Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj thinking about Sandhya. Diya aur Baati…………..plays…………. Babusa talks to Sooraj. Bhabho looks at the time and waits for Sandhya looking at the main door. She tells Emily is this watch working. Emily says yes. Meenakshi says its first saas who is waiting for her bahu. Sooraj tells Babusa that Bhabho is waiting for Sandhya, I m feeling bad seeing her tensed. Babusa says don’t worry, I will talk to her, I m sure that Sandhya will surely come if its in her hand. She will try her best, but she is alone there, she might be thinking to come home, we can understand her problem but can’t help, if Lord wills, everything will be fine.

The squad is ready for the task. Sandhya thinks about Sooraj’s words. The time starts. Zakir is over

confident. He gives instructions to everyone. Officer Singh looks on. Zakir taunts Sandhya. Sandhya drops the bucket. Zakir scolds her. Sandhya gets tired. Officer Singh says 8mins completed. Zakir thinks how can we do it so fast. He hurries up. The task is tough. Even Zakir gets tired.

Bhabho asks someone the time. She says Sandhya would have come by now, why is she taking so much time. Bhabho asks Mohit are all the trains on time. Mohit says yes, you are waiting for Sandhya, she can’t come, she did not get leave. Mohit gets a call from phuphu ji and leaves. Meenakshi’s mum comes. Meenakshi is happy to see her. Her mum asks about Sandhya. Meenakshi says I told you that she is not coming. Her mum speaks against Sandhya. Emily’s parents also come and support Sandhya. Meenakshi’s mum adds fuel in the fire. Bhabho welcomes them inside. Officer Singh says 10mins are over. Zakir encourages everyone. Zakir leaves the rope and the bucket falls inside.

Zakir’s hand is hurt. Rahul says I will do your work. Zakir says no, go back to your position, we will get negative marking. He continues. Sooraj and Babusa comes home. Babusa asks Sooraj to have tea. Meenakshi brings tea for them. Bhabho says I don’t need tea and scolds Meenakshi for messing up the kitchen. Meenakshi says I will clean everything, you don’t do. Chavi calls Bhabho and she leaves. Sooraj says Bhabho is worried as Sandhya is not here. Emily makes Chavi ready. Bhabho brings jewellery for her and asks Emily to put Pallu on Chavi’s head when you come down.

Chavi says my hair style will spoil. Bhabho scolds her. Bhabho is angry on Sandhya for not listening to her. Zakir pulls the rope by one hand. Officer Singh says 12 mins have passed. Sandhya says only 3 mins left now. Zakir falls while pulling the rope. Everyone are shocked. Sandhya says we have to pull the bucket up, else we will fail. She thinks about Officer Singh’s words and her last task where she failed. She thinks its the last chance, we have to win this task.

Sandhya jumps in the tank to pull up the bucket. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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