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Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj losing hope and asking Sandhya did she get upset. She says he played well and the team lost after the other members did not play well without him, every failure teaches something. Sooraj says he has lost in Ved’s eyes. Sandhya says she will talk to him. Zakir talks to the doctor and they plan to test Sandhya for the second round. The doctor says this will be risky for her. Zakir says we will take the risk, we will do this in your surveillance, you can stop the task if its dangerous for her, we will follow your orders.

Sandhya calls him and he asks about Sooraj’s match. She says he lost the match. He says what, then everyone will be upset. She says yes, Ved is much upset, I need your help. He says anytime. She says thanks. Aditi asks the team members why

did he play so bad, they did not play in sync. Prem says sorry. Aditi says mistake is not an option. She says Sooraj worked hard and doubled our work, after he went, no plans and no points, you lost the match because of you. Avinash says its not our mistake, captain did not give us chance to play, what would we do. Prem says yes, we also want to show our talent.

Babban says yes, its not our mistake. Avinash and everyone say they don’t want Sooraj as their captain. Mahendra smiles seeing Aditi worried. Sandhya and Zakir talk and come to the kids, to make them realize that sometimes they are more better than each other. Bhabho and Babasa ask why are they arguing like kids. Sandhya says we will see who aims right and they sit to play carom. Zakir asks who will support me. Chavi says I m with you. Ved looks on.
Sandhya wins and Ved gets happy. Zakir says she failed in firs round. Ved says first round is practice, real test is second round. Sandhya says yes, and tells about Sooraj, he will win too in second round. Ved says my dad will win. They all agree. Sandhya takes his smiling pics and sends to Sooraj. He calls Sandhya. He thanks her for making Ved happy and says he is in some big problem.

He says my team has lost trust me in as a captain, I tried a lot and nothing is happening, I don’t know what to do. Mahendra says Aditi I m not pointing on your selection, Sooraj is a good captain, but team does not trust him, we can lose all matches, so I want you to think again. Sandhya pacifies Sooraj. Sooraj says the team is not bad at heart, I promise I will make the team again. Aditi hears him and thinks no coach, Sooraj has capability to manage the team, he is the best player. Sooraj ends the call.

Aditi comes to him and says I know the work is tough, but I know you can do it, you have to take everyone alone and make a team. Sooraj says the team will unite again, I promise we will make a strong team and win. Abhay gets glad that the team lost and drinks with Mahendra. He asks about Aditi. Mahendra smiles and says she is shaken up. The team has lost, but I m not sure about Sooraj, he has courage and determination I can’t say what he will do. Its morning, Sooraj keeps team member’s belongings in each other’s bags, and leaves.

Sandhya and Zakir talk about a meeting. Mohit gives the envelope saying it came in his clothes, sorry. Zakir says its fine, it happens sometimes. Mohit taunts Emily. He asks him to choose any girl and marry, he will be glad if he settles soon. Sandhya gets a call and says make an arrest warrant for Chander, I m coming. Zakir says she did good, till Sooraj comes, Chander will be in jail, else he will trouble her. She says yes, today I will arrest him and put him behind bars, and leaves. Bhabho worries and asks Zakir that this is Sandhya’s second test, it will hurt her. Zakir says he is doing this to make Sandhya confident and she says she trusts him. She prays for Sandhya’s safety.

The goons tie Sandhya to a big metal bed. Sandhya turns it over and gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode…….
    I think that the precap is Bhaboo’s dream….

  2. nice episode, i want to slap mahendra and abhay

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