Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Zakir asking Sandhya what are you doing here. He taunts her saying its hard to get this trophy, it should not be lifted, its a 11 month course, you are a failure, you can lift it like this, but remember you won’t deserve this, its an insult for the trophy that you have touched it. He says I know you are feeling bad, you should but this is the truth. Today in 40 cadets batch, you are at last position, there is a huge wall between you and the trophy, so forget to get the trophy and think of clearing the IPS, I think even thats tough for you. He puts the trophy back. Sandhya says you are right, this trophy is really special and the best man deserves it, its true that there is long distance between me and the trophy, I promise I will try my best to get

my dream come true.

She says you told that this trophy gives inspiration, its kept for everyone to give their best, its for the ones who try to give their best, I promise to you that I will work hard and give my best. She leaves. Zakir says you are adamant like kids, I m getting a laugh that you thought to get this trophy. He looks at the trophy and touches it. He says this trophy will be mine and in this 11 month training I will prove this and Sandhya can’t be my competitor.

Everyone are shocked to see the lady.The lady Kavita opens the tap of the water tanker. People get water from the tanker. Bhabho says stop. Everyone look at Bhabho, how dare you come in my area after what all happened. Bhabho scolds her. Sooraj asks Bhabho to be quiet. Bhabho says no and closes the tap. Sooraj says lets go. Bhabho says this is the limit, you came in our area to ask for votes. Taisa asks Bhabho why are you scolding her. She says she is the one who was about to marry Sooraj. Bhabho says we don’t want this water. She says I will not give you any vote. Taisa says this is not a city, this is our area of our family.

Bhabho is right about you, we won’t give any vote to your party, take your tanker back. The lady says let me speak. Taisa says we gave you a chance, what was the need to run away from the mandap. Everyone say because of this girl, Bhabho and her family got insulted. Taisa taunts the lady. Everyone agree with Taisa. Taisa says we won’t give any vote, take your water. Bhabho says don’t show me your face again. Sooraj leaves with Bhabho and everyone.

Babusa is playing the Kanha. Emily talks to Meenakshi and says I did not know about this. Meenakshi says Sooraj used to like her and dreamed of marrying her, but the girl’s dad said his daughter ran away. Bhabho breaks a lamp and asks Meenakshi to control her tongue and not talk about Kavita. She asks Emily to do her work and not find out about Sooraj. She says if anyone takes her name, I will not leave anyone. Bhabho gets angry. Emily asks Meenakshi what will happen now. Meenakshi says go and clean the glass. Emily rushes. Sooraj comes to Bhabho and asks her to be calm. She says that girl is my enemy.
Everyone ask Bbabho to forget about Kavita. Kavita talks to her boss and says I will be successful in taking votes other than Pushkar. Her boss asks her not to neglect any area and the competition is tough, so we can’t take anything light, the opposition will be getting a good matter against us because of you. She says I understand. He says improve your image, if you fail, I will give your ticket to someone else. She says it won’t be required, I will improve my image and will get their votes.

Sooraj thinks of Sandhya. He calls her while she is calling him. They get each other’s number busy. Finally Sooraj gets Sandhya’s call. She asks with whom were you talking. He jokes saying I was talking to someone. She asks who, is it your client. He says no, you know I won’t talk to clients much. She asks is anyone special, who is it. Sooraj laughs and says its someone special, think as she is the support to my loneliness. Sandhya says tell her that I m becoming police officer and will make her behind bars. Sooraj laughs and says you are the special one, there won’t be anyone other than you. Diya aur Baati……….. plays…………… Sandhya smiles.

Officer Singh tells everyone about the cycle racing competition.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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