she not scared to come here. She hugs Arzoo and they cry. Arzoo says Pyaar Kiya to darna kya. Bhabho says be quiet, you are innocent and what were we thinking, Resham said right, I m like your mother. Sooraj gets relieved.

Gul asks her, you are proud of your official powers and country, I m standing on my land today, I swear I will fulfill the warning I gave you. Holi is coming and this festival is celebrated with love by Indians, you celebrated a festival in our country, now I will celebrate a festival on your land, I m coming to play holi of blood, many people will die. He threatens her and asks are you fuming anger, none can stop me, we have done our preparations, you did not know, now keep thinking how, when and where….. He signs to shoot her…. Sandhya turns and looks at Arzoo. She then turns back to Gul, and sees he disappeared. Sandhya worries and gets thinking about Arzoo.

Sandhya goes back to Dharamshala. She recalls Gul’s threatening words and puts water in the glass. The water overflows and she does not realize. Sooraj sees her lost and she takes Gul’s name. He asks her about Gul, whom they met in Karachi market. She says no, I will give water to Bhabho. He says you are worried, come. He makes her sit and asks her to say what happened. She says when I was returning from border, I have seen Gul near Pakistani border. Sooraj says its darkness there, are you mistaken. She says no, I have seen her clearly, he spoke to me, I know his voice, he threatened me that he will make us mourn by killing people here in holi festival, I was hearing him, I thought to inform BSF and he disappeared. Sooraj gets shocked and asks how did this happen, how did he know you were going to come there. She says that’s why I m thinking, the way he spoke to me, it shows he knows I m coming there, Arzoo has made me stand infront of Gul today. He says you mean Arzoo did this….

Sooraj asks Bhabho what is the matter, why did you get scared hearing Pakistan’s name, did you go at border before. Bhabho recalls someone’s death.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG!!!!!!! Bhabho has also a secret related to border

  2. Okay Episode.
    But getting more interesting to watch.
    But waiting for Bhabho’s past mystery & suspense shown in precap.
    Hope this track ends soon.
    When is holi(date)?
    Please reply.
    Missing Varsha,Richa & many others cmnts

  3. sajjan singh

    I guess bhabho had some memories of her childhood….related to partition time may b
    And aarazoo is for sure terrorist. Interesting track

  4. Aarzoo is a great actress , by pretending to be very innocent so as Bhabhu totally trust her. But it is unbelievable that the cow had run towards the border and she chased it to capture it. The viewers are deemed to be morons so that the director will tell any kind of nonsense. And suraj and Bhabu believe her! Isn’t it astonishing?

  5. Bhabo has a secret related to Pakistan and the boarder. When she was young her brother was killed in army firings which made her hate Pakistan so much

  6. Finally DABH reached another landmark.
    It’s 1300th episode.
    Congratulations DABH crew


    it is bull shit direction- Arzu donot know Hindi reading- how she will identify bathrooms-how she will go to border for cow- very bad direction – let the director take leave. such a poor direction, border how police persons allowed. -very bad-very bad.


  8. Arzoo may or may not be a spy but her actions at her age are annoying. Her intentions are not genuine…..Suraj looks annoying too with his whispering kind of style of speaking and blindly trusting Arzoo and doubting Sandhya. Arzoo’s granny got her married into a total vegetarian family where cows is a gaumata while she comes from a family where cows are killed for meat.In a matter of a week she is asked to perform puja to the gaumata. She so willingly accepted Hindu culture and way of life with no questions asked. Even in a love marriage of different religions it takes ages to change ways. This is strange and doubts arise on her real intention of entering into such a family.Plus the fact that she can read hindi which she is hiding from every one.

  9. Are there any terrorists who confront the Indian police officer and openly challenge that he is going to kill the Indians on the Holy Day and go away being unharmed ? Simply dramatic and incoherent!

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